Best Small Pop Up Campers in 2022

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Pop up campers are equipped with different optional and standard features that make these vehicles ideal for both short weekend excursions and long trips. Also known as tent camping and fold-up trailers, pop up campers offer a convenient middle-ground between tent camping and full-time RVing.

However, finding the best small pop up campers can be challenging since there are many options to pick from. But you don’t need to worry because we’ve put together a list of the best small pop up campers on the market so that you can focus on picking the one that fits your needs.

What Is A Pop Up Camper?

A small pop up camper is a camping trailer that folds up into a smaller package. Like travel trailers, small pop up trailers are equipped with extra amenities such as bathrooms, tables, mattresses, seating, and a kitchen.

Thanks to their partial canvas construction, small pop up campers are more compact and easier to maneuver and tow than full-sized trailers. Lightweight popup campers can be towed by almost all vehicles. The best thing about these vehicles is that they give you more amenities and space than traditional tents.

Small pop up campers come in different sizes and shapes, so there’s something for everyone. Some models can even accommodate up to six people. Thus, these vehicles are a great option for those who want to go camping with their families and friends.

Advantages Of A Lightweight Pop Up Camper:

Since small pop up trailers are lightweight, they’re easier to control. Plus, these vehicles are beginner-friendly since they are not equipped with the features that large RVs or travel trailers might have. Thus, they’re easer to maneuver than large RVs and travel trailers.

A light pop up camper is also cheaper than full-sized trailers. Since they fold down to a smaller size, they need less space for storage. You can store your camper in the garage if you don’t have any plans to go camping anytime soon. Moreover, small pop up campers are easy to clean and can be used in almost any campsite.

ultra lightweight pop up campers

5 Best Lightweight Pop Up Campers:

Ultra lightweight pop up campers are a great option for new RV owners because of their small size. Here’s a list of the best small pop up campers that you can find on the market today.


Isabella Camp-Let Dream:

This lightweight pop up camper has two sleeping pods and a kitchen area with a sink, burner, storage, water bottle, and prep space. It can accommodate up to six people, so it’s perfect for large groups. When folded down, the Isabella Camp-Let Dream measures only 323 cm x 160 cm x 95 cm. And since it only weighs 500 kgs, it’s easy to tow.

This camper has a front awning panel for maximum ventilation and open living. It also comes with one veranda pole, independent suspension, a high-quality foam mattress, and a fully galvanized chassis.


  • Area: 17 m2
  • Load Capacity: 208 kg braked / 228 kg un-braked 
  • Unladen Weight: 292 kg braked / 272 kg un-braked 
  • Bed Dimensions: 200 cm x 140 cm
  • Canvas Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions (open): 573 cm (L) x 400 cm (W)


SylvanSport GO:

The SylvanSport Go is one of the most versatile pop-up campers out there. It has three modes – Camper Mode, Gear Hauler Mode, and Utility Mode. If you want lots of sleeping space, awning, and headroom, you should use the Camper Mode.

The Gear Hauler Mode gives you a lot of space on top for bikes, boards, kayaks, and other gear that you want to bring during your trip. The Utility Mode allows you to haul a lot of stuff such as groceries or appliances. It doesn’t have a bathroom, but it’s virtually zero maintenance. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight at only 840 lbs.

The SylvanSport Go has an aluminum frame, diamond plate deck, TIG welding, and powder coating. It’s also three times more durable than standard family tents and it can accommodate up to four people.


  • Interior Floor Plan: 48” x 48”
  • Length: 11’11” 
  • Width: 6’3″
  • Dry Weight: 840 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 810 lbs
  • Speed Rating: 87 mph 
  • Ground Clearance: 13” 


Coachmen Clipper Express:

The Coachmen Clipper Express is perfect for those who want to go on a trip with their family and friends. Aside from its rear tent and aerodynamic styling, this camper comes with an e-coated steel frame, and compact floor plan. The camper’s heavy-duty construction and aluminum rims are rugged enough to handle rough terrains.

The Express is also equipped with electric brakes, laminated fiberglass wall and aluminum skin wall, radial tires, interior outlets, LED bunk fan, and interior and exterior lights. The best part is that it comes with laminated countertops and cabinetry, so you can prepare your food and store your tableware without any problem.


  • Dry Weight: 1,277 to 3,750 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: Two 
  • Width: 79″ to 86″
  • Length: 8’2″ to 13’11”


Opus OP Lite:

The Opus OP Lite comes with all-terrain tires, onboard propane, solar port, and six skylights and windows. It’s also equipped with an outdoor kitchen with an accessible refrigerator and a hidden grill, so you can prepare delicious food for your family anytime. And since it has a stereo system, removable table, LED lighting, and posh dinette lounge, you’ll be comfortable throughout your camping trip.

There’s also an air annex that encloses the kitchen and expands the livable space. The best thing about the Opus OP Lite is that it self-inflates, meaning you don’t need to do much when you arrive at the campsite. You just need to wait for it to expand and you can use your pop-up camper right away.


  • Dry Weight: 2,380 lbs 
  • Width: 1670 mm 
  • Length: 5240 mm 
  • Height (open): 3050 mm 
  • Height (closed): 1370 mm


Forest River Flagstaff:

The Forest River Flagstaff comes with a shower and bathroom. But what sets the Flagstaff apart from other canvas pop up campers (Check out our post on How much to replace canvas on pop up camper) is that it has hard-sided walls. And thanks to its simplistic design, you can make adjustments whenever you want. This camper has a spacious living area that features a maple interior and linoleum.

The kitchen is equipped with stainless-steel appliances as well. Plus, the bathroom has a filter and a water heater. The Forest River Flagstaff also comes with a Wi-Fi ranger, USB charging port, Wi-Fi booster, TV outlet, and satellite hookup. And it can accommodate up to three people.


  • Weight: 2,700 lbs
  • Exterior Width: 84”
  • Hitch Weight: 353 lbs
  • Travel Length and Campsite Length: 20’ 10” 
  • Travel Height: 5’ 8”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

A lightweight pop up camper is an excellent option for families and individuals who like the compact functionality and affordability of a low-profile RV. And today, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about small pop up campers.

  • Should you store your camper closed or expanded?

Since pop up campers are designed with soft sides, it’s best to store your camper closed. Leaving it expanded will expose your camper to pests and critters that can damage its soft sides. Before storing your camper, make sure that it’s clean and well-dried.

  • Which is better – a hard-sided or a canvas-sided camper?

Hard-sided pop-up campers are easier to clean and more durable than canvas-sided campers. They also provide better insulation. And unlike canvas-sided campers, hard-sided pop-up campers are not susceptible to tears.

  • What happens to the camper when it rains?

Canvas pop up campers will get wet when it rains. You can place an awning or tarp over the top to prevent the rain from hitting your camper directly. But you don’t need to worry because pop up campers can endure rainy days without any problem.

  • Are pop up campers difficult to set up?

It depends on the camper. Many campers can set up their camper alone, but set up is usually easier when someone is helping you. That way, you can set up the camper easily and quickly.

  • Can you use a pop-up camper in the winter?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that you have thick mattress pads and blankets when you’re camping during winter. You should also cover the water lines and propane tanks to prevent them from freezing.

  • Are pop up campers suitable for families?

Yes, they are. Pop up campers are easier to store and tow than regular travel trailers. Moreover, small pop up campers are spacious enough to accommodate up to six people.

Final Verdict:

If you’re tired of setting up a tent each time you go camping, consider switching to a lite popup camper. It’s lightweight and compact. And the best part is that these vehicles are equipped with amenities that will make your camping trip fun and comfortable. If you’re planning to buy the lightest pop up camper, consider choosing one from the options we’ve listed above.

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