6 Best Small Toy Hauler Campers in 2022 [Latest Guide]

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Looking for an amazing Small Toy Hauler for your next camping trip? The market is huge. There is a high chance that you might end up buying the wrong small toy hauler if you don’t know what specs work best for you. Good thing we made a list, right? We compiled the best small toy haulers in 2022. This buying guide along with our “top picks” will give you all the information you will need to make the best choice. 

A small hauler of big value- that is how we describe the best hauler. What is the best? This is what we will figure out. Out of the tons of designs and specifications in the market, it is a tedious task to figure out which one is the best. The worst thing about this quest for the best is- where do you start? Do not stress out, we have done the homework for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are a camping enthusiast who already knows what to look for or a complete amateur who wants all information from the start. We have got you the perfect guide to buying the small toy hauler camper that is best for you!

What Is A Mini Toy Hauler?

A mini toy hauler is actually not a toy or a hauler or even that mini. Don’t go on the literal meaning. A mini toy hauler camper is actually a kind of RV that has a garage space in the back. A ramp is attached and you can use it to easily load and unload your things. It is essentially used to carry around your smaller vehicles like mountain bikes, golf carts, motorcycles, ATVs or any other vehicle or equipment. 

These mini toy haulers are generally used in fifth wheels, travel trailers or motorhome toy haulers. People generally prefer a lightweight toy hauler or a micro toy hauler as it is more convenient for the purpose. 

Small Toy Hauler v/s Travel Trailers

Many people might confuse a small toy hauler with a travel trailer. But, in their basic sense and purpose, these two are different. A fifth wheel and a travel trailer are very much similar to each other. They have a much larger capacity and are used to carry big vehicles like ATVs and OHVs. The cargo capacity of these travel trailers can even offer you an inbuilt generator and fuel storage. 

Due to their built capacity, these RVs require a heavy-duty truck to carry them around. These may be an excellent choice for people who want to carry around heavy vehicles and equipment but not everyone wants that. 

A much lighter and smaller version that serves the same purpose is a mini toy hauler camper. These offer a shorter and lighter frame, don’t need a heavy-duty pickup dually to carry them around and can offer you decent space. All this while being completely friendly to your pocket. 

Which Is The Best Small Toy Hauler For You?

Though any mini toy hauler may seem great to you right now, there is a lot that you should consider. From weight to price to frame, there is a lot of research that goes on here. But that shouldn’t worry you now. Here are the most important factors you should consider while picking out the best mini toy hauler:


You are searching for a small toy hauler and you expect it to be small. But how small? If you specifically need the smallest toy hauler, then you might have to compromise on some features. If a small size is very essential, that is the question of your priority. Different small toy hauler campers offer different capacities. Some are smaller and others are larger. The compartmental space is also a key feature you should look for before buying. Some campers offer more garage space than living space and amenities. 

So, if you want to house more people in your small toy hauler, then you might look for a model that offers more amenities and living space. You need to weigh all the features that a small toy hauler offers against your priorities. That is how you decide on the one that works best for you. 

Weight of The Hauler

Another important factor to consider is weight. Now, the smallest toy hauler might not weigh that much. But with more features, the weight increases. The only thing you should look out for is too much weight against low capacity. If the capacity is more than the weight of the camper, that should be your choice. However, if you are going for a model with some extra features and extra space, the weight might increase. In any case, you shouldn’t go for a very heavy-weight hauler. You need a small hauler, not a full-fledged Travel Trailer. 

A Fifth Wheel Trailer or a Small Toy Hauler

A fifth-wheel toy hauler is much larger and has more capacity than a small toy hauler. This means that if you want to carry heavy vehicles like ATVs or OHVs. They even have an inbuilt generator and fuel storage space. But the downside of these Fifth Wheels is that they require a heavy-duty vehicle to tow them around. If you want something easy and convenient, a lightweight toy hauler is a good option. 

Specials Features And Amenities

Different small toy haulers offer different features and amenities. The garage space and capacity are not the only features that you should look for in a mini toy hauler camper. The living area, amenities like bed, bathroom system, kitchen, furnace, etc are some other specs that you should consider. These features may not bother some of you but if you are looking to travel with a larger group of friends and family, this is an important aspect to evaluate. 

The Best Small Toy Hauler In 2022 (OUR TOP PICKS)

#1. Forest River No Boundaries NB 10.6

Small Toy Hauler

Quick Specs

  • Height- 7.42 ft
  • Exterior Length- 13.83
  • Exterior Width- 7.33 ft
  • Gross Weight- 1,763 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity- 30 gal
  • Equipped with Kitchen, Pantry, Storage, Lounge, Ward, Cooler and outdoor kitchen
  • Garage Area- 10.5 ft
  • Price- $28, 188

No Boundaries 19.1 makes it to the top of our list. It is the best toy hauler camper you could ask for. This lightweight toy hauler combines strength and convenience into a single model. Manufactured by one of our favourite brands, Forest River, this model only weighs around 1,606 lbs unloaded. The compact and lightweight design of this beautiful micro toy hauler make it the perfect choice for most people. 

If you are looking for a mini toy hauler which gives you amazing capacity without being too heavy to carry around- No boundaries should be your choice. It provides a decent space with an outdoor kitchen, some storage areas, a cooler and a 2-burner cooktop along with a sink. 

Although you may have to compromise on some extra features like a bathroom and sleeping area. But if these are not very essential for you, this micro toy hauler should be your choice. 

The best thing about this camper is its capacity and its weight. This small toy hauler offers you an amazing capacity of 1,993 lbs. This is amazing because the carrying capacity is greater than the vehicle’s weight. 

#2. Winnebago Spyder 23FS

Winnebago Spyder 23FS

Quick Specs & Features

  • Height -12.08 ft
  • Exterior Length- 30 ft
  • Exterior Width- 10 ft
  • Gross Weight- 7,500 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity- 100 Gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity – 50 Gallons
  • Black Water Capacity- 50 Gallons
  • Price- $54, 000
  • High sleeping capacity with multiple bed setup
  • Bathroom with a hot and cold shower
  • Exterior made of laminated fibreglass
  • Equipped with backup camera
  • Sliding Wardrobe
  • Huck Bolt Frame for a solid and durable frame
  • Wood Cabinetry

Another of our favourite brands, Winnebago, brings us another one of the best small toy haulers in the market. If you are worried that your new small toy hauler, given its light frame and small size, won’t be as durable, this model is here to win your heart. The Winnebago Syder 23 FS leaves no room for doubt when it comes to delivering quality. 

The steel frame, popularly called the “Huck Bolt Frame”, offers a more durable and solid frame for a small toy hauler. The normally welded frames may weaken the metal plated on the joints. Therefore, Huck Bolt Frames are preferred over the welding. 

Another great feature of this small toy hauler camper is that the cabinetry is made out of wood with aluminium tubing. The trailer ramp has an amazing capacity of 3,000 lbs. This is more than most vehicles you can possibly load into. 

A great feature of this model is all the amazing space.  It has a king-size bed, two sofa beds, and a queen-size bed located in the area above the dinette. So, if you are a family person who likes going around camping, this abundance of space is a very important feature for you! 

#3. Jayco Octane 161

Jayco Octane 161

Quick Specs

  • Height- 11.25 ft
  • Exterior Length- 20.58 ft
  • Exterior Width- 8.5 ft
  • Gross Weight- 4,700 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity- 53.2 Gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity- 28 Gallons 
  • Black Water Capacity- 45.4 Gallons 
  • Price- $31, 538 
  • Auto-ignition furnace
  • 8-cubic feet Fridge
  • 13, 500 BTU AC
  • 8 Feet Garage Space

The Jayco Octane 161 is a micro toy hauler that offers value with every penny you spend. It is also one of the best budget small toy haulers on the list. The toy hauler camper has a fantastic carrying capacity of 2,800 lbs. Along with this, you get a spacious interior area and a strong frame. This lightweight toy hauler travel trailer provides comfort with a smart design. All your necessities and nothing more. The only small drawback with this micro toy hauler is that it can only offer a 30 Ampere of electrical service instead of the 50 Ampere one. But you should consider if you really need that extra electrical service or not. 

The 8 Feet long garage along with a super capacity of 2,800 lbs at this price range makes the Octane a great, affordable choice. However, you might have to compromise on some of the features here. The toilet space is a little smaller than the standard and the camper does not offer any sink space. Although a great food storage capacity on this model may want to stick to this one. The hauler has 8-cubic feet, double door fridge. 

This mini toy hauler camper is a comfortable and convenient choice if you can make up your priorities. The garage space and the carrying capacity are amazing and up to the value. The storage space inside is fairly decent for the price point. Although there are still some areas where you will have to compromise a little. We say that the downside of this is too minor to reject the deal. 

#4. Forest River Wolf Pup Toy Hauler 18RJB

Small Toy Hauler

Quick Specs & Features

  • Height- 22. 9 ft
  • Exterior Length- 84 ft
  • Exterior Width- 10.6 ft
  • UVW- 3, 435 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity- 26 Gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity- 23 Gallons
  • Black Water Capacity- 23 Gallons 

This single toy hauler offers an amazing capacity of 1,564 lbs along with a bunch of extra amenities that make this a top choice for this price range. Although with this mini toy hauler, you might have to make some compromises. Only if those compromised don’t seem much to you, this Wolf Pup should be your ride. 

The camper is equipped with a wide ramp door that can turn into an outdoor lounge. This can be turned into an outdoor patio area with the TV and sound system on this model. This super lightweight toy hauler has a 7-foot-wide axle system and the frame is made of Rolled I- beam Steel. This makes the entire structure durable and sturdy. One of the greatest things with this mini toy hauler is the 15-year warranty and an energy-rated PVC roof. So, if you are worried that you may have to compromise on the strength and quality too, you might be surprised. 

This micro toy hauler is small but the design is so smart that you might not have to compromise on anything at all. The camper includes a queen-size bed along with an overhead bunk. It has a dry bathroom with a tub and a complete kitchen area. A removable dinette is included with a decent amount of storage area. All this exists after giving you good garage space. This is one of our best picks and now you know the reason! 

#5. Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH

Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH

Quick Specs And Features

  • Height- 9.83 ft
  • Exterior Length- 18.5 ft
  • Exterior Width- 7.3 ft
  • Gross Weight- 3,280 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity- 31 Gallons 
  • Grey Water Capacity- 30 Gallons
  • Black Water Capacity- 30 Gallons
  • Price- $30, 000
  • 1 KW Inverter
  • Outdoor Gas Grill
  • 100W Rooftop Solar Panel
  • Wet Bathroom System
  • 20, 000 BTU Furnace

Don’t go by the order on this article, we wanted to rank all of these- number 1. This is one of our favourite models from Forest River and it is the best small toy hauler. If your needs, match these specs- go for it. The weight of this toy hauler camper is just 2, 842 lbs. Along with this, you get an amazing capacity of 1,688 lbs. The floorplan is smart and comfortable. 

The garage space is more here than the living space. But you can easily adjust this area and compartmentalize it according to your needs. In case, you have more toys to carry, the sleeping space may reduce accordingly. This is the only area where you might have to compromise a little. 

The amenities are something to look forward to. This small toy hauler includes an inverter, a rooftop solar panel, a gas grill which will be on outdoors, a triple door fridge, a wet bathroom system including a shower and toilet area, and a 20,000 BTU Furnace. Should we go on or have you ordered already?

#6. Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222

small toy hauler

Quick Specs and Features

  • Height- 11.2 ft
  • Exterior Length- 26.6 ft
  • Exterior Width- 8.6 ft
  • UVW- 5,785 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity- 53 Gallons 
  • Grey Water Capacity- 39 Gallons 
  • Black Water Capacity- 39 gallons 
  • Convertible Ramp 
  • High Cargo Carrying Capacity
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Great Amenities

With a lot of amenities and a lot of space, the Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222 is the last on our list. But do not question its merit. It makes up for the best small toy hauler. Though this might not be the smallest toy hauler on this list. This 26-foot-long toy hauler camper travel trailer compensates for its extra size with all good extra features. 

The capacity of this toy hauler camper is an amazing 2,465 lbs and this includes a huge 53 gallons of fresh water carrying capacity. A huge freshwater carrying capacity is a pro that you just cannot miss. It is equipped with an electric tongue jack and an outdoor shower. The camper offers you a party deck, some very beautiful screen doors and a lot of space for you and your toys. 

The living amenities are another great feature you will get here. It has a roof-mounted solar panel and a fully equipped kitchen. The hauler has a dry bath, 2 queen-sized beds, a convertible table cum bed and a large 7-foot ramp that can turn into a functioning deck.

All these amenities and you can haul this mini camper without any heavy-duty truck. The Octane can be hauled by half-ton. What more do you want?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Toy Hauler?

Toy Haulers is available both online and offline. While some people may prefer buying these offline and locally, we recommend going online if you are getting a good deal. You might want to check out the Facebook Marketplace if you want to purchase a used small toy hauler. 

When is the best season to buy toy haulers?

October to February are the best months to buy. The deals are amazing and you get heavy discounts. 

What is the best place to park your hauler?

A garage would be ideal and may easily fit your mini toy hauler. 

Are Toy Haulers suitable for a family?

Of course, it is! Check out the mini hauler which has a good living area along with a garage space. 

Can I use a Toy hauler in Cold Weather?

All small toy haulers are insulated and you can use them at any time around the year. 

What is the smallest toy hauler?

The Dune Sport Firestorm MM Mini is the smallest toy hauler on the market right now with a very lightweight design and only 10 feet in length. 

Our Final Verdict

If you want to carry around your vehicles and camping equipment without any heavy-duty truck, a small toy hauler camper is a good choice for you. The best lightweight toy hauler travel is the one that combines value and strength. Even if you go for the smallest toy hauler, the capacity should be good enough for your purpose. Sometimes, your requirements are more than just the carrying capacity of the micro toy hauler. So, if you want to find the best small toy hauler, you should first clear out your requirements. 

Our list of the best small toy haulers will provide you with an amazing insight into how to select the perfect one for you. We hope it helped you in making a perfect choice. So, make your choice and off you go on your next camping trip!

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