How To Sell My RV? Steps and FAQs Explained!

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Selling your RV can be a process. People often think that how to sell my RV on my own is difficult, and that’s why people hang on to the same model of RV for a long time. If you’re looking for a way to sell your RV, whether it be because it’s getting old and time to get rid of or you’re looking to try the newest model, here’s how you can sell your RV on your own.

You don’t have to go through a wholesaler to sell your RV; you can sell it for a better price if you follow these simple tips and tricks to do it on your own!

Why Should You Sell Your RV?

Owning an RV is like owning a car. Every few years, the newest models of RVs are coming out with new and improved features, technology and getting bigger and better. If you’ve held onto your RV for a while, you might want to look into getting a new one.

A new RV can be pricey, but if you sell the one that you already have, you can put the money towards your shiny new vehicle. Due to COVID, you might be able to get a better asking price for your RV, as a lot of people have had to cancel vacations and don’t feel comfortable staying in a hotel. RVs are now one of the best options for going away, as you have everything you need right in your vehicle.

How To Sell My RV? (Steps):

Step 1: Doing Your Research:

Like anything, selling an RV requires you to do some research. There’s no website that tells you all of the standard selling prices of an RV, so this is some information that you’re going to have to dig for on your own.

However, something that you can use to do your research is the NADA guide. The NADA guide is something that can help you pinpoint what you should be asking for when listing your vehicle. There are also some websites where you can list the vehicle that you can use as a valuable resource when you’re figuring out what your list price should be. When looking at dealerships, they’re often going to lowball you with a lower price so that when they list it, they can sell it for a higher price.

Step 2: How to Privately List Your RV:

Selling your RV online can be made easy. There is a specific website that you can find when looking to list your RV, and it’s This website is going to help you when listing, but there are other means of doing it. You can use Facebook Marketplace to list your RV, and you may find a local buyer who is looking to take it off your hand. On these websites, you’re able to set your own rates.

On, you can’t post your listing without paying for the listing. This means that doing it on Facebook Marketplace might be more beneficial because listing it will be free, and you will be making a pure profit instead of losing money to list it.

Step 3: Get All of Your Paperwork Ready:

When you finally find a buyer, you have to get all of the legal documents ready to hand over to your buyer. These records should include any financial history, such as payments you’ve made on the RV itself. You should also include your service and maintenance histories so that they know when things have gotten replaced or repaired.

When preparing to hand over the title, you have to make sure that you look into what your state laws are about titling.

Step 4: Get Ready for Your Payment:

When you are getting ready to sell your vehicle, you should clearly outline what your payment expectations are. If you feel comfortable with online payments such as PayPal or Cashapp, utilize one of those sites. If you do not feel comfortable, you can let your potential buyers know that you will only be taking cash or cashier’s checks.

This is to avoid being given a check and having it bounce and to ensure that you are protecting yourself as the owner of the vehicle. You will want payment upfront or prior to, instead of allowing payment to occur after.

What Alternatives Are There to Selling My RV?

You might be asking yourself this because you’re not exactly ready to give up the RV just yet. That’s totally normal! Here are some things you can do instead of selling the RV:

  • Keep the RV in storage: Keeping your RV in storage can be a little bit costly; however, if you’re looking to keep the RV in the long run, this might be worth it.
  • Rent Your RV: You can rent your RV out to people who are taking a vacation. This gives you a reason to keep the RV, and it puts extra money in your pocket!
  • Scrap It: If you’re not looking to keep it, and it’s already on its last legs, you might want to take your RV to a junkyard and scrap it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where Should I Buy a New RV?

Buying an RV is an exciting process. When you are buying an RV, you may be able to find a dealer nearby, or you can find an online dealer that you can go pick up your RV. You also may want to buy a used one, and there are plenty of websites on the internet where you can find a used RV! Depending on what type of features you want in your RV, you might want to opt for a new model.

  • Where Can I Bring My RV?

When looking for a campground to bring your brand-new RV, you’re going to want to make sure that they can accommodate the type of space you’re going to take up. An RV is a lot bigger than a standard camper. You can also bring your RV on a road trip! Before leaving for the road trip, you’re going to want to look at where you plan on stopping to make sure that the sites can be accommodating for recreational vehicles.

  • Why Do RVs Cost So Much?

When buying an RV, the cost is a huge factor. You could be paying up to $300,000 when looking at some of the higher-end models. When you’re ready to buy one, make sure that you have a budget in mind and a list of features that you would like to have in the RV. This can be kind of difficult when working on a tight budget, but if you are flexible, there is an RV for everyone.

When you’re buying an RV, you have to keep in mind that you are buying both a vehicle and a living space. This costs a lot more money to produce. Therefore, the prices are going to be a lot higher than a standard vehicle. For the lower-end models, you can be paying as little as $10,000.

  • Where Should I Store My RV?

Storing an RV can be tricky. If you live somewhere with a nice climate and you have the space, you could be keeping your RV in your driveway. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you’re going to have to opt for a different option, looking for a storage unit. This isn’t difficult, as most storage facilities can find a unit that will accommodate your RV.
This is going to be a monthly or yearly cost, but if you use your RV multiple times per year, it would be worth it to pay for a storage facility. If you don’t live in an area that has good weather, you might struggle with keeping it outside. This is why an indoor storage facility is going to be the right option when opting for storage.

  • Why Should I Buy an RV?

When buying an RV, you’re going to wonder, why should I be buying this? Having access to an RV is a luxury that not many people can afford to have. If you can afford to have your own RV, you should consider yourself more than lucky. Having an RV can make things a lot more convenient for you as well.

If you are going on a vacation, you can drive your own RV to cut down on costs for hotels. You can also use it if you ever need to get away from your house, such as if they are doing construction. RVs are the evergreen traveling method, meaning they’ll never get old because they evolve and grow just like cars.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking to sell your RV, you should look into selling it online. It can be a lot pricier to sell it elsewhere. Otherwise, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it to sell. If you sell your RV on your own, you can find ways to do it online, maybe even for no cost to you at all.

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