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Instagram stories: a powerful tool to increase followers

Marketing on Instagram has evolved from a casual promotional approach to a robust tool for lead generation, sales, and brand awareness. Consequently, devising a strategic marketing plan for Instagram is crucial for setting your brand up for success on this platform.

Building a community here is vital, and leveraging Instagram Stories and Instagram highlights viewer offer an effortless way to engage with your audience consistently. This article provides tips and tricks to enhance your Instagram Stories strategy for 2024.

What Makes a “Good” Instagram Story?

We often discuss “improving” your content to reach a larger audience and enhance your online presence. But what defines “good” content on Instagram Stories?

This platform is unique due to its spontaneous nature. Since Stories disappear after 24 hours, they offer an ideal space for quick updates, engaging questions, interactive polls, exclusive offers, sharing others’ content, and directing traffic to crucial links or sign-ups. Therefore, your content strategy for Stories should differ from that for Reels, feed posts, and other formats.

Storytelling should always be the cornerstone of your content. While IG Stories may seem like a place to “post anything,” intentionality is crucial. When creating an Instagram Story, consider your message, the event or promotion you’re highlighting, the resource you’re providing, the industry insights you’re sharing, or the questions that intrigue you.

Ultimately, your audience will value authenticity over meticulously curated content aimed at selling. Stories may not be your top lead-generating content, but they are crucial in fostering your community over time. You can view IG stories anonymously to keep up with trends without revealing your identity.

Add Yours and Templates

The first tip is to leverage a native feature in Instagram Stories, launched in 2021, called “Add Yours” stickers. You can create your own “Add Yours” sticker or select from public responses. This feature aims to generate a thread of responses featuring your unique content. These stickers are public and can be shared by anyone on the platform. Additionally, you can use Instagram’s “Add Yours Templates” to enhance your content with text, GIFs, or images.

By clicking the dice icon, you can explore pre-formatted templates for inspiration. These templates include prompts to get to know you better, highlight a song you’ve been playing recently, engage in “this or that” comparisons, and more.

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AI Stickers

Transform your ideas into stickers with Instagram’s AI stickers feature. Type your concept into the text box, and the AI tool will generate a unique sticker. This feature lets your creativity soar, allowing you to bring your imaginative stickers to life.


Instagram introduces a new AI tool for generating custom backgrounds. After uploading or capturing your story, tap the Backdrop icon—the first option in the icon bar. Like the AI stickers, type in your design idea; the feature will create a unique background for you. Once the image is generated, you’ll have two options. You can refine your prompt to produce new backdrops if neither suits your taste.

Instagram continues innovating its Stories features, fostering creativity and fun for creators, brands, and businesses. These tips and tricks can help refresh your Instagram Stories and inspire your audience’s imagination.


In summary, Instagram Stories offer a unique way to engage with your audience through ephemeral yet impactful content. By leveraging new features like “Add Yours” stickers, AI-generated backgrounds, and custom templates, brands can inject creativity and authenticity into their Stories.

Success on Instagram Stories hinges on storytelling and genuine connection rather than overt sales tactics. As you implement these tips and tricks in 2024, remember to stay true to your brand’s voice and adapt to your audience’s evolving preferences. By doing so, you’ll not only enhance your Instagram presence but also foster a loyal and engaged community.