How To Make A Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable?

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For a full-time RV (Recreational Vehicle) traveler – you need to consider storage, size, and convenience. Comfort might be the last thing on your mind. Of course, living in an RV cannot compare to living in a house. But you would do whatever you can to make it feel like one.

Even if you are a camper and take trips in your RV, you might still want to consider making the space personal and cozy.

The most important aspect of living in a limited amount of space is giving priority to convenience. But considering a few things and making changes can make a huge difference. Here we would like to mention the use of Jack Knife sofas as beds.

When buying one for your RV, you might be more compassionate about the size and the durability. But we can help you turn it into a ‘more’ comfortable bed.

Avail the most extensive purpose of having a Jack Knife sofa in your RV. Don’t compromise on sleep with an awkward bed.

Read on to know how to make your Jack Knife sofa more comfortable. The inexpensive hacks and some up-gradation can easily make your Jackknife Sofas into perfect beds.

How To Make a Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable for The Rv?

If you are starting with your RVing, you might want to try the best hacks. On the other hand, if you are an accomplished one, you might still want to read on.

There are many types of Jack Knife sofa for RV available in the market. The variety is necessary to accommodate different types of trailers. Your floor plan, your budget, your travel plans, and the number of people using it. All matters.

So, how can you make your Jackknife sofa bed for RV comfortable? We might have just the solutions for you.

Fill The Gap:

The core feature that lets a jack knife sofa turn into a bed is the most annoying one. Once your sofa lays flat, the gap between the seat and the back is the first issue to resolve. Here are 2 options to deal with this obstacle:

  • Using Pool Noodles.
  • Using Foam Insulation.

Cut up some pool noodles to fit in. Or tuck in the foam that is available as insulation. Both are an inexpensive way of handling that little crack. And, they are easily available. An acceptable way of making the base of your bed smooth and removing the unevenness.

jack knife sofa rv

Get A Mattress Topper:

You have filled the gaps, but there should be something to spread on the bed. If your sofa wasn’t precisely rock hard, then a mattress topper can do the trick.

A few points to consider while getting a topper are:


The mattress topper cannot be more than 2″ thick. You will need to keep in mind that storing the topper away shouldn’t be an issue. Either the topper should be a foldable one, or the 2″ thickness will work best.


Make sure you have your measurements when getting a topper. However, something short is not an issue. But anything bigger will be a menace in an RV.


Get a mattress cover to keep things in place and add beauty to this space.

how to remove jack knife couch from rv

Egg Carton Foam Pad:

This is a luxury in disguise. Having an egg carton foam is like a cost-effective version of a contour foam mattress. A contour mattress deals with backaches and provides relief by working on the pressure points. The egg-shaped contours of the foam somewhat provide the same pleasure.

Moreover, the airflow eliminates the heat build-up during summers. The skin can breathe, and you enjoy an excellent sleep in your RV.

It is very lightweight compared to an actual contour mattress. Easy to roll up and store away when not in use.

jack knife sofa for rv

Folded Quilt:

Remember that quilt you had put away for the cold wintry nights? Well, no need to put them away for summers as well. Transform it simply into a topper for your Jack Knife couch. A quilt easily provides 3 layers of cushioning. The inner batting with the top and the bottom fabric layer. Hence, always a delight to sit or sleep on.

It is one of the cheapest options. And you can bring out any number of quilts you have to get the comfort you desire.

jackknife sofa bed for rv

Inflatable Air Pads:

Here is another option to enhance the comfort level. Self-inflating air pads. They may not be as thick as a mattress but will surely provide a decent night’s sleep.

The open-cell foam combination is what does the trick. The valve, when opened, draws in the air. And that too automatically, hence, the name self-inflating making it a befitting recommendation. The durability, lightness, and comfortability make it a good buy. Above all, you can deflate it and store it away.

72 jack knife rv sofa

Use A Futon:

Though Futon is in itself a complete bed, we are only considering the mattress. This traditional Japanese style of bedding is another preference. You can choose from one of the two options:

  • Remodeling with a Futon.
  • Using a Futon when needed.

For the first option, you would need to be sure of the size of your Jack Knife sofa while in bed mode. Some tucking and fitting will make it stay in place. And now you have your Futon in place while using it as a sofa as well. Throw in a few matching cushions for more style and elegance.

Or the second option can be to lay down a Futon when you use the Jack Knife sofa as a bed. It serves as a mattress with variating thickness. You may need not worry about the size as it will fold away after use. The fixed one needs more consideration.

jackknife sofa

What Are Jack Knives?

If you are an RVer, then there is no doubt that you haven’t heard of a Jack Knife sofa. They are simple sofas that turn into beds by pulling and flattening out the backrest.

The transition is easy to make, and the material is lasting and lightweight. Very convenient to use in an RV. Unlike normal couches, they do not come with a mattress.

On the other hand, they have a durable framework to make them sturdier to use in a moving vehicle. But simple tips and tricks can turn this piece of handy furniture into a luxurious one.

Since living in the trailer requires using the space smartly. Jack Knife sofa is a suitable replacement compared to a regular couch. They provide a pull-out bed when needed, and they serve as a sofa all the time. They are economical. And their design and structure make it easier to adjust them into an RV. Some even come with removable armrests. So, if you are a fan of armrests, you can easily get rid of them when converting the sofa into a bed.

What Size Is a Jackknife Sofa?

Rv Jackknife sofas come in different sizes, and you can get one depending on your trailer’s capacity. The area that needs consideration is when they are in bed form. Because that is when they will be taking the greatest space. Again, be sensible with the area you can spare for the bed. The size of the beds available is twin, full, queen, and king. You may select whatever your RV can accommodate.

Dimension-wise, the smallest version is 38 by 75 inches, and the bigger one is around 72 by 80 inches. However, you may find a wide range in the latter size. The 72 Jack Knife RV sofa sizes are very common and convenient. It is an easy 3-seater when in sofa mode. And a complete king-size bed when in flat mode. As far as the height and the depth go…the standard size is 15 inches tall back and a depth of 20 inches.

Are Jackknife Sofas Comfortable?

Jackknife sofa frame manufacturers keep durability in mind. Comfortability might not be the priority here. But even if it is in an RV, it is still a piece of your home furniture. Your innovative ideas can turn the sofa into a comfortable one. As mentioned above, a few additions like a topper or air pads or futons can all act as game-changers.

These Jack Knife sofas aren’t like the regular couches. They provide a sitting area, but more can be done to make them cozy. They are like fold-in beds but not as well-cushioned. So, either you can opt for more premium quality ones if you want to prioritize comfort. Or be economical and adopt different methods of making your Jack Knife sofas more comfortable.

Keeping them well maintained should prolong their life. Cleaning regularly as well adds more viability.

How Do You Cover A Jack Knife Sofa?

A jackknife sofa is like a typical sofa or couch. Any regular sofa cover can be used. You get many types in the market that can be used as an RV jackknife sofa cover. There are the waterproof kind or the simple stretch and cover jersey ones. Your best option being the jersey type, as it’s easy to keep when not in use. And you don’t need any waterproof covering inside the RV. The cloth cover works fine at keeping the dust away.

If you are working on covering the sofa in bed mode, simple mattress covers can be used. They can easily stretch to cover the entire bed, even with the topper.

Futons too are used to cover the bed. You can keep one on even when it is not reclined. They finely cover the sofa and the bed together. You would only need to consider the purpose. Whether you want the sofa to be covered when not in use. Or you want the bed to be protected as well. Just juggle around with the options and see what suits you best.

Jackknife sofas

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Size Sheet Fits a Jackknife Sofa?

When in sofa mode, the measurements work as the number of seats. You can purchase a fitted sofa sheet according to the number of seats your sofa accommodates.

When considering the bed, again, know the size. Twin bed, queen-size or king-size. The sheets can be bought accordingly. You need to know the size in full.

  • Will A Futon Cover Fit a Jackknife Sofa?

Yes, Futon mattresses or mats can fit a Jack Knife Sofa. The Futon Mattress blends perfectly with a Jack Knife sofa and can be used in both modes. You can have it on the sofa, and it will unfold with it when making a bed. And you can have it separately for the bed’s mattress purpose only. Depends on your preference.

They are available as simple mats with ordinary cushioning. And then there are thick mattresses for ultimate comfort. You can even go for a full futon set. It includes the mattress, a comforter, pillows, and covers too. Some even come with a storage case.

  • How Much Does a Jack Knife Sofa Weigh?

An RV sofa can weigh from somewhere around 100lbs up to 160lbs. Of course, it depends on the size of the Jack Knife sofa. Whatever the weight, make sure they are bolted to the floor. You don’t want the furniture to sway around on bumpy roads.

  • How Do You Remove a Jackknife Couch?

It is handy to have all the knowledge. How to remove a Jackknife couch from Rv? Unscrewing is the foremost technique to apply. The Jackknife sofas are bolted to the floor for steadiness, so why not start there. The next best thing to do would be to separate the base from the rest of the Jack Knife sofa frame. Remember, the more parts it can disassemble to, the easier it is to carry it out of the RV.

In Conclusion:

If you are an RVer, then a Jack Knife sofa is your most economical and convenient option. It’s compact and can be trendy at the same time. Place it in your vehicle and use the place smartly. It fulfils the purpose of a sofa and a bed when needed. And a few adjustments and modifications can increase your comfort level ten folds.

Fill in the gaps and add the cushioning. It is as simple as that. Consider the storage accessibility of your trailer and start working accordingly. But in no way compromise on getting a good Jack Knife sofa for your little home on wheels.

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