10 Best Pop Up Camper Storage Ideas in 2022 [Updated]

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The pop-up camper is one of the most useful tools when it comes to camping. It is generally a smaller unit that is much easier to tow and it should be more functional when it comes to using it. However, they tend to lack sufficient storage space when in use. Understanding some of the pop-up camper storage ideas could make life easier for you.

Pop-up camper storage is often one of the main issues for campers. However, we have created this article to introduce you to some functional and unique methods that could help with your pop-up camper. If you have been wondering how to increase space in a pop-up camper, you have come to the right place.

10 Best Pop Up Camper Storage Ideas:

There are plenty of pop-up camper organization ideas and these could ensure that you have ample space when traveling. Not all of them might apply to every camper, but with a few adjustments and modifications, they should work. Here are some of the best pop-up camper storage hacks that will make your life easier.

  • Plastic Totes:

One of the first options that many campers choose is plastic totes. These containers are a cheap option that will readily fit inside most campers and they can be found in a variety of sizes. Many of the larger totes are used for storing clothing and other gear. The smaller totes can be used for utilities and other smaller items.

You can easily find the right one that should fit inside your camper and make life a little bit easier for you to use.

  • Tension Rods:

Many people already use tension rods in their homes. The bathroom is one of the main areas where people will often implement the use of these items for holding items. They can also be added to your pop-up camper. The vertical rods and horizontal rods should offer ample storage space for your personal needs.

However, the vertical rods seem to be the most effective when it comes to holding most of your gear and they are often easy to use and set up. They can be cheap and should only take minutes to set it up.

  • Foldable Storage Containers:

When you have the camper set up and ready to use, you can easily open some of your foldable storage containers. These are made from a flexible material and while they offer some rigidity, they will collapse once you are done using them. Using some of these containers is easy and they are functional to be used around the house as well.

The SimpleHouseware Foldable Cube Storage Bin is one of the most useful options on the market today. These containers can be folded and they are available in a variety of different sizes.

  • Collapsible Items:

While this might not be something for you to use as storage, you can consider adding a couple of collapsible items to your arsenal. Things like water bowls for your pets and other items you will use regularly might have a collapsible alternative to choose from. These items should be ideal when it comes to storage and making sure you have additional space.

  • Hammock And Hammock Alternatives:

While the hammock is often considered an item used for sleeping, it could have plenty of additional features that make them useful for other things. You can use a hammock to store some of your laundry and other gear. Since these are collapsible, they will shrink and only take up as much space as the items you place inside.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock is a leading option on the market today and it features state-of-the-art material with excellent durability.

  • Reusable Hooks:

Much like you have in your shower to hold your shampoo, there are plenty of these small hooks that are functional and should be able to hold a decent amount of weight. These hooks can often be stuck to the walls of the camper. Once you are done using them, you can easily take them down and set them up somewhere else.

The JINSHUNFA Wall Hooks are a variety of functional hooks made from durable materials. They can hold up to 13-pounds, making them durable and useful for some of your gear.

  • Vertical Shelves:

When it comes to selecting shelves, you can easily find some of these shelves that have drawers. These can be wide and they will take up plenty of space. Since floor space is limited in your pop-up camper, you should consider vertical shelves. The vertical shelves can hold the same amount, but they are stacked on top of each other.

Even if you don’t want to buy shelves, it is much better to find a way that enables you to stack items on top of one another. It could be tricky, but you will notice that you save plenty of space and room when doing so.

  • Storage Bags:

You might be thinking of the traditional black bags when you read storage bags. While these items are functional and they should be effective for your storage needs, the wall bags are more efficient. These bags can be mounted to the doors and walls of your home and you often see them in homes containing shoes. However, they are multifunctional and should be able to hold all your items.

The MISSLO Heavy Duty Organizer is one of the more functional options on the market today and it fits many narrow areas. It is also not that expensive and easy to set up.

  • Organizing Tools:

Since the pop-up camper can become cluttered very easily, you must rely on some of the organizing tools to assist you in making things happen. These tools are often small and they will enable you to place certain items in certain areas. By doing this, you will have everything organized and it should be much easier to save some space.

  • Integrating Outdoor Tools:

Outdoor tools are often the fastest way for you to save some space. Since most of these things can be left outdoors, they don’t need to be on the inside of the camper. You don’t need hundreds of outdoor bags, but having something to make fire could save you space on cooking implements. You can also set up the bags to keep them outside with some of your less important items.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Having seen some of the fundamentals that you can use for pop-up camper storage, you will be surprised to know that there are still a few questions. We will answer some of these additional questions and they should help you better understand how to increase space in a pop-up camper:

  • Do I Need to Modify the Camper for Storage Space?

Unless you are an expert in fixing and maintaining these campers, you should refrain from making too many changes. You can modify the pop-up camper to ensure you have adequate storage space, but these should not be permanent.

  • Is A Pop Up Camper Worth It for A Family?

The pop-up camper is one of the most useful items that you can use. If you have a small family, it should be sufficient. However, some of the larger families might have issues getting everyone inside the unit.

  • Does A Pop-Up Camper Need Additional Storage Space?

Most pop-up campers have some space. However, you will need to look at how much space you need. Depending on the amount of space you need, it should give you an indication of what you need to do.

Wrap Up:

The pop-up camper is one of the most useful items to be used for camping and many people rely on it for its design and use. These are some of the easiest items to use and add to your arsenal. We would recommend using the pop-up camper. You can use these pop-up camper storage ideas to ensure you have adequate storage.

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