5 Best Small Travel Trailer With Slide Out [2022 Updated]

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When you want to go on a relaxing trip with friends and relatives, one of the best ways to do so is by traveling through a trailer. The outdoors can carry with them lots of memories and staying comfortable in a vehicle you can call home is a unique experience.

But to stay comfortable and at ease throughout the trip, you will need a sturdy travel trailer that feels just like home. It should have enough room and supplies for all passengers. That way, you can feel like you are at home during the trip. 

A compact slide out travel trailer is among the most reliable forms of transportation for long trips across the road. If you are wondering how to choose the best Small Travel Trailer With Slide Out, this list features five of the best. They come with furnishings, amenities, and specs perfect for any traveling family

What Are Slide Outs?

Slide outs can help increase the space inside your trailer. They can be a fantastic addition to the RV, as passengers can use them for a variety of uses. When you set up the trailer for camping or driving, the slide outs can from an extended to retracted position. The trailer can be controlled via a sliding mechanism or an electrical system.

It is obvious from these variations that slide out mechanisms come in different forms. Some slide outs have the option to retract itself via a button. Others have a lever, and hydraulic trailers are also available in the market. There are \even those that function via electricity, elbow greases, and pull-outs.

Generally, all slide outs function via levers or buttons. These are located on the sides, or along its tracks. They are built to equally distribute the weight in the trailer, allowing the vehicle to maneuver smoothly. While inside the trailer, the slide out can contain furniture to function as a makeshift house. 

5 Best Small Travel Trailer with Slide Out:

As you travel the road with your family members, your trailer slide should be retracted for aerodynamics. Many small travel trailers have this option, since extended slide outs can be dangerous for both passengers and other drivers. Depending on the location of the slide, extending it can hold kitchens, entertainment systems, bedrooms, and restrooms. 

Here are five of the best options. Maybe one of them can be the small travel trailer with slide out for you and your family. 

  • Lance 1575 Travel Trailer:

19 foot travel trailers with slide out

The Lance is a popular small camper with slide out. Despite its popularity among truckers, it has just enough room for a couple or very small group of friends. The 1575 model boasts several high-quality features and can be a sufficient home while on the road.
The slide outs in the 1575 are spacious enough for most functions. It has a U-shaped booth that can function as a kitchen space. You may also use it for a makeshift office if you have video conferences for work. The material is very comfortable for sitting, and you can even adjust a few things to create an additional bed space. 

The trailer also has a bathroom, although it is smaller than other models. It does not come with a sink, however, which can be a problem. You might have to stop over if you need to do anything that requires a sink. 

The Lance 1575 comes with a built-in queen size bed. The space is enough for one person to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Below the dinette in the slide out, there is also the option for more storage. There are also two more doors that can function as cabinets or pantries for supplies. You can safely store emergency rations in these spaces.  

If you are a couple or a pair of friends, then this trailer is one of the best options you can explore. The size is compact enough to be comfortable and there is enough room for storage. 

Even though it is smaller than some 19 foot travel trailers with slide out, it is still one of the best choices. The starting price for this model is $40,811.

  • Keystone RV Passport 2400BH Ultra-Lite:

small travel trailers with slide outs

Next on the list is the Keystone RV Passport Ultra-Lite. It is a trailer that can be perfect for families who love camping. It is built for efficient use without compromising the convenience in a regular trailer. It is comfortable, stylish, and high tech. 

The RV Passport’s slide out is one of the most spacious ones for a trailer of this size. It contains a dinette with an expansive U-shaped booth. The table can be broken down into more spaces, allowing for a variety of uses. You can use the table for writing or working on your laptop, if necessary. 

The slide out is essentially a full-fledged kitchen. You will not have any problems preparing a home-based meal while on a camping trip. The kitchen space also comes with enough storage, creating a set of pantries and a countertop. It is one of the most spacious areas and can feel almost like home. 

Another thing that stands out in this vehicle is the amenities to create a camp kitchen. It has a refrigerator and a sink; two furnishings absent in competing models. There is also a two-burner range that comes with more fold-out spaces. For those that love preparing meals, this is the dream. 

The trailer also has a bedroom area that can make you feel like you are back at home. It has enough space to comfortably get some shut eye, and there is a sliding door for privacy. Besides these, the bed also has a wardrobe inside. There are mirrored fronts on both ends as well.

Of course, no trailer is complete without a bathroom. This trailer features enough utilities for most people. It is spacious and has adequate room for showers. All bathroom essentials are included as well, making it a comfortable experience.

Capping at 27 feet, the Keystone RV Passport 2400BH Ultra-Lite is larger than your average 22 ft travel trailer with slide out. Prices start at around $22,994 for this model.

  • Rockwood Geo Pro 19 FBS Travel Trailer:

travel trailer with slideout

If you want a trailer that has a more modern look, the Rockwood Geo Pro 19 FBS is probably your best bet. While it features a stylish and elegant look, it does not shy away from other amenities. It still gives out the familiar, homey vibe you get from most trailers.

The trailer combines modern features with the usual necessities. The convenience also becomes much more sustainable, as the trailer is more environmentally friendly than its competitors.

The trailer features an eco-friendly design and fuel-based system. The slide out is adequately sized, with a dinette that has all the essentials you may need for the trip. The dining table comes with a detachable feature, and there is also a couch with many cupholders. You can definitely lounge on this slide while chilling with family and friends.

When it comes to the kitchen, the trailer does not disappoint. It comes with a complete set, with all the necessary equipment to create a full-fledged meal. There is a three-burner cooktop with glass covers, as well as a sink for washing the dishes. A microwave oven and refrigerator also come with the package. 

With no shortage of supplies, it becomes appealing to spend time experimenting in the kitchen. You can even watch some kitchen recipes in your spare time, what with the LED TV in place. An entertainment area just adds to the already promising vibe of the trailer.

The bathroom does not disappoint either. The dry batch comes with all the necessary bathroom furnishings, and you will not feel out of place while you practice your hygiene routine. The trailer also has enough shelf storage. Placed above the bed, it can store a variety of items like shoes and bags. There are also three more cabinet spaces.

If functionality and style are your primary concerns, then you cannot go wrong with the Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS. The price starts at $26,495.

  • 2020 KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH:

small camper with slide out

The KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH is another trailer you cannot ignore. This trailer has a set of bunk beds that can allow up to six people to sleep inside. The single slide out comes with a dinette that doubles as another bed. 

The trailer also comes with a queen-sized bed, which functions as the primary sleeping area. Besides the dinette, there is also a full-fledged kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, and a two-burner range. There is also a microwave for reheating food.

The bathroom also includes a shower and a toilet, making it complete enough for the journey. There is also a nine-foot awning, taking this slide out trailer to new heights. Families with older children and teens will find this model a good fit for their camping trips.

Although the bathroom is a few steps away from the sleeping area, it is still a good choice. This 20 foot travel trailer with slide out starts selling for $21,994.

  • 2020 Jayco Hummingbird 17RK:

small travel trailer with slide out

If you want a complete kitchen and a spacious area, then the Hummingbird 17RK from Jayco might be the perfect match. This 19 foot travel trailer with slide out has an outstanding kitchen that looks straight out of a condo unit. It has a vast amount of storage, complete with a countertop for plates and other tools.

The kitchen also comes with a two-burner range for cooking, as well as a fridge and a microwave. The appliances are just some of the great things about this unit, as there is also a large pantry for storing groceries.

The slide out has a U-shaped dinette that you can use for additional space. You can spend time there while resting or eating. In addition, the bathroom also comes with a shower and a toilet. The sleeping area also has a TV set and a sizable closet. 

The base price is $13,503, although a fully furnished unit is around $20,000 to $22,000. Check with your dealer for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do You Need Slide Out Jacks?

Although they can be trendy to use, jacks and supports are not necessary for your safety. These trailers have enough mechanisms in place to ensure that the slides are fastened. In addition, many jacks can bring more harm than good if they do not support the weight of the slide properly.

You can also bring structural damage to the slide if the jack interferes with the opening mechanism. The seals in most trailer slides are designed to have pressure on them when extended. A support placed under the slide can introduce water to the trailer, which is both a fire and safety hazard. 

  • How Will I Keep My Seals Conditioned?

If you want to condition the seals of your slide outs, you can use a conditioner. A rubber seal conditioner can be applied up to two times a year, especially if you travel in areas where rain or harsh sunlight is common. Make sure to wash the seals properly, spraying the conditioner on all corners. The conditioner will increase the life span of the seals and protect your slide outs.

  • How Will I Know if the Trailer is Right for Me?

Besides the features and pricing, you need to look for a trailer that feels like a match for you. Pay close attention to the trailer’s spacing. Is there enough surface area to move around? A trailer that makes you feel claustrophobic is not the right way to go. 

In addition, make sure there’s enough windows for ventilation. Plus, you want to see the views while you travel!


This list contained five of the best small travel trailers with slide outs. They are durable, stylish, and efficient. Choose based on what feels like the perfect fit for you and your companions. The important thing is to be comfortable and at ease while you travel. 

The trailer is a second home, choose one that connects with you on a personal and functional level. Choose one that meets your needs and pick the trailer that hits your spot budget-wise and specs-wise.  

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