5 Best Mid Size RVs On The Market – Reviewed

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The market for Mid size RVs is huge. Ranging from 20 feet to 38 feet, you get various features, amenities and designs. 

There are hundreds of options in the market. So, which medium size RV should you pick?  

There are a lot of things to consider in this aspect. But knowing your basics is a good starting point. So let’s begin!

What Is A Medium Size RV?

The medium size campers have a length ranging between 20 feet to 35 feet. Some mid size RVs can be slightly longer and up to 38 feet. The main distinguishing factor of the mid size campers is the length and the price. 

If you are looking for a mise on the features – a medium size camper is for you. 

These are bigger than Class B motorhomes and have truck suspensions. The Class A RVs are bigger than mid size campers, and you will get more luxurious features with Class C. Some of the best Small Class A RV in 2022 may suits your needs perfectly. So, you can check them out too.

But, there are some fantastic options in the category of mid size RVs that can be better than a Class A motorhome. 

If you are looking for an option that gives you more space than a Class B motorhome but isn’t too extravagant, then a medium size RV may just be a perfect choice. 

What Is The Best Mid Size Camper in The Market Right Now? 

The answer is very subjective because different people look for different things in an RV. Your priorities may be different from someone else’s. 

However, there are some factors that you should consider before buying a medium size RVs. I will now discuss these factors in detail, so you get a clear idea of what things to look for in the perfect mid size RV. 

Factors To Consider Before You Buy a Medium Size RV

Size of the camper

If you have decided to go for a mid size RV, then a specific length works best for you. You don’t unnecessarily want it to be too long or too small. With mid size campers, you get a decent size and fantastic features. They might not be as extravagant as the larger options, but you get the best deal.

Technical Features

If you are looking for a mid size RV that can survive harsh weather conditions and rough terrains, the technical aspect of the RV is an essential factor. You need a powerful engine that can pull the vehicle in harsh conditions. Another critical factor is the built quality and material used in the medium size RV. You should look for a material that can stand well against harsh weather conditions. 

There are more technical features, and we will discuss them in detail for each of the mid size campers on this list.

Safety and Controls

You need to consider the safety and control features of your RV. The best mid size RVs offer a wide range of these features that include electric stabilization, pressure monitoring system, lane change monitoring, etc. 

These features are of great use if you are planning long trips or rough terrains. You should try getting good RV insurance or pop Camper Insurance for additional safety.

Space And Storage

Space is an essential factor if you are purchasing a mid size RV,

You need a good amount of space to accommodate everyone and a storage capacity to suffice your long journeys. However, different people would have different storage needs. This is why you should carefully look into the specs to check whether the RV suits your storage and accommodation needs or not.

Amenities and Features

Apart from the build and space, your mid size RV needs to be suitable for other purposes. From floor layout to an entertainment centre, there are a lot of options you can consider. Most of the mid size RVs offer you to choose from different floorplans and even let you add customizations to their model. You can decide this in your best interest and how you want to use the RV. 

Best Mid Size RVs on the Market in 2022

#1. Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T

mid size rvs

Winnebago is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing best in class RVs. If you are looking for some reliable mid size RVs, then the Winnebago Minnie Winnie is a fantastic choice for you. The durability and reliability of the brand is unmatched.

The Minnie Winnie is our first recommendation for a medium size RV because of two things- safety and comfort. This model offers some great features for security and control. The key features for safety include the Driver Monitroting System along with a post collision braking. 

It also comes with a pressure monitoring system that you can use if you travel on rough and high terrains. The Lane Departure Monitoring and the multi-functioning touchscreen monitor are just the cherry on the top. So, if you looking to go on all different kinds of terrains and seasons, this mid size camper is the one you should choose. 

The interiors may not be as luxury as you might find on other mid size RVs listed here. But for the price, this RV offers you everything you will ever need. The interiors look clean with leatherette furnishings, a spacious u-shaped dinette, a 24-inch HDTV and a queen-sized bed. 

The Minnie Winnie can accommodate up to 6 people and the floor layout offers a lot of space for any extra guests you may invite. The kitchen is packed with all the appliances and amenities you can ask for including a waterheater, microwave, oven and double-door Refridgerator. Along with this, you get an powerful 15K BTU AC and a 30K BTU Furnace. So, you don’t have to think twice about the weather and season before planning your next trip. 

Another highlighting feature is the control features on this model. This amazing mid size camper comes with a fantastic emergency braking system, electronic stability feature and distance alert along with high-beam headlights that makes it the perfect package for all your adventures. 

Quick Specs

Exterior Length 28’5”
Exterior Height 11’
Exterior Width 8’5.5”
Awning Length 17’
Freshwater Tank Capacity 44 Gallons
Water Heater Capacity  6 Gallons
Holding Tank Capacity  35 Gallons
Gray Water Capacity 41 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 35 Gallons
LP Capacity 76.14 lbs
Fuel Capacity  55 Gallons
GVWR 14,500 lbs
Accommodates 190”
Price $ 155,322

#2. Thor Chateau C Motorhome

mid size rvs

The Thor Chateau C Motorhome offers flexible features that match your need perfectly. The Thor Chateau can be the best choice for a medium size RV for you because it has 22 different floorplan options. The beautiful interiors and the fantastic durability of this mid size RV make it the best in the market.

This model has the Ford E-series Frame, which means durability and strength. The Electric Stabilizing Jack System and the balancing frame work well to provide you with the perfect RV for any terrain, road and weather. The safety and control features of this medium size RV are other key highlights.

The storage capacity is another one of the best features of the Chateau. The Mega Storage Compartment offers enough space for all your travel equipment, along with Rotocast Storage Compartment Lights with an all-in-one interior switch. With such luxe designs and a massive storage system, you can travel for long distances without worrying about storage. 

When we talk about the material of this fantastic mid size RV, this model is built with a single piece Fiberglass Front cap that offers maximum strength without adding any weight. The roof, walls and floors are Vacu-Bond laminated with block foam insulation that stands any weather condition. The flooring comes with vinyl coating, and the cabinetry has a high-sheen nickel finish. 

The Thor Chateau 22B offers luxury, comfort and convenience- all under one roof. So, if you are looking for a medium size RV that can offer you reliability and luxury in a single deal, this can be a good option. The wide range of floorplan options you can choose with this mid size RV is another great plus. 

Quick Specs:

Exterior Length 24’ (without ladder)
Exterior Height 11’ (with A/C)
Exterior Width 8’-3” (without mirrors)
Awning Length 15’
Freshwater Tank Capacity 40 Gal
Water Heater Capacity  6 Gallon
Waste Water Capacity  29 Gallons
Gray Water Capacity 25 Gallons
Wheel Base 13’-2”
Fuel Capacity  40 Gallons
GVWR 12,500 lbs
Price $129,900

#3. Thor Omni BT36

mid size camper

The Thor Omni BT36 offers you great comfort and great space. With a length of 37 feet and 9 inches, this might be our list’s largest mid size camper on our list. All that extra size comes with all the fantastic features but at a stiff price. 

This medium size RV comes with a tankless water heater system and a huge Fresh Water Capacity of 75 Gallons. The fuel capacity on this RV is 40 Gallons which can sustain your long trips. 

In terms of interiors, you get a luxurious space. The private bedroom is equipped with a king-size bed which works well for large families and couples. Along with this, there is a half bathroom with 32 inches of shower space and a toilet and sink. You also get a cab over a bunk that you can use as extra accommodation space. It can easily accommodate up to 6 people.

You get a great entertainment centre with voice recognition in the living area. Besides this, this medium size camper comes with the complete Rapid Camp Multiplex Wiring Control system. You even get a Winegard Connect Wifi extender that can provide 4G capabilities. 

On the roof, a 100-Watt Solar Charging System is an added benefit if you choose this model. Regarding safety, the Omni features fantastic emergency braking and pre-collision feature. These features make the RV an excellent choice for challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions. 

Quick Specs:

Exterior Length 37’9” (without ladder)
Exterior Height 12’7” (with A/C)
Exterior Width 8’3” (without mirrors)
Awning Length 15’
Freshwater Tank Capacity 75 Gallons
Water Heater Capacity  Tankless
Gray Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Wheel Base 22’3”
Fuel Capacity  40 Gallons
Furnace  30,000 BTU
GVWR 22,000 lbs
Price $299,250

#4. Gulf Stream Conquest

mid size rv

The Conquest is one of the best mid size RVs in the market right now that offers the best of features at a good and reasonable price. The mid size camper can accommodate up to 6 people without crowding the space. The Conquest RV is 24 feet long with a fuel capacity of 55 Gallons. The capacity is more than sufficient for long adventures and trails. 

The Gulf Stream offers you 12 different floor plan options with this model. All these layouts feature highly innovative and spacious designs. You can customize these designs with the wide range of Add-ons available for this model. These add-ons and floorplan options give you all the powers to customize this medium size camper into the perfect one. 

The interiors are beautiful and spacious. In interior design, the Conquest comes with the beautiful Roanoke Light Cherry Cabinetry System. This system has lovely textures, and the design looks lavish. 

In the storage system, you get ample space to carry around all the camping equipment and more. Cellar storage, welded aluminium frames, and a slideout room with a clincher combine to make this medium size RV a complete package. 

You also get a 6-cubic-feet, twofold Refrigerator that can suffice for all your food stock for a long journey. Another beautiful feature is the new and improved LED Lighting system. The camper comes with a span ducted EPDM Elastic rooftop that also features a roof light divider. These additional features make this mid size RV the complete deal. 

This model’s material and built quality are one the best you can get in mid size RVs. It can easily withstand harsh weather conditions and rough terrains. With 6 Gallons Water heater and a freshwater capacity of 37 Gallons, you can extend your trips a bit longer.  

Quick Specs:

Exterior Length 24’ (without ladder)
Exterior Height 11’3”
Exterior Width 100” (without mirrors)
Freshwater Tank Capacity 37 Gallons
Water Heater Capacity  6 Gallons
Black Water Capacity  31 Gallons
Gray Water Capacity 31 Gallons
LP Tank 42 lbs
Fuel Capacity 55 Gallons
Furnace 25,000 BTU
GVWR 12,500 lbs
Accommodates 6

#5. Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 28Z

Medium Size Camper

This Motor Coach model may be the last on the list of best mid size RVs but do not underestimate its features. It is packed with one of the best features for a medium size RV and offers a lot of amenities and storage with ample living space. The interiors are beautiful, and the floor plan is innovative. The Four Winds has a lot of different floorplan options that you can choose from and customize according to your needs. You can even select from the wide range of add-ons available for this model, making it even more suited to your style. 

The length of this camper is 30 feet which is suitable for a mid-size camper. The 55 Gallons of fuel capacity is fantastic for long journeys. It can accommodate upto seven people, and the spacious interiors don’t crowd the camper. 

The 7.5 Triton V8 Ford Gas Engine on this model is the best among all mid size campers in the market. It gives the camper enough power to drive swiftly across any terrain and in any weather. 

This medium size camper has a great storage capacity of up to 99.9 cubic feet. In the sleeping area, you get a private bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a cab over sleeping space. The shower comes with a curved antimicrobial shower curtain. 

The living area features a 32-inch TV with a swivel stand and an HDMI Distribution box. You also get a USB charging station with a Winegard ConnectT 2.0 Wifi and 4G equipment. These features make the living area a fully functioning entertainment centre to add a highlight to your trips.

The amenities you get with this mid size camper are excellent. You get the Onan 4,000 gas Generator and a three-plate gas stove in the kitchen. The kitchen is also equipped with a convection oven and great storage cabinets.

This model features an electric stabilizing system and heated side-view mirrors as an additional safety feature. If you need a medium size RV that features space and amenities but isn’t too steep to buy, this is the model you should choose. 

Quick Specs:

Exterior Length 30’ (without ladder)
Exterior Height 11’ (with A/C)
Exterior Width 8’-3” (without mirrors)
Awning Length 14’
Freshwater Tank Capacity 40 Gal
Water Heater Capacity  6 Gallon
Waste Water Capacity  26 Gallons
Gray Water Capacity 32 Gallons
Wheel Base 17’2”
Fuel Capacity  55 Gallons
Furnace 30,000 BTU
GVWR 12,500 lbs
Accommodates 7
Price $143,550

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Which RV Is Better – Class B or Class C?

Class B RVs are relatively smaller than Class C. If you are looking for smaller options in an RV that can be carried around anywhere, then you can go for Class B. You can check some of the best Class B RVs for reference. However, with Class C, you get some extra space and features.

Q. What is the best mid size RV?

We have picked the best mid size RVs in the market right now and discussed their specs in detail. You can select the one that suits your needs the best.

Q. What is the most reliable RV to buy?

Some Reliable RV brands include Winnebago, Newmar, Motor Coach, Gulf Stream, etc. You should be careful and check out the worst travel trailer brands to avoid in 2022.

Q. What is the most Reliable Travel Trailer Brand?

Some of the best Travel Trailer brands in 2022 include Winnebago, Airstream, Keystone, Jayco, Etc.  

Q. Which RV is best for a full-time living?

You can choose a Class A motorhome if you want the best Full-time Travel Trailer. Some larger models of Class B RV and Class C RV can also be good options for you. However, look out for some of the 5th Wheel Brands to avoid!

Q. What is the most reliable small motorhome?

The best small motorhomes include models from Gulf Stream, Coachmen, Roadtrek, Winnebago, Thor Chateau, etc. 

Final Verdict!

Buying a medium size RV can be a little tricky. When selecting the perfect home for all your adventures, there is a lot to consider. I handpicked the best mid size RVs that you offer you the best features in the market right now. 

I hope this list and buying guide helped you select the perfect mid size RV and you got a good idea about what to look for in a camper before buying. 

Stay tuned for more content!

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