Best RV Dealers Near Me in United States [2022]

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RVs have been growing in popularity over the last several years and can now seem like a great option for those who want longer, more comfortable road trips, as well as a convenient way of living for those who enjoy staying on the go. Dealers have noticed an increase in sales, in both RV rentals and purchases. Whether you’re looking to join the RV lifestyle, or looking to upgrade, there are plenty of RV dealers near you to decide from when you’re ready to rent or buy. Where you buy or rent from won’t only have to do with how much you’ll be paying, but also the quality of the RV and other services. This list will help you narrow those options down to the best RV dealers for both new and used RV trailers near you.

Best RV Dealers Near Me:

General RV Center:

25000 Assembly Park Dr, Wixom, Michigan

General RV Center covers multiple locations throughout Michigan and five other states; including Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, Utah, and Florida. If you’re looking for a used RV dealer near you now, General RV Center could be the perfect place. General RV has great quality products and highly trained technicians to perform specialized services when needed, assuring your trips will always be as successful and convenient as possible. General RV carries over six thousand vehicles, including travel trailers, motorhomes, and fifth wheels. General RV Center also offers service programs, inspections, and repairs.

Holiday World:

4630 I-30 Masquite Dallas, TX 75150

Holiday World of Dallas is one of the larger and more well-known RV and camper dealers in the Dallas area. Holiday World offers a wide variety of RVs for both renters and buyers, as well as trade-in options available. Holiday World features new and pre-owned RVs, as well as MSRP pricing for buyers. The dealership also includes a variety of services, a body shop, and RV insurances.

Bish’s RV Travel Trailer and Van Center:

150 OR-99, Junction City, Oregon

Bish’s RV Travel Trailer and Van Center previously referred to as Guaranty RV Super Center, has a well-known reputation for being the largest RV dealer in the state of Oregon. Bish’s was established in the 1970s and the dealership sells all types of RVs, from folding campers to fifth wheels and highline diesel pushers. Something that makes them different from other dealerships is that they were the first Monaco dealer partners, as well as one of the first dealerships to sell the Country Coach Class A motorhomes. The dealership has also recently included a fifty-five site RV Park, with full hook-up available, to their facilities. Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction is what truly sets them apart from competitors.

Mount Comfort RV:

5935 W 225 N, Greenfield, Indiana

Mount Comfort RV is located in Greenfield, Indiana and the dealership is situated on seventeen acres of land. They offer everything from folding and pop-up campers to motorhomes and fifth wheels. Mount Comfort RV has become a well-known dealership due to their fair prices and friendly, welcoming employees. The dealership also offers a service and a parts department, with options to request parts through a catalog if they’re not stocked. They provide the attention and care that you would expect from a smaller, local business; yet they offer products and services that make them more comparable and competitive towards larger companies.

RCD RV Supercenter:

6700 OH-37, Sunbury, Ohio

If you’re near the Ohio area and you’re thinking “I want a used RV dealer near me”, RCD RV Supercenter has three different locations in Ohio, including Sunbury, Pataskala, and Delaware that may be great for you. RCD RV Supercenter has been evolving quickly since the 1970s and they have remained a family business throughout the last several decades. They have over six hundred RVs from over forty well-known manufacturers in their inventory, including Keystone, Jayco, Fleetwood, and Coachmen. RCD RV Supercenter also carries the largest pre-owned RV selection in the state of Ohio.

Carpenter’s Campers:

8450 Pensacola Blvd, Pensacola, Florida

Carpenter’s Campers is nearing sixty years of service as an RV dealership in Pensacola, Florida. The dealership is one of the largest and well-known supplies for both RV parts and RVs. If something on your RV needs to be repaired, replaced, or altered at all, Carpenter’s Campers has a service department with highly trained technicians and mechanics to help. Carpenter’s Campers truly aim to make you feel like you’re at a campground while you’re searching for a new RV, with oak trees all around the area and golf carts to assist you throughout the nine-plus acres of land.

Access RV:

550 S Redwood Rd, North Salt Lake, Utah

If you’re near the Utah area and you’re wondering “where can I find RV dealers near me?”, you may come across Access RV in North Salt Lake in your search. Access RV was established in 1995 as a business for RV rentals and the dealership is now one of the highest-rated full-service dealers in the state of Utah. If you’re in the Utah area and search for ‘RV trailer dealers near me’, Access RV has the knowledge and experience to assure you’ll be satisfied with your shopping experience. 

Pete’s RV Center:

4016 Williston Rd, South Burlington, Vermont

Pete’s RV Center is located in Vermont and surrounding locations. Pete’s RV carries RVs from well-known manufacturers, such as Jayco RV, Airstream, and Keystone. Certified technicians are available to perform specialized services on all RVs, this includes winterization, state inspections, braking and hitch system installation, and more. Financing and trade-in options are available through Pete’s RV Center, as well.

How to Choose an RV Dealer?

You may have to make multiple trips to the dealership in the process of purchasing it, so a relatively close location is important when choosing a dealer. You’ll also want to be somewhat near your dealership in case, inevitably, an issue pops up that needs to be checked out. If you’re planning on purchasing a brand-new RV, you should pick a dealership that provides warranty work, that way the repairs are covered if anything goes wrong. The dealership’s inventory should include a variety of manufacturers and models, and good customer service should be one of the top priorities when choosing a good RV dealer.

used rv dealers near me

Frequently Asked Questions:

Attached Campgrounds:

An RV dealership doesn’t need to have an attached campground, but it can be convenient. Being right next to the dealership is a great opportunity to test out your new RV, and still be close enough to go pick up anything you forget or end up needing.

Should the Dealership Have a Service Center?

Yes, a service department that performs both repairs and routine maintenance is important because these departments include certified technicians, as well as access to parts and supplies when you need them.

Accredited by Manufacturers:

Higher quality RV dealerships are often awarded by manufacturers to verify the dealership as a reputable dealer. Choosing a dealership with accreditation from the RV manufacturer’s that they sell means that you’re picking a top-performing dealer.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor showroom, as well as the type of RV you’re looking for, can impact where you decide to shop. When you find yourself wondering ‘where can I find an RV and camper dealer near me?’, the options can sometimes seem overwhelming. Different locations offer different services, bonuses, and of course, different RV choices. You’ll want to choose the dealership that you’ll work best with in terms of service and the quality of products according to how they fit your individual needs. A dealership with an on-site parts and tools center is always one of the best options for buyers, due to the quick maintenance process and the convenient access to parts that you may end up needing for your RV.

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