Which casino games are the easiest to win: a guide for beginners

People play online casino games for entertainment and the opportunity to win. These games range from simple to complex, offering various levels of challenge.

Interestingly, the simplest games often provide the highest payouts. Games of pure luck, like slots, require no strategy yet can yield impressive jackpots. In contrast, skill-based games like blackjack rarely result in instant riches, though a good strategy can sometimes offer a slight edge. One popular slot Book of Dead game known for its engaging gameplay and potential for high payouts.

You don’t need to be a math expert to succeed, but having realistic expectations is key to maximizing enjoyment from your entertainment budget. The harsh reality of gambling is that, in the long run, players tend to lose more than they win—it’s simply the nature of the game.

We’ll explore the top casino games for beginners, starting with the easiest.

Baccarat – The Simplest Casino Game to Play

Despite its reputation for charisma and associations with high rollers and James Bond, baccarat is the easiest play in an online casino. The simplicity of the game lies in its reliance purely on chance. While some believe past results can influence future outcomes, this notion has no mathematical foundation.

Playing baccarat is as straightforward as flipping a coin and betting on heads or tails. You simply bet whether the Banker’s or Player’s hand will win. While there’s also a tie bet, the odds are unfavorable.

Playing baccarat online is effortless because you handle all the mathematical complexities. The game follows its rules automatically, drawing or adding cards according to its structure.

Gameplay: Two cards are dealt to the Banker and two to the Player. The hand with a total closest to “9” wins.

Let’s explore the three types of bets:

  1. Banker – Thanks to the ‘second card rules,’ managed automatically online, the Banker hand wins more frequently than the Player hand. Although the casino takes a 5% commission, betting on the Banker’s hand still offers an advantage over the Player’s bet.
  2. Player – If your hand totals “5” or less, you must take a second card; otherwise, you stand. If you stand, the Banker must take a second card if their count is “5” or less, giving the Banker’s hand an advantage since the Player’s hand is counted first.
  3. Tie – This bet offers an enticing 8:1 payout but occurs approximately once in every eleven hands.

For those who want to diversify their experience, try play Book of Dead online, which offers an exciting alternative with exciting themes and useful features.

Slots – The Second Easiest Game to Play

One great aspect of slots, a game of luck, is that you don’t need any special knowledge to play and sometimes win. While reading the paytable isn’t necessary, it can be helpful. Whether entering a Book of Dead casino game or another favorite slot game, these strategies can enhance your experience and potentially your winnings.

What Does a Slots Paytable Tell Us?

The specifics depend on the game provider and the casino. Every online slot game has a back page summarizing each winning combination’s payouts. It also details bonus rounds, including how they are triggered, what they entail, and any special rules that apply during these features.

In some jurisdictions, players can see the RTP (Return to Player) percentage, indicating the amount the game is programmed to return to players over time, typically after millions of spins. The paytable often includes the game’s volatility or risk level, which can guide novice and advanced players in assessing the game’s potential rewards and risks.

Otherwise, all you need to do is set your bet amount and spin the reels. If luck is on your side, you win!

Is There More to Slots Than Pure Luck?

The answer is nuanced. While the RTP is fixed, players still make choices that influence the game. Accepting a bonus means adhering to specific rules, such as game restrictions, max bet amounts, and wagering requirements. Declining the bonus offers more freedom in how you play.

To elevate slots from pure luck to calculated risk, consider the following:

Bankroll Management – Whether you enter a casino with $20 or $2,000, it’s wise to have a bankroll management plan. Experts suggest your bankroll should be 100x to 300x your average slot bet. Generally, lower bets extend your bankroll’s longevity.

Volatility – Knowing a game’s volatility helps you choose between high-, medium-, or low-risk games that match your playstyle. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. High: Bigger wins but fewer of them. Ideal for thrill-seekers who like to quit when ahead.
  2. Medium: A mix of higher and lower wins with varying frequency. Popular for offering extended playtime and a decent chance at a good jackpot.
  3. Low: Frequent but smaller wins. Best for beginners, providing long playtime, plenty of excitement, and a slim chance at a jackpot.

Informed players can bet small for longer playtime with less chance of a big jackpot, bet big and hope for a substantial win before going broke, or choose a medium-risk slot to balance both worlds.

For example, the Book of Dead casino slot game offers detailed paytables, high volatility, and exciting bonus rounds. Comprehending these elements can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Book of Dead casino
Book of Dead game

Roulette – Simple, Fun, and Potentially Rewarding

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are different types of Roulette.

American Roulette has the most destructive odds due to the presence of two green zeroes, which give the house an extra edge over the Player.

European Roulette is similar but with only one green zero, effectively halving the house edge compared to the American version.

French Roulette shares the same structure as European Roulette but includes pre-placed bets and may offer a special rule that further reduces the house edge, making it even more favorable than simply opting for European Roulette over American Roulette.

One of the great aspects of Roulette is the ability to tailor your risk-reward ratio with each bet. Betting on odd/even or black/red provides almost a 50/50 chance of winning, though the green zero(es) slightly reduce these odds. An ‘even money’ bet pays 1:1, meaning you win one unit and get your stake back.

On a single-zero table, you have a 97.3% chance of winning any bet, while a double-zero table offers a 94.74% chance. The range of bets varies, with single-number bets being the riskiest but offering the highest returns. Betting one team on a single number pays 35:1 and returns your initial stake.

Book of Dead

This is one of the most iconic slot games in the online casino industry, and you have a chance at Book of Dead play. This game whisks players away to ancient Egypt, enveloping them in a captivating theme centered around the adventurer Rich Wilde. The graphics are exquisite, showcasing intricate symbols like golden deities, pharaohs, and mythical creatures, all contributing to a highly immersive experience.

Gameplay and Features: Book of Dead is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot game. Players can adjust their bet levels and the number of active pay lines to suit their preferences. The game is known for its high volatility, meaning while wins may not come frequently, they can be substantial when they do.

The primary feature of Book of Dead is the Free Spins round, which is triggered when three or more Book of Dead symbols (which act as both the Wild and Scatter) land on the reels.

Players are awarded ten free spins, with one symbol selected at random to act as an expanding symbol during these spins, dramatically increasing the potential for large payouts. The Book of the Dead game, with its engaging theme and high volatility, adds another layer of excitement to the slot category.