Every new Hymer purchased includes two years of roadside RV assistance for free!

    Hymer Roadside RV Assistance delivers unlimited benefits for your RV. Our services provide coverage throughout North America, including Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii.

    Contact Roadside Assistance

    Speak with a member of Hymer’s roadside assistance technical support or concierge service.*




    *Please have your Hymer Membership Number ready. This can be found on your programs identification card.

    This is not a service line for dealers. 




    Unlimited locator dealer assistance –  In unfamiliar territory, where do you go for service should the need arise? We’ll assist in finding the closest, qualified service facility.


    Technical support & roadside assistance –  Features 24/7 technical assistance from our staff of certified technicians who speak directly with you to troubleshoot operational issues. Should you need emergency roadside assistance, our vast network of service providers offers a wide range of services to handle your unique RV.


    Unlimited jump-starts –  A jump-start for your vehicle’s dead battery.


    Unlimited locksmith/lockout service – Delivery of locksmith services to unlock your vehicle and obtain a replacement key. You will be responsible for all parts and labour.


    Unlimited tire assistance – Changing of your vehicle’s flat tire using the inflated spare tire. If a spare is not available, we may deliver a comparable tire to the disablement site (based on availability), or tow to the nearest qualified repair facility. You will be responsible for all parts, labour & disposal fees.


    Unlimited delivery of fuel and emergency fluids – Fuel, oil, water, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid delivered to your stalled vehicle, as necessary to remedy the disablement. You will be responsible for the cost of the fluids.

    Unlimited towing – Towing your stalled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility.

    Unlimited mobile mechanic – Dispatching of a mechanic to the site of your vehicle. You will be responsible for all costs.


    Personal assistance/concierge services – You will have access to a full range of services to make life easier:

    • Car rental and car return
    • Turn-by-turn driving directions
    • Road closures, traffic and weather reports
    • Pharmacy, hospital, emergency care locator service
    • RV Campground referrals
    • RV storage facility locators
    • Wireless device assistance
    • Golf course tee time reservations
    • ATM & Business locators
    • Ticket coordination (theater/music/sport)

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