Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms & Showers You Need To Get Your Hands On!

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For some people, the great outdoors is a wonderful place full of beautiful nature and serves as a wonderful site for spending some quality time with family. Even though the nature outside is beautiful, it’s not so beautiful when nature is calling and you have to find a tree or a bush. Some people can’t handle going a day without a shower, especially when they’re living outside in the elements.

Some people need the luxury of having a bathroom ready to go and a shower ready to use, and other people just want to be able to say their camper has all of these fancy features. Either way here’s your personal guide to some of the best pop up campers with bathrooms and showers that you NEED to get ahold of. These pop-up campers are the best of the best.
Before even thinking about buying a pop-up camper, you should start to consider a few other things such as why having a pop-up camper with a bathroom is beneficial. You also have to consider what style and size options are on the market for you.

pop up campers with bathrooms

Advantages of Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms:

If you’re considering buying a pop-up camper, you may be considering bathroom facilities along with it. There are a couple of reasons why you should opt for the bathroom upgrade when you’re looking for your brand-new pop-up camper.

  • Privacy:

The privacy of having a pop-up camper with toilets and showers is one of the underappreciated luxuries of camping. If you have this, you’ll never have to worry about a stranger walking in on you in the bathroom or having to use the woods.

This is one of the larger reasons that people opt for the bathroom upgrade. It reduces the spread of germs in public restrooms, and it lets you keep your business private. It can also be hard when you’re trying to find a public shower to find one with private stalls. Having this right in the luxury of your camper gives you the option to stay squeaky clean after long days outside.

  • Nature Experience Without the Nature:

One of the things that scare people away from camping is the idea that you have to sleep on the floor in a tent. Other campers want that same experience, with the comfort and luxury of having a mattress and a bathroom.

Having a pop-up camper with a bathroom meets all of these expectations, as it allows for you to have the luxuries of your own home while sleeping in a tent-like room surrounded by canvas and netting. You’re still getting all of the experiences of camping, without having to sleep on the hard floor in a sleeping bag with no private restroom.

  • Staying Clean:

When sleeping in the woods and doing a lot of outdoor activity, you’re going to have to keep clean. Having a shower that is readily available for you is important if you are going to be spending a lot of time outside. This is also important if you’re going to be doing activities such as mountain biking, hiking, or off-roading where you’re going to be covered in mud and dirt. It’s also helpful to have a shower in the woods because of the threat of ticks and other outdoor bugs that can leave you itching all over.

Types of Pop-Up Campers:

When considering a pop-up trailer with a bathroom, you may be also wondering what types of pop-up campers there are on the market. Here’s a mini-guide on what your options are when shopping for a pop-up camper.

The 4 main types of pop-up campers are tent-trailers, high wall campers, a-frame campers, and teardrop campers. Tent trailers have pop-out sections for sleeping, high wall trailers are similar but have reinforced walls and have a hard-top as opposed to canvas, A-frames do not have as much living space within, and teardrop campers are the smallest campers on the market.

When buying a pop-up camper, you have to consider the different aspects of the pop-up camper options. If none of these options are good for you, there’s another option! Pop up campers with bathrooms and showers are a different breed of their own because they require a little bit more space, which will also allow you more space in your living area.

What Kinds of Bathrooms Are in Pop-Up Campers?

  • Wet Bathrooms: Wet bathrooms are the most common kind of bathroom in a pop-up camper. These toilets are built into the shower tray, and these types of bathrooms are common in smaller-sized campers because they are space savers. They are typically used as counter space when not being utilized for the facilities. You can’t keep toiletries along the sides because they will get soaking wet and could get potentially ruined. These bathrooms should be curtained as opposed to enclosed because being completely enclosed will not provide much room.
  • Dry Bathrooms: Dry bathrooms are common in pop-up campers with more space. As opposed to the wet bathrooms, the dry campers allow for the sink, shower, and toilet facilities to be separated. This is more of a closed-off space and gives you privacy when using the facilities. Dry bathrooms can be enclosed completely and treated as a completely separate facility.

When looking at different campers, you’re going to have to consider what type of bathroom you want when looking at the size. If you are looking for a dry bathroom, you are going to have to go with a camper of a larger size. Wet bathrooms are usually going to allow you to have a camper with a smaller space because they are much more compact.

pop up camper with shower

Best Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms and Showers:

  • Forest River Rockwood HW296:

pop up campers with toilets and showers

The Forest River Rockwood HW296 is a higher-end model of camper, falling into the high wall category. This camper comes with all the works, fully equipped with kitchen facilities as well as solid wall fully enclosed bathroom facilities. While it has all the facilities of a complete travel trailer, it still fits effectively within the confined spaces of a pop-up camper. It weighs in at 3700 pounds and is extremely compact.


Length (closed) (in/closed) (ft/closed) (mm/closed) (m): 255 / 21.2 / 6477 / 6.5

Width (in/mm): 84 / 2133.6

Interior Height (in/mm): 89 / 2260.6

Length (ft/ft): 27

Length (ft/in): 9

Height (closed) (in/closed) (ft/closed) (mm/closed) (m): 81 / 6.7 / 2057.4 / 2.1

Dry Weight (lbs/kg): 3721 / 1687.8

Payload Capacity (lbs/kgs): 1278 / 579.7

Hitch Weight (lbs/kgs): 371 / 168.3

  • Coachmen Clipper Sport 1285 SST:

pop up campers with shower

The Coachmen Clipper Sport 1285 SST is a top-of-the-line family camper. It sleeps 7 people and comes equipped with king and queen beds. It has a lot of storage compartments on the exterior, has a stove, and has a furnace. It weighs in at 2,840 pounds and is extremely compact for the number of amenities that are offered.


Length: 23.42 ft. (281 in.)

Length (closed): 19.92 ft. (239 in.)

Height (closed): 4.58 ft. (55 in.)

Dry Weight: 2,840 lbs.

Payload Capacity: 456 lbs.

GVWR: 3,296 lbs.

Hitch Weight: 296 lbs.

  • Forest River Rockwood 2280 BHESP:

pop up campers

The Forest River Rockwood 2280 BHESP is a high-end pop-up camper in the lightweight category. There is a king- and queen-sized bed inside the camper, and it features a bathroom that is perfect for a family to use. This camper is perfect for a family as it sleeps, 6 people! It also features space for seating and storage. It weighs in at 2500 pounds.


Hitch Weight: 338 lb.

UVW: 2,559 lb.

CCC: 1,279 lb.

Box Size: 12.00′

Exterior Open Length: 23′ 11″

Exterior Closed Height: 6′ 2″

Exterior Closed Length: 19′ 4″

Exterior Width: 84”

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do pop-up campers have air conditioning?

Some pop-up campers that are extremely high-end have air conditioning. Some do not come with air conditioning; however, they will come insulated and waterproof. This ensures that you can enjoy camping at any time of the year that you want.

  • Can you use a pop-up camper in the winter?

Yes, you can use a pop-up camper in the winter. However, if your camper does not have a heating system, you are going to have to be cautious and make sure that you have the proper blankets and possibly an indoor portable heater. If you are looking for something to go camping in the winter, RVs typically offer heating systems and air conditioning systems.

  • Why is owning a pop-up camper worth it?

A pop-up camper is worth it for a multitude of reasons. Pop-up campers are easy to set up, and they are lightweight allowing you to haul them with any type of car from an SUV to a pickup truck. It also gives you more options for campgrounds because some campgrounds have restrictions that not all RVs fit into. You aren’t going to break the bank, giving you more opportunities to save money and travel.

  • Where can I store my pop-up camper?

Pop-up campers are small and easily storable. A free option is storing it in your driveway, however, there may be a couple of reasons why you can’t do this, whether it be the HOA or the weather elements in the area where you live. Another option for storing your pop-up camper is storing it in a two-car garage if you have one. This is another option that is free if you have it available to you. If neither of these options applies to you, you can still have a pop-up camper. You just have to rent a personal self-storage facility in order to store your pop-up camper.

  • Can I rent a pop-up camper?

If you are not a frequent camper, you can consider renting a pop-up camper. This also provides you with the opportunity to weigh your options when you are looking at buying a camper. Renting for the first few times that you take one out is going to help you look at all the different options that you have open to you.

Final Verdict:

Renting or buying a pop-up camper isn’t for everyone, but it’s going to make camping a lot more fun for everyone. Buying a pop-up camper with all of the amenities is going to make it a lot more comfortable and luxurious for yourself and anyone else that you want to take along with you.

If you are an avid camper and you’re ready to invest in it, you have to carefully weigh your options and pick the pop-up camper that is right for you. There are so many things to consider, and there is a camper to fit into every budget.

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