Welcome to Go Hymer!

My name is Brian and I’m the creator of Go Hymer.

Go Hymer is your source for everything about the RV lifestyle, from travel destinations, technical advice, new motorhome and trailer reviews, RV products reviews, and a community to help you build the best RV experience possible.

About Brian:

I am a passionate traveller in love with his adventures RVing around the country. I have lived on the road since 2013, ticking off as many cities as you read through my introduction. The road, known and unknown, is like a beacon to me as I live by the motto of “carpe diem”.

Besides my adventurous outdoor endeavour over the years, I discovered a passion for writing. When I feel like taking a break from behind the wheels- a cup of coffee, my pupper Dobby’s snuggles, and recording my journey is my ultimate hobby. This is how I founded this website where I share my experiences during my RV-camping.

It makes me so happy seeing this website slowly becoming a community of like-minded travellers who share their experiences and insights about the RV lifestyle. You can find out about new destinations, a guide to RV camping and lifestyle, financing the journey and RV insurances.

Not only that, I have some tips, tricks and hacks that I gathered through experience to share with you which can get you started with your RV journey.

And hey! The fun does not end here. Tips on maintenance and technicalities of your RV car are here as well. I can also help you choose the perfect RV for you.

In short, the website is a one-stop destination for all about RV. So, stay tuned and catch up on the latest content I have for you. Let’s stay connected, Cheers!