Where To Purchase RV Cabinets Replacements? [2022 Updated]

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Once you’ve been on the road long enough, there comes a time when you want to change and fix things up a little in your RVs. If you are thinking of upgrading, remodelling, and even fixing up the RV cabinets we have all the answers for you here!

Replacing cabinets in your RV is a significant task and needs next-level precision.

We have tried to make it easy for you in this guide.

Read this and help yourself out. 

How and Where to Find Replacement RV Cabinets?

Living on the road can be tough at times. All of us living on the road long-term try our best to keep our trailers and campers exactly as a normal home would be like. But here is the thing with living an adventurous life, it does demand more upgrades and fixing up than your usual home. 

One of the things that might end up asking for a fix me up, or a replacement is your RV cabinets. These things are mostly not the best of quality in most RVs but, at the same time, are used very frequently.

RV users’ most common complaints are the doors falling off the ridges, the cabinets losing their balance, or the material getting weak by absorbing unnecessary moisture around. 

Most of you will, at this point, struggle with the question at hand, “where to purchase RV cabinets?” We have good news for you folks! It’s not that difficult to find them. Let’s have a look at a few of your options: 

Online retail shops like Amazon have a huge number of options for you to choose from. These include new and also refurbished camper cabinets for sale.

The availability of these, however, largely depends upon your brand and model too. Some are commonly available, while some can be a bit difficult to find. 

Another option is to go back to the retailer and ask them to replace it for you. This option is not preferred by many, mainly because even a minor replacement or fix-up can take months. What’s better is that you hire a carpenter and get these cabinets custom-made as per your needs and desires. 

The following information will help you understand how to remove, install, and even fix RV cabinets. 

How To Safely Remove Old Cabinets in an RV?

At one point or the other, you will have to take out the cabinetry in your RV. It might be to fix an appliance, add an appliance, or stop water damage from spreading. Whatever the reason might be, many times, you want to save the cabinets to reuse them. With the way things are built in RVs, saving camper cabinets can be really difficult at times. By following the below steps, things might be easier for you. 

  1. The screws that hold the cabinets might be hidden; only a few are visible. You just need a few simple tools. Starting with an impact drill, the one with the smaller extension, not the regular long one. You will also need 2 fly head screwdrivers, one the standard size and the other a little smaller. 
  2. Look inside your cabinet; at the back and sides, there should be screws. Some will be visible, and some behind the finished panel. You will need to remove that, and using the smaller fly head screwdriver, start popping them out. They usually come out very easily. Once that panel is removed, and you have access to all the screws, get to work and unscrew all of them! 
  3. Once this is done, you have successfully removed your cabinets safely. 

Can You Build Your Cabinets?

Yes! All you have to do is follow these simple steps to build RV replacement cabinets.

  1. You need 2×1 plain square-edged pine. This will form the structure for the overhead covers; we will be using a MDF for the bases and the dividers. 
  2. Use a dot paper to create a working drawing and cut list when planning to draw cabinetry. Draw in the structure of the batons and work out the length of the timbers you might need to cut. Next, include the baseboard and side pieces for the sketch.
  3. Start to assemble the outer frame using a pocket hole jig and screws to fix the patterns together at 90 degrees.
  4. Once the mainframe has been built using the pocket hole method, use the inch tape and mark on the areas that you want each of the dividers to be located on. Cupboards of one meter each are ideally a good size.
  5. Once you’ve marked the guide for each cupboard, put the vertical dividers in and line them up with the pencil markings. The neater edge should be on show once you open the cupboard door. Using a pilot hole drill, screw the top piece of the timber so and fix those dividers in the frame. One screw through each of the battens will do the job just fine. Repeat this for the other divider too.
  6. Now, cut the baseboard using a plunge saw. This needs to be done with much precision. You need now to fix this baseboard on the bottom of this frame. Next, fix this directly in your desired location in the van. Screw on the doors, and you are all done! Replacement of RV cabinets is so easy and fun!   

How To Install Cabinets In RV?

If you are someone who bought travel trailer cabinets online or from your nearby hardware store. You must now be wondering how to install these in your trailers. Before we move on, just a tip. Before looking for RV cabinets for sale, you need to make sure you have all the measurements right. How many cabinets do you need? What is the size? You need to be completely sure so that you don’t end up investing in the wrong cabinets. Now, let’s have a look at how to install these into your camper. 

  1. Precision is extremely important for this task. You don’t want those cabinets tilting or unbalanced. The very first thing that you should do is make accurate markings on the wall. What goes where, which parts to avoid, where to drill in the screws and where not. It is extremely important to have this part right. 
  2. Next, take help from someone else. The other person should hold each cabinet in place so that you can mark all the places where screw holes need to be drilled in on the cabinet. Make sure that these are coordinated perfectly. 
  3. Once all the drill holes have been marked, whip out that drill and start drilling holes on all the marked points. This needs to be done for all the cabinets.
  4. Next, the last step is to hold the cabinet in place and screw in the screws. Firmly put these screws in place while your assistant holds the cabinets for you. And here you have it! You should have successfully been able to install your cabinet in your RV. 

Best RV Cabinets:

Speedway Motors Standard Trailer Door Cabinet:

Speedway Motors is a giant when it comes to the field of automation. These guys have been introducing items and spare parts for your vehicles since 1952. They believe in building what you cannot already find. 

Their standard trailer door cabinet is a very good storage option that you can use for your RV. This foldable cabinet is made of aluminum and provides you good storage options for your everyday track essentials.

You can easily mount this on the door and allows a variety of options to be stored. Bottles, spray cans, towel rolls, oil bottles, emergency kits, and so on. Your trailer is a home away from home, and your everyday essentials need to be easily accessible. 


  • Aluminum constriction.
  • Foldable locking table.
  • 30 inches high and 25 and a half inches wide. 


  • Does not come with pre-drilled holes. 

Pit Posse 445 Senior Storage Cabinet:

Pit Posse was established in 2001 and is a family-run business. This is run by motorsports enthusiasts who love to invent products that would enhance your experiences on the track. This specific product is a single unit product that provides you with storage options and a small workspace. 

This can store up to 18 aerosol cans,10 quarts of oil, and more. The goal is to keep your gear organized, easily accessible, and out of your way. 

What’s unique about this is that it has a 14×24 flip-out workstation tray also included so that you can work with ease. You can use it to keep your laptop or car parts while working on them. This comes with a locking pin. You can fold the tray back up and lock it when not in use to avoid unnecessary space. 

This unit also claims to have a spring-loaded paper towel holder for your ease, but there have been mixed reviews about these. It also has only one locking pin, which tends to leave the fold-out table very wobbly.


  • Lightweight 
  • Helps in keeping things organized.
  • Has an extra flip-out workspace.
  • Provides easy access.


  • The size is a bit deceptive. 
  • One locking pin. 

Vevor Trailer Door Cabinet:

Made from durable 5052 aluminum, VEVOR comes with a lot of huge claims. It is advertised to be rust-free, lightweight, and durable with a large storage capacity. Not only this, but it also has a flipping workstation.

That’s not all… It also sports a dual paper towel holder and is very easy to install.

It might be rust-free, but the users have not found its overall build to be as sturdy as advertised. Furthermore, it comes with 5 drill holes, which has not proven enough to keep it in place. There also have been complaints about its poor welding and sharp edges. 

 The storage part is true; it has a large storage space. It has three equally distributed shelves that can hold up to 12 or more spray cans and bottles of oil. This does help in organizing all that clutter bit we are not sure if this can take the clanking and pressure when the RV is on the road. 


  • Large storage space. 
  • Folding work table. 
  • Rust free. 


  • Bad quality weld.
  • Not sturdy to trust on the road.

Seville Classics Cabinet Storage:

This is not your ordinary latch-on door cabinet but a very sturdy and spacious storage cabinet! Not only are these babies cost-efficient, but also value for money. They are 36 inches wide and approximately 6 ft. high.

They come in a relatively smaller box. Everything breaks down in halves and can be placed in compact spaces when not in use. The packaging has really good reviews and protects the product from damage. 

They have all nuts put in place. All you need to do is use the magnetic screwdriver that comes with this and screw everything into place. The instructions that come with these are incredible. They make sure you understand everything easily. The company has labeled all the screws and panels.  

These roll-around cabinets make it easy to move around. You don’t need to screw them to the walls. It is durable, made of solid stainless steel, and comes with a key and a lock. The shelves are removable, allowing you to organize according to your comfort. 


  • Large storage space. 
  • Stainless steel. 
  • Easily to move around. 
  • Adjustable shelves.


  • Tends to have bent panels, they aren’t very thick. 

Kohler Frameless Aluminum Cabinet:

Kohler is a famous for its quality and modern aesthetics. They have made this particular cabinet purely for recessed application. You cannot mount it on the wall.

This piece Is a great addition to your RVs; it has a sleek exterior and is completely mirrored inside. The shelves are thick, sturdy, and even adjustable. 

This 16″ frameless cabinet helps you put your best face forward with outside and inside mirrored surfaces.

Anodized aluminum construction ensures a chip-free and rust-free finish.


  • Rust free finish. 
  • 108-degree opening. 
  • Tempered glass. 
  • Adjustable shelves.  


  • Recessed installation only. 
  • Easily breakable. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can You Build Your Cabinets? 

Yes! You most definitely can. You need a few basic tools and materials like your screws, drill, and Oakwood. This, combined with a whole lot of precision and little assistance, you can build your cabinets. 

  • How To Securely Remove Old Cabinets in an RV?

You need to make sure to locate all the hidden and visible screws correctly. Once you have those, all you need to do is pop out these screws and take off the cabinets. 

  • From Where Can I Purchase Used RV Cabinets in Good Shape?

You can purchase used RV cabinets online through platforms such as eBay and Amazon. You can also find them at your local dealers and hardware shops.


Keeping your RV in its original condition for as long as you can be your priority. But there will come a time where you will need all the above information. We all know nothing lasts forever, and RVs need more maintenance than other homes out there. Fix, upgrade or replace; the choice is yours. 

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