6 Best RV Shelter Ideas You Should Consider In 2022

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Are you looking to build a shelter for your RV and don’t know where to start? Finding creative RV shelter ideas can be a long process. It is pretty hard even to get started. Today, I will discuss all the fantastic RV shelter ideas to help you create the perfect place. Whether you are looking for an RV Shelter with Deck or some practical RV Cover ideas- we have it all. 

Your recreational vehicle is a significant investment. It would be best if you protected it from external damages. These external damages can come from changing weather conditions, water, etc. So, whether you own an RV or rent it, you must keep it in a safe place. 

Another thing to consider here is that if you plan to take out your RV only in the holiday season, you need a space to store it securely. If you don’t have any access to an RV garage, a carport is mandatory. A carport is essential for maintenance, and you don’t want your vehicle to be exposed to harsh weather conditions. You might want to check out some of the RV Carport Ideas mentioned in this article. 

As an RV Shelter will be your own space, you won’t have to pay rent or travel to pick up your RV. You might think that building an RV Shelter might be an expensive project. However, it would be best if you consider that renting a storage facility becomes much more costly in the long run. 

So, let’s begin with discussing some very useful and practical RV Shelter Ideas. I will share some excellent RV shelter with deck ideas to assist you with this.

Let’s dig in!

A lot of external factors can affect the condition of your RV. Winds, sun, rains, snow, and hail can damage the exterior of your RV, and with extreme weather, your RV interior may get damaged. You can always store your RV at a storage facility. But a shelter is much better if you have the required space.  

How Tall Does an RV Carport Need to Be?

Your RV Carport should be long enough to accommodate your vehicle. You should measure your RV and then decide on the length of the RV Shelter. 

You must know your recreational vehicle’s height, length, and width. Your RV shelter needs to be bigger than these measurements, so you have some room around the RV inside the shelter. You can use this space to place your equipment.

There are some standard measurements to consider. For instance, the standard width is 12 feet, and the standard length is 21 feet. For the height, you must know about the side height. With side height, you can ensure your RV can quickly clear the lowest point of the RV shelter.
Different RV Types have different dimensions. For example, if you have a Class C motorhome, then the size requirements can vary. 

You can check out some of the best Class C Motorhome Under 30 Feet if you want an RV that doesn’t require too much space.

How To Build An RV Shelter?

It is much cheaper to build your RV shelter than to buy one and install it. But it would help if you got a permit to make your RV shelter first. You have to understand the laws and rules in your area to determine whether it’s okay to build an RV shelter or not. Plus, you need some construction experience to get the job done effectively. 

Building an RV shelter might seem pretty straightforward, but it might not be steady if you don’t do it right. Plus, you must have a clear plan to ensure you don’t miss out on any step. You need to follow the following basic steps when building an RV shelter. 

Picking A Style And Design:

The first thing that you need to do is pick a design or layout for your RV Shelter. You can browse through different RV Shelter Ideas and decide based on your budget and available space. You can either go for a wooden shelter or try metal. We have some best budget options if you want cheap RV carport ideas. 

Planning is the key! After you have shortlisted a bunch of RV cover ideas, you must draw a detailed plan for it. You will also have to draw up a plan for the wall panels and the roof to ensure they are well-aligned. If you don’t want to go through so much trouble, you can go with roof-only designs or shelters with panels. But if you want to go for complete enclosures, we have some amazing RV Carport ideas here.

Setting The Foundation:

Once you have shortlisted the design that works the best, you must have a solid foundation to build your RV shelter properly. You can use concrete slabs for this purpose. 

You can start by digging out where you want to put the concrete. The area should be at least six inches deep. But make sure you are going by the measurements of your shelter and follow the plan correctly. 

Constructing The Shelter:

To start with the construction, you need to prepare the materials. This process will vary with different RV Shelter ideas and the exact design that you have chosen. You must cut the frames and join them using metal brackets. You will need strong plywood for the roof, or you can go for metal gussets. You can even use stainless steel bolts to make your shelter sturdy.

Top 5 RV Shelter Ideas:

You can select many fantastic RV shelter ideas with different designs and styles; each of these designs and styles serves other purposes. Considering many things before deciding on these RV cover ideas would be best. Of course, your budget and space will be decisive factors as well.

But you should know all your options for building the perfect shelter for your RV. 

Let’s check out some of the best RV carport ideas that you can build:

#1. Wooden Shelter:

One of the best camper shelter ideas is wooden shelters. These types of covers are pretty sturdy and stand the test of time. But you should note that they are more expensive than the other options. 

A shelter can be a good investment of time, money and investment in the long run. Especially if you plan on taking out your RV only once in a while, having a good quality shelter will be highly beneficial. 

With wooden shelters, you can try different designs and styles. These shelters can withstand well if you take all external damages if you take care of them. The best thing about Wooden covers is that you don’t have to maintain them often. So, if you can invest your time and money into building an RV Shelter, you should consider some good wooden RV Shelter Ideas. 

#2. Metallic Shelter:

These types of shelters are pretty study and can take any kind of damage, even harsh weather conditions. Although you might have to look into the type of metal you are using to construct them. The maintenance is also a factor here. You need to maintain these shelters well to keep them in good condition. You can get a lot of designs and styles with metallic shelter. The type of roof can also be a factor to consider while browsing through different RV shelter ideas with metal roof. 

#3. Vertical Roof Design:

This design is the best option if you live in an area with a lot of snow and extreme weather conditions. You can look for some excellent RV Cover ideas with Vertical Roofs to protect your RV from heavy snow and rainfalls. This type of design features vertical orienting paneling, so any debris can easily slide off. It comes with protection from being blown away in high winds and storms.

#4. A-Frame:

Another good option to consider is the A-frame design. This design comes with horizontal paneling, and the style is suitable for handling moderate winds and snow or rainfalls. This type of design helps in preventing flooding around the metal cover. 

You can go for these types of RV Carport Ideas if the weather conditions of your area are such. You also need to consider the material you use for the roof. You need to use a material that can withstand these weather conditions. 

#5. Half-Deck-Half-Shelter Style:

An RV shelter with deck can come in handy if you think you can’t give your RV some dedicated space. These types of covers can serve different purposes. If you go for an RV Shelter with deck, you can convert it into a good lounge area. It is the most aesthetically appealing idea of all. 

So, if you are looking for a space that can not only fit your RV but also serve other purposes, an RV Shelter with a deck would be a perfect choice. 

#6. RV Shelter Canopy:

RV shelter canopy is another flexible option compared to regular wooden shelters. If you are looking for a budget option, a Canopy design is one of the best cheap RV carport ideas. They are comparatively easier to construct than other designs.

The best part about the Canopy Shelters is that it is fully portable. You can erect it on steel rails, pads, wood walls, blacktop, and dirt. You can also get a detailed assembly and installation manual to construct them. The fabric you can use to build these is mostly pretty durable canvas. It can withstand harsh weather. 

These types of shelters work best for lightweight travel trailers. These trailers have a standard size guide you can easily follow and do not take too much space. 

Here are some RV cover ideas with Canopy that you can consider:

  • Enclosed Sides With Canopy Roof

This design comes with enclosed sides and windows. It can also serve as a tent for small get-togethers and lounge areas. This type of RV garage offers you a portable design. You can use steel to make the frames and use canvas on top to block out rain and snow. 

  • No Wall Canopy Shelter

Another one of the simple camper shelter ideas that you can consider is the no-roof RV shelter canopy. These types of camper shelter ideas don’t feature any walls. It is one of the best cheap RV Carport ideas you can build without any hassles. These shelters have galvanized steel frames, and the roof is made of ultraviolet-resistant polyurethane. 

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money and time into building a shelter, then this is the one you should consider. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Make An RV shelter?

The cost of your RV shelter will depend mainly on the size of your RV, the materials you choose, and the design you are going for. The average size is around 20 feet x 30 feet, while the cost will cry around USD 6000 to USD 18000. But, again, it all depends upon what materials you choose, how big the shelter is, and your selected design.

Q. How tall should I build my RV shelter?  

The standard height should be according to the dimensions of your recreational vehicle. It would help if you had the sides of your shelter aligned with your RV. Keeping it at least a foot higher than your recreational vehicle’s height would be better. Before starting your construction project, ensure you get your RV’s measurements right. You can also find the dimensions mentioned in your RV manual.

Q. Should I build an RV shelter or buy one? 

A covered RV shelter installed by a professional can range anywhere from USD 3500 to USD 4000 and above, depending on the selected materials, size, and design. Wooden designs are much cheaper than these numbers. But if you buy materials and build your RV shelter, you can save around USD 1000 in labor and materials.


Building an RV is an excellent option, as you can get creative if you have enough experience with construction. Besides this, constructing a shelter can save a lot on installation costs which you can utilize on other things for the shelter.

There are various designs that you can try out. An RV is a significant investment, and you must protect it from damage. Therefore, an RV shelter is a necessity, and this is the case even if you’re renting it. 

We hope this article helped you and you have already shortlisted the RV Shelter Ideas that work the best for you. For any suggestions, questions or feedback- write to us!

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