Best Pop Up Toy Hauler On The Market Right Now!

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If you are reading this, we are sure you must be thinking of buying a pop-up toy hauler! And to be honest, we understand why you would opt for one. These campers provide the best value for money in most cases. Especially to those who like to go camping now and then with their families and need that extra sleeping space. These campers have a low initial cost in addition to the fact that maintenance cost is also comparatively lower than other RVs. 

The cool thing about popup toy haulers is that these are hybrid toy haulers and tents- providing you the best of both worlds! The breathtaking view and airflow are enough to make you stick to these pop ups! 

In addition to this, they have very little wind resistance making it easy breezy to tow around! We have compiled a list of the top 5 best pop-up toy haulers that you can find in the market today. This will help you in narrowing down your options.

Let’s get started.

pop up camper toy haulers

Best Pop Up Toy Hauler Reviews:

toy hauler popup camper

Main Specifications: 

  • Sleeps up to 6-8 people.
  • GVWR of 3,377 lbs.
  • Variety of floor plans.
  • Full-length awning with LED. 
  • Multiple power sockets. 
  • Dexter 3500lb axle. 
  • Wifi amplifier. 

The Forest River is a leading RV company with a lot to offer when living on the road. The Flagstaff SE is one of a kind pop up toy hauler that provides you with comfort covering all your basic camping necessities. The all-new Flagstaff 2021 SE measures up to 23 ft. 11 inches when open and has a dry weight of 2500 lbs. It is very lightweight, and towing is hassle-free.

Talking about the exterior, we have a bagged LED awning on the door side of the trailer. This covers the entire span of the trailer. This makes it super easy for you to set into the outdoor element, pull your chairs, tables, and even that grill out, and make the best of it. Next to the door, you also have an electric connection to which you can connect your grill. It also has a pop-out kitchen table which you can use while enjoying outdoor cooking. It also has nice aluminum wheels. You can either have these simple ones or also opt for lug tires. Although the lug tires don’t have many practical usages, they do add to the aesthetics of your pop-up toy hauler.

Some models also come with a cassette shower combo. With separate fresh water and black water drainage systems. To keep your pop up trailer toy hauler secure, the Forest River Flagstaff comes with jacks in every corner, helping to stabilize your unit. 

The interior can be customized as per your needs; The Flagstaff does come with multiple floor plans. What makes this unique is that it enables you to do extreme off-roading. You can explore the unexplored territories reaching where most won’t be able to. In addition, it has solar panels and storage racks on the top. These racks can secure bikes and even kayaks. All this plus the added perk of sleeping places for up to 8 people! This is one of a kind pop up toy hauler that will guarantee you a fantastic experience. 


  • Cassette toilet and shower. 
  • Sleeping capacity of 6-8 people.
  • Full-length LED awning.
  • Bike Rack on the roof.
  • Pop-out outdoor kitchen table.


  • Electric brakes. 
  • No air conditioning. 

pop up campers toy haulers

Main Specifications: 

  • 10 – 18 feet long. 
  • GVWR 3000 lbs (can vary depending on your customizations). 
  • 14” Aluminium tires. 
  • Convertible sleeping space. 
  • 4 stabilizer jacks. 
  • LED running lights. 
  • Multiple electric outlets. 

The A-liner Somerset Scout Lite is an amazing lightweight and market-competitive pop up camper toy hauler. What’s wonderful about this is that it has a variety of customizable options available. So, it is entirely up to you if you want to go glam and chic or choose the traditional camping experience. 

Its exterior is made up of vacuum bonded fiberglass. You can get this in either white or grey. All A- liners have 3 standard sizing options that you can choose from: small, medium, and large. Ranging from 10 – 18 feet in length. It rocks some impressive aluminum wheels that are 15 inches. 

The- liner has a unique slanting shape, and you can add dormers to the left and right completely depending on your budget and liking. You have two types of dormers available, a soft one and a hard one. Both of these options keep the area in your pop-up hauler spacious. The difference comes in the overall feel and experience. With the soft dormer, you get a full wall-sized window at the back, making your hauler super breezy and gives you a very raw and natural camping experience.

On the other hand, the hard dormer saves you from wild animals and gives your camper a chigger look with sliding glass windows for ventilation purposes. It also provides you with better insulation options. So, both of these are good options depending upon the kind of experience you are going for. 

The first thing you will notice once you come inside is how spacious these haulers can be. You have a bed bigger than your queen size and a bunker on the other end. You have a spacious sitting area in the middle that can be converted into a dinette and sleeping areas. You also have your sink and storage area. 

With LED lights on the outside and a fancy pop-out outdoor kitchen option, The A- liner Somerset Scout Lite is a competitive toy hauler in 2021. 


  • Has different expedition models.
  • Can sleep up to 4-6 people.
  • Optional pull-out outdoor kitchen. 
  • Cassette washroom.
  • Electric lift to expand the roof.
  • Convertible sofas.  


pop up trailer toy hauler

Main Specifications: 

  • GVWR: 2,194 lb.
  • E-coated tubular steel frame.
  • 13”-15” tire sizes.
  • Electric Brakes.
  • A laminated fiberglass roof.
  • LED interior lights.

The Viking Express by Coachmen is a cozy pop up toy hauler that should be on your list to consider. This is one of your smaller but practical options.  

Talking about its interior, it is a spacious two adults can share and be cozy. This is an upgrade from its last model, and it is wider and taller. In addition, the tires now have a big off-road style rim which makes them very stable on the road. 

It has lots of LED lights inside, and a bar shock system supports the roofs. These also make it easy to pull the pop-up hauler up and down. The Coachmen Viking has ample hidden storage on the inside. There’s a story table, slide-out second bed, and a full-sized door that fits into place. 

The Viking has a full-size bed with storage above it. Windows on both sides to keep the place ventilated and prevent you from feeling suffocated. It also has a Kitchen sink with a water heater and a 16-gallon tank to add to all this. The Viking also has a 3-way refrigerator that can run on 110 power, 12 volts, or gas. You can also opt for a furnace and porta potty that is kept under the bed.

If this has you impressed, you should also know that the Viking provides you with modern amenities. For example, it has a Bluetooth radio with outside speakers and a small storage compartment. This also has an AC.  

On the outside, you have a rack to set up a gas grill. This is stored in the underbelly of the Viking Express and connects to propane connectors on the outside. This is a great alternative to cooking in the fire when you need a more accessible option. In addition, the underbelly has ample storage where you can keep your table and camp chairs. All in all, The Viking is Small, cozy, and easy to set up. 


  • Pet-friendly features. 
  • On the rooftop, you have the rack to store stuff. 
  • Outdoor Shower.
  • Amazing gas mileage and ground clearance. 
  • You also have the option for a detachable screen tent. 


  • It has no black tank. 
  • It has no grey tank. 
  • The kitchen sink drains directly outside; you need to keep a bucket to store that water.
  • 2022 Jay Flight Octane:

pop up camper toy hauler

Main Specifications: 

  • Fully integrated A-frame. 
  • Safety glass tinted privacy windows. 
  • Heated, enclosed underbelly.
  • Electric tongue jack. 
  • Autoignition furnace. 
  • Queen beds and convertible sofas. 
  • Bathroom vents.

Octane pop up campers toy haulers with its 222-floor plan is a very popular choice because of its ideal size and weight options. This makes a good fit for almost all of you out there. On the outside, you will find the aluminum skin that adds strength to the sidewall. It also comes with a fiberglass skin option. In addition, you will find good year endurance tires that come with a 6-year warranty. Jayco focuses majorly on these foundation elements that make your purchase worth it. 

You also have power outlets, awnings with LED lights, and you will find that The Octane has incorporated speakers into the awning so that the sound is also out where the people are. To save you from all that extra effort, The Jayco Octane comes with a power hitch. In addition, you have solar power hitches to accommodate solar panels and portable generators. Next, you will find the rounded signature smooth front wall with its logo on it. The Octane also showcases Jayco’s famous magnum truss roof system. These walk-on rooftops come with a 2-year warranty. Finally, with all the basic amenities like power outlets, shower, drainage systems, and a heated underbelly, the Octane also sports a ramp door that can be converted into a patio too!

Moving on to the inside of the unit, you will find a 20 ft spacious box. The weight is just over 5600 lb. depending on your options. The Octane sports 2 queen beds and a master switch command system area. These switches are not exposed but neatly covered. The queen beds are operated electrically. You need to push a button, and voila! Your queen beds are all set up. 


  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Ramp door with a convertible ramp patio. 
  • Magnum truss roof system.


toy hauler popup camper

Main Specifications: 

  • A dry weight of 1,245 lbs.
  • GVWR od 2,995 lbs.
  • Sleeping space for 4-6 people. 

The Jumping Jack Tent Trailer is a fundamental hook-up free option if you are not looking for anything extravagant. This is very compact and can sleep up to 6 people. 

Not only this, it has plenty of space to carry your toys! Once the hauler has been closed down, you can store up to 2 ATVs and even your kayaks. Class A motors can easily pull this. 

You might end up needing a lot of extra facilities to enhance your experience, but when it comes to carrying your toys? Again, jumping, Jack knows what it’s doing the best. 


  • Sleeping space for 4-6 adults.
  • Convertible beds.
  • Lots of space to carry your toys. 


  • You need to carry almost everything separately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Much Does A Toy Hauler Pop Up Weigh?

Depending upon your floor plans and choice of amenities, your toy hauler pop up camper can weigh anywhere between 2300 lbs – 7600 lbs.  

  • How Much Cargo Can A Pop Up Toy Hauler Carry?

Although the actual number can depend upon the kind of your vehicle and toy hauler, pop up camper toy haulers can carry around 2500 lbs on average. 

  • What Can I Carry Inside The Pop-Up Camper With The Toy Hauler?

You can carry your everyday must-haves such as bed linens, clothes, grooming necessities, etc. 

  • Which Is Better: A Front Toy Hauler Or A Top Version?

A front toy hauler is usually better; the top ones can be a bit risky at times. 

  • Can You Build Or Convert A Pop-Up Camper Into A Toy Hauler?

Yes, you can. 


If you are someone looking for a seamless camping experience, one where you can take your beloved toys with you too. Pop up campers toy haulers are exactly what you need. These hybrids enable you to experience one of a kind camping lifestyle with comfort and all your necessities at hand. Although we have shortlisted the 5 best campers available in the market today, this guide will help you narrow down your choices!

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