6 Best RV Battery Disconnect Switch

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Whether you are out at a campsite, boondocking, or just enjoying the great outdoors in your RV, it is common to run the a/c which drains the battery. Exhausting your battery is stressful and inconvenient, especially when you are out of power at a crucial moment. An RV battery disconnect switch is an excellent solution to this issue.

A battery disconnect switch is a device that disconnects the battery from the electrical system of an RV. It is essential for your RV and can ensure you are never left stranded again. If you worry about camping in dangerous places or running out of power during an emergency – a battery disconnect switch RV is for you. It allows you to take control of your batteries and make sure they are not draining.

A battery switch for RV enables you to disconnect either individual panels or all at once from power supply lines. These switches are essential if you have an older rig with limited battery capacity! These relatively inexpensive devices help prevent your battery from going into dangerous dips. A battery disconnect for RV is designed to avoid overcharging and overheating the batteries by automatically shutting off the power while you are not using your RV. Battery disconnecting switches will shut off your RV’s battery once it has reached its limit so that you do not lose any of your vital energy resources.

6 Best Battery Disconnect Switches for Your RV- Quick Specifications and Review

If you want to buy a battery switch for RV, you will find endless options for the same in the market. Here are the six most considerable models with their specifications and reviews to help you narrow down the choices!

#1. Ampper Remote Battery Switch 

rv battery disconnect switch


  • Operating Voltage: 48 V
  • Material: ABS plastic/copper
  • Switch Type: Rotary Switch 
  • Current Rating: 455 Amps

The Ampper Battery Switch comprises a heavy-duty, durable ABS plastic housing to protect the circuit against any potential short circuit. It is equipped with four sets of bolts and two positions on/off. There is also a rear cover which shields the terminal against potential short circuits.

Never let yourself down again while hitting the outdoors. This RV battery disconnect switch is engineered for everyday automotive use. It allows you to disconnect and reconnect the battery by pressing a button. Suppose you are wondering how to install a battery disconnect switch in tight spaces. In that case, the process is quite hassle-less with the slim design of this product.

It is compatible with DC 12 – 48 V systems. It can stand alone or be used in tandem with other switches to isolate and securely secure an electrical system. The size of the copper terminal stud is 3/8″, which comes in handy when you need to replace or swap out your battery. These copper studs are universal as well.

Ampper’s battery disconnect switch is a must-have for boaters and RVers who are relying on a battery power source to power their toys. Thus, you will never have to worry about draining your battery when you are not using the boat or RV.


  • Sleek design to install battery disconnect switch with ease
  • User-friendly application system
  • Optimal safety integrations


  • This battery disconnect for RV heats up too quickly

#2. Zoostliss Battery Disconnect Switch


  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Material: Brass
  • Switch Type: Kill Switch
  • Current Rating: 500 Amps

The Zoostliss RV battery disconnect switch is the most practical and straightforward solution for your automotive battery, maintaining a workable charge even in the case of a minimal power supply. There is a waterproof cover for unmatchable protection of the keyhole. The optimal current that this battery disconnect for RV can withstand is 12V 500A, and rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Are you wondering how to install a battery disconnect switch without much experience? Do not worry, as this model features a straightforward set-up and application system using only two keys. Needless to say, installing battery disconnect switch would not require you to spend hefty money on seeking professional assistance.

The Zoostliss Battery Switch is suitable for all types of battery terminals, switches and timer units. It is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. In contrast, its nuts and washers are crafted with solid brass for excellent durability in long-term usage. Another great thing to consider about this product is that it charges batteries while you are driving the vehicle. It resembles the functioning of the best RV inverter to reserve power backup in case of emergencies or anomalies.


  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Arrives with a waterproof cover
  • Facilitates uninterrupted charging on-the-go


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty charging

#3. Kohree Battery Disconnect Switch

rv battery disconnect switch


  • Operating Voltage: 48 V
  • Material: ABS Plastic/Alloy Steel
  • Switch Type: Rotary Switch
  • Current Rating: 455 Amps

The Kohree battery switch for RV is a reliable device to save your life when you are stuck in the dark. This switch features an easy shut-off feature for power saving. Coming onto its build-up, it contains ABS plastic housing for maximum sturdiness in prolonged use.

The package comes with four sets of bolts made from tinned copper alongside nuts which results in a safe ignition. In addition, they also help you differentiate between the varied gears without difficulty while using the battery disconnect switch RV at night.

This RV battery disconnect switch has on/off labels in visible colors, allowing you to control power when your vehicle is running on battery power. Besides, it lets the user see which side is on and which is off. As a result, you can keep your battery life and usage time up while still being able to run your RV with this switch.

With its modern design, you will never experience any inconvenience or damage to the device. These switches are also perfect for use in emergency power-off cases. Lastly, installing a battery disconnect switch is convenient due to its plug-in integration.


  • Swift to install battery disconnect switch
  • Labels for on/off status
  • Facilitates a more secure ignition


  • The design lacks compactness

#4. WirthCo Battery Disconnect Knife Switch 

rv battery disconnect switch


  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Material: Copper
  • Switch Type: Kill Switch
  • Current Rating: 750 Amps

What makes the WirthCo, the best RV battery switch, is its excellent longevity. It is a one-time expense that will save you money on battery replacements. This battery switch for RV prevents parasitic drain from eliminating power loss. It contains intelligent safety integrations which help in averting vehicle theft. Apart from it, this battery disconnect switch RV shuts down the power whenever maintenance work is going on to dodge any electrical fires.

This product allows you to disconnect from your battery and connect to another during an emergency. If you have very little or no knowledge of how to install a battery disconnect switch, this model’s laid-back design will help you out. There is a standard terminal of 5/8″, and the switch also has a stud of 5/16-18 decked with a wing nut for additional connections.

The WirthCo Battery Switcher is the safest, most convenient solution to your power disconnect needs. It is aimed to safely and securely shut off your vehicle’s battery so you can disconnect the cables without plugging in an extension cord. It’s compatible with various cars, RVs, ATVs, UTVs, trucks, and boats.


  • Surface-mount design for installing battery disconnect switch
  • Broad-ranging vehicle compatibility
  • Unswerving protection against battery drain


  • Not appropriate for diesel engines with heavier gauge cables

#5. Blue Sea Systems Battery Switch



  • Operating Voltage: 48 V
  • Material: Tin-plated copper
  • Switch Type: Rotary Switch
  • Current Rating: 300 Amps

This battery disconnect switch RV by Blue Sea Systems lets you alter the battery from on to off in a moment. You can quickly and easily switch between sets of batteries in the same group and eliminate the need for multiple switches. Thus, it eliminates the need to install battery disconnect switch through a complex procedure. The user can flip the switch to change the state of one battery at a time!

This battery disconnect for RV is waterproof with an IP66 rating, ignition protected, and meets ABYC requirements. It can be installed aboard gasoline-powered boats and is suitable for installation on the engine-room bulkhead. Its intuitive design makes it the perfect solution for boat and RV owners who are looking for a cost-effective and dependable solution. With an effortless process for installing battery disconnect switch, you can seamlessly swap between your battery banks without interruption.

This product also contains copper studs concealed in tin plating, which enhances conductivity and resilience against corrosion. Each stud is constrained into the copper armored bus for additional support. If you are unaware of how to install a battery disconnect switch, this one has break-out sides with a single-piece design to ease the job.


  • Tactile indicator for determining knob position
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Firmer stud design for precise fitting


  • It does not come with basic supporting hardware

#6. LotFancy Store Battery Switch 

rv battery disconnect switch


  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Copper
  • Switch Type: Kill Switch 
  • Current Rating: 1250 Amps

This battery disconnect switch by LotFancy Store is crafted with plastic housing for unrivaled durability in continual application. The package comprises nuts and studs made of tinned copper, which helps them to withstand regular wear and tear. In addition, this product arrives with four mounting screws as well as caps made with stainless steel. You can utilize them to tighten the device while installing battery disconnect switch.

There is a rear cover which can be confiscated easily for insulating the rear terminals against any inevitable short circuits. Four detachable side plates are also given, which offer seamless accessibility for the battery cables.

This battery disconnect switch RV is compatible for use with DC 12- 48 V systems for isolating and securing the electrical avenues. It can be used as a standalone or sealed together with another switch. Such features provide a less-complex and sustainable way to keep the batteries separated. It also lets you install battery disconnect switch without requiring any mechanical assistance when you are stranded in deserted areas.


  • Corrosion and rust-proof design
  • Prevents battery draining
  • Shuts down the power during electrical maintenance


  • Continuity to circuits is a significant issue

Buying Guide (What to look for in your ideal Battery Disconnect Switch for RV)

From how to install a battery disconnect switch to its application, getting one for your RV can be pretty tedious. There are numerous variants available for a battery disconnect switch; hence you must consider the following aspect while purchasing the same for your RV.

Manual vs Automatic

An automatic battery disconnect switch will save you time and hassle in the long run because it automatically shuts off power when the vehicle is disconnected from the power source. A manual battery disconnect switch RV makes it possible to turn off the power with just one switch manually, but this comes at the cost of more time and effort than an automatic switch does. Manual switches are cheaper but require human intervention, which may not be convenient for some people.

Battery Size

Most battery disconnect switch models can accommodate two or more batteries. If you have a larger RV, then you might need one with multiple outlets for your batteries. Make sure that the battery disconnect switch RV is compatible with your battery size, has a suitable power rating, and can be easily installed. If your battery is too large for the switch, it will not work correctly and could be dangerous for your battery. 

Voltage and Amperage Rating

When buying an RV battery disconnect switch, you have to ensure that it has the right voltage and amperage rating for your RV. You should also check if it can handle being in a hot environment and if it has an automatic shut-off feature. For example, if a battery switch for RV is designed for 12V batteries, it will only work with those batteries. A higher voltage and amperage rating will allow you to use a giant switch in your RV.

Material and Durability

A battery disconnect switch comes in various types of materials, with the most common being copper and aluminum. Copper is more durable, but aluminum is lighter and cheaper, having a lower resistance than copper, which means that it will last longer before needing replacement. Copper tends to be more expensive than aluminum, but it can last for many years before needing replacement which makes it a better option for those who do not plan on selling their RV soon after purchasing it.

Wrapping Up

Cruising in an RV is delightful and relaxing. Still, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where even the best RV generator cannot keep up with the power demands of your lifestyle. An RV battery disconnect switch is made specifically for keeping your RV battery disconnected when you run out of power or want to be able to use your camper like a regular house. Not to mention, installing battery disconnect switch is relatively easier. It makes it possible for you to disconnect power without worrying about the whole rig overheating, catching on fire, or anything else that could happen if you need a tow! Why handle any issues when you can get a battery switch for RV?

The abovementioned battery disconnect switch models will help prevent battery drain from occurring. Therefore, it is vital to install battery disconnect switch in your RV to prevent any damage from being done to the battery.

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