How To Keep Mice Out Of RV? [100% Working Tips to Avoid Mice]

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Owning an RV is real fun as you get to explore nature whenever you want to. Among these pests are those sneaky mice that are pretty tough to get rid of. 

So, how to keep mice out of an RV? It’s a topic of discussion among many RVers, and there are different ways of doing it. However, the most important thing is keeping it clean and blocking these nasty little critters’ entry and exit paths. 

You will reduce this issue by doing a couple of things. Mice problem in RV is the second most significant problem with such a vehicle (second only to the issue of water damage). 

This article explores how to keep mice out of RV and sheds light on a few other aspects, so keep reading. 

How To Keep Mice Out Of RV?

So, how to keep mice out of the camper for good. But we have noticed that not all methods work with all kinds of mice. Some are effective for mice from a specific region, while the same methods don’t work on other regions. But we will list down most of these deterrents to see what works out for you. 

Blocking Holes From The Inside And Outside:

Block those small holes or entry paths from these little critters throughout your RV. This is an effective way to keep mice out of the camper. Look for those holes from where utilities are going in your RV. 

Making Sheet Metal Tube:

You can buy a thin metal sheet and make long circular tubes around your leveler, jacks, and tires. These tube sheets will act as long walls that these mice won’t climb. Your RV will be free of mice unless they find a way to dig under these tubes. You can do this while effectively keeping mice out of RV.

Cleaning the Food Storage:

It is the best way to keep mice out of the camper, as mice come into your RV to seek shelter, warmth, and food. So, you need to keep these supplies short or out of reach for these mice. And the food is probably going to be the easiest one to tackle here. 

Do not leave any crumbs or any food out. Don’t give them any easy access and keep everything clean. Even if you keep your food in a Tupperware compartment, mice can smell it and will bite their way into the food. 

Using Cotton Balls Soaked With Peppermint Oil:

This one might not be that effective to keep mice out that are already in your camper. But mice don’t like the smell of peppermint oil, and some RVers swear by this method. But you will have to keep the cotton balls fresh with peppermint oil. 

Using Fresh Can Pouches:

Here is another smell-based repellent that works just like peppermint cotton balls to keep mice out of a camper. The good thing is that these are non-toxic and will work pretty well if you miss a small hole in your RV. But it’s best to fill those holes for good. 

Lighting The Under Part Of The Camper Up:

You can also light up the under the section of your camper in how to keep mice out of your camper. They will look pretty nice at night. Use rope lights for this purpose and strew them right under your camper, and it will deter these critters. 

How To Fix Your Mouse Problem?

Right, so you didn’t do any preventive measures, and these little creatures are already inside your RV! Well, then it’s time to try out some traps, and there are some humane ways of doing it. For example, you can go for the No-Kill mousetrap.

Now, we understand that you don’t want any RV damage or food spoilage with these mice loose inside your RV, but it’s better to live and let live and don’t go all cruel on these animals who are just trying to survive. 

Using such a no-kill mousetrap, you can release the mouse far away. You can also go for the classic mouse traps, as they have been around for decades. 

These classic mouse traps can be pretty humane as the metal springs snap powerfully and break the neck instantly. And you will only have to place bait to lure the mice into the trap. 

But you have to make sure not to use any of those sticky mouse traps. These traps are extremely cruel. These traps leave the mice to die slowly and excruciating pain as they don’t have anything to eat or drink. So, unless you are planning to keep these trapped mice right away, you shouldn’t use them at all. 

Dealing with the problem of how to keep mice out or camper, some people also use mouse poison. But this is not recommended either because the mouse will eat the bait and go back into its hiding place in your camper. Of course, it will die there, and you will have dead animals in your camper that you must recover. 

Also, keep in mind that if they go outside your camper and die, other animals will consume them along with the poison and die. So, it’s best not to use these poison baits. 

Cleaning Up After a Mouse Invasion:

Once you have gotten rid of the creature from your RV, you have to make sure you clean your vehicle properly. These mice can carry deadly diseases such as Hantavirus, and you don’t want any of that. 

Mouse droppings can spread other diseases like Salmonella, Bubonic Plague, and others and can trigger allergies. Therefore, you have to make sure you clean the entire space using bleach and don’t forget to wear gloves. And it would be better if you wore a mask too. 

If the mice made a nest in your RV wall, make sure to get into the wall through an access panel. But it’s a lot of uphill struggle, and that is precisely why you need to keep them out of your RV in the first place. 

Ensure to use bleach and other cleaning agents to eliminate any filth left behind by the mice. It is essential to clean thoroughly and not leave anything behind because you don’t want to be left alone and vulnerable to bacteria and germs. 

This way, you are doing your best to eliminate germs or diseases from your living space. And when you are running your cleaning project, make sure to look for any holes and seal them off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I effectively keep mice out of my RV?

You might be thinking about how to keep mice out of an RV in the first place. Well, you can effectively do that by securing your vehicle. First, you have to inspect the outside of your vehicle and see any cracks or holes that mice can use to crawl in your RV. 

These tiny creatures can fit in spaces as small as a quarter of an inch. So, you need to make sure and seal everything off. You can also place a cover right over your recreational vehicle and form a barrier with the help of an aluminum fence around the wheels. The flashing of these mice will deter them from climbing. 

But you have to make sure the fence is at least 24-inch tall and must go around the vehicle’s perimeter. Before storing your RV, you have to make sure you get rid of any stored food in your RV, or these mice will find it as they have a highly acute sense of smell. 

  • How can I get rid of mice that are already in my camper? 

So, how to get rid of mice in your camper? The best approach is to set a few non-lethal traps. But make sure not to go for any rodenticide as mice can crawl into a tiny space inside your RV and die and leave an overpowering odour. Instead, check the traps daily and reset them or discard any dead mice. 

  • Does Irish Spring Soap keep mice away?

Irish spring soap is a pungent-smelling thing. Some RVers think it will keep mice at bay. But you might hear someone among your peers that a mouse eats through the soap as they think it is food. 

This might be something to do with some regional mice. For example, west coast mice might not like the Irish Spring Soap, but east-coast mice might love to devour it. It’s something you should try out yourself. 


How to keep mice out of your RV is a question that every RVer has to deal with at some point. But it might not be a massive issue if you keep your vehicle clean and block out any easy entry or exit points for these mice. But make sure you only use humane methods to get rid of these mice and take care of our nature.

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