How to Clean RV Toilet: A Complete Guide

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Travelling with an RV trailer is fun but its maintenance can be quite hectic. Usually small and medium-sized RVs do not have toilets. However, the bigger RV trailers come with in-built toilets. The toilet, just like any other area, needs occasional clean-up and proper maintenance so your vehicle remains hygienic. Keeping the toilet sanitized and clean is important to keep the trailer in the best condition. The right cleaners and products must be used so that the pipes and tank get cleaned thoroughly. If you are using the wrong products, it can lead to corrosion and blockage. So, to make your work and lives easier, here you can find everything on how to clean RV toilet, read on.

Why Should You Keep Your Rv Toilet Clean?

The RV toilet is as important as your home toilet and must be treated as such. The cleaning should be done frequently irrespective of whether you are using the RV often. Moreover, it also depends on the type of RV toilet. The cleaning process will vary depending on the type. In this article, we are going to share tips and tricks to maintain the RV toilet and overall hygiene. Make your RV worthy of living daily by keeping its hygiene optimum. Travelling with your RV becomes much more fun when you have kept it clean enough and hence no mechanical issues or uncomfortable odour is affecting its living conditions.

Types of RV Toilets:

There are different types of RV toilets. While the cleaning methods are almost the same for all types of RV toilets, the type of Rv toilets must be considered as well. Here are some of the types of RV toilets that you must know about to make the right choices:

  • The most popular type of RV toilet is directly connected to the water supply. There is a foot paddle for flushing and it empties into the black tank. These toilets are made of porcelain or plastic. They are also one of the most affordable options you will find.
  • Smaller RVs that have a toilet usually come with the cassette toilet. These are seen in pop-up campers particularly. These toilets have a built-in reservoir for freshwater. It also comes with a small “cassette” for waste collection. The cassette then dumps the waste into the sewer drain. The technology does not require a plumbing system at all.
  • Composting toilet is another option available for RV toilets. These types of toilets do not need a plumbing system or water to clean up. The waste gets deposited in the lower half of the holding tank. The liquid evaporates and the solid turns into fertilizers.

All these toilet types are quite popular choices for RV. They are cleaned efficiently when you choose the right methods.

What Do You Clean RV Toilets With?

It is important to choose the toilet cleaners carefully so that your RV toilet does not get blocked. Unlike home toilets, the mechanisms are much more compact and hence call for specialized cleaners. Usually, the RV toilets are made of different types of materials compared to your home toilet and the cleaner and chemicals used will also differ accordingly.

The key is to choose non-abrasive cleaning materials. They work well on different surfaces and are easily soluble in water. Hence, they do not harm the RV toilet pipelines and black water tank when it gets deposited. Here are a few different RV toilet cleaners, if you are wondering how to clean an RV toilet:

  • You can use dish soap to clean the RV toilet. Take half a cup of dish soap and two cups of water and mix them thoroughly. Add this to a bucket of water. Use half of this solution to clean the interior of your toilet and the rest half should be used to clean the exterior. While cleaning the interior, use a soft tool and gently rub off the stains. You can use the RV Toilet paper for this purpose. Make sure you are flushing the toilet after cleaning up.
  • You can also use a blade seal cleaning tool. They are available in the RV Supply shops. You must wear gloves while using the tool. Turn off the water supply and then prepare a cleaner. You need to open the blade to clean the seal which means fumes will come out from the black water tank so one must close the door and shut off the vent fan. Lubricate the seal and then clean it. Next turn on the water supply after it is done.
  • Use recommended and safe professional cleaning tools and cleaners that are store-bought. You will find specialized cleaners from the RV store which are suitable for these types of toilets.

How to Clean RV Toilet? [Tips]:

Wondering how to clean a camper toilet and what would be the best methods? There are so many different ways to do this and one can easily sort out which works best for the vehicle. Irrespective of the methods, doing it frequently and properly is the key to keeping the toilet clean. Here are nine ways in which you can render the RV toilet clean enough:

#1 Prevent streaks with half-full bowls:

Streaks from hard water and solid wastes are not uncommon. These dry up over time when the toilet is not cleaned regularly and become difficult to remove. The best solution would be to keep the bowl half-full. This way, the entire length of the toilet interior will not have streak marks and become easier to clean.

#2 Avoid abrasions with soft tools:

Avoid using a sponge or brush which are too abrasive. Soft tools ensure your RV toilet material does not wear out due to the abrasion. The RV toilets are made of materials like porcelain or plastic. They tend to wear down when you are using hard brushes.

#3 Attached sprayer:

Many RV toilets come with attached sprayers to compensate for the speed of the flush water. These are great options to clean the toilet thoroughly. You can also use a plastic bowl to pour cleaners while you flush the toilet or even use a spray bottle.

#4 Fibreglass RV wax coating:

The fibreglass RV coating makes the toilet stain resistant. Thus, you can clean the toilet once a month and it will be enough. However, it is a comparatively expensive option and you need to get it retouched after every few months.

#5 Switching of bathroom vent when you flush:

It is an instinct to turn on the bathroom fan to keep the RV toilet from smelling. However, the fan sucks in the fumes from the holding tank and then into the bathroom. Hence it is important to run the fan while flushing the toilet simultaneously.

#6 Regularly clean the bathroom tank:

It is an important step to prevent the RV from smelling bad. Emptying the tank occasionally is a great way to keep the solid waste from accumulating and making your RV smell bad. It depends largely on how frequently the bathroom is being used or by how many people. At the least, flush the tank every time the toilet is used and keep the tank and sensor clean.

#7 Get dissolvable toilet papers:

Toilet papers can clog the tank of the bathroom hence, it is important to get dissolvable papers so that the bathroom does not overflow before the next clean-up.

#8 Make the most of drop-in packets:

The drop-in packets are an effortless way to render the RV Toilet clean. If you are wondering how to clean a camper toilet with a drop-in packet, simply drop and flush. They also get rid of the smell and unclog the pipelines.

#9 Invest in high-quality cleaning solutions:

The high-quality cleaning solutions have a major impact on the overall hygiene of your RV toilet. Hence, invest in reputed brands and products so that the hygiene and cleanliness get optimized.

How To Keep Your RV Toilet (And RV itself) Smelling Fresh?

Besides cleaning and disinfecting the RV toilet, it is important to get rid of any bad odour it gives out. As a result, one must devise ways to make the toilet smell fresh. From choosing fragrant cleaners to using fresheners, many things can be done. Here are a few tips to prevent bad odour in the RV toilet:

  • Thoroughly clean the blade seal and scrub the toilet occasionally to prevent the fumes from forming.
  • Check the toilet for defects and damage and whether it can hold water properly. This is important to prevent fumes from escaping from the black water tank.
  • You can use different fragrant additives which can significantly minimize the chances of bad odour. These are added to the black water tank. It minimizes odour by breaking down bacteria, solid waste and toilet papers so that the drainage of your black water tank is smooth.
  • You can use fragrant cleaners as well when scrubbing the interior and exterior of the RV.
  • You can also use drop-in packets which help to break down the solid waste and ensure proper drainage. They are very easy to use as you just need to drop them in and flush. It keeps the toilet fresh and odourless as long as the packet lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Sewer gas in an RV dangerous?

When the RV toilet is not cleaned occasionally, it leads to sewer gas and fumes emissions. These can be harmful, especially in a closed vehicle like the RV. It is primarily composed of methane which is highly flammable and hence extremely dangerous in your vehicle. 

  • Can I pour vinegar down my RV toilet?

Usually, it is recommended not to pour anything too strong and corrosive down the drain of your RV toilet. But vinegar is quite mild and hence suited for the purpose. It helps to clean and disinfect the toilet and make it whiter.

  • How do I get rid of sewer flies in my RV toilet?

Flies and other pests become a nuisance when your RV toilet is not cleaned for a long time. But even when you clean the toilet, getting rid of them gets tricky. To get rid of them, drain the black water tank well and then add enzyme drain cleaners. Fill the tank with water and let it sit overnight. Drain the tank the next day and rinse it thoroughly several times. This should disinfect it and get it cleaned thoroughly.

  • Is borax good for RV Tanks?

Borax has always been a popular ingredient for cleaning toilets however, they are not put to use these days, courtesy of various cleaners which are available. Borax does not hurt the tank but nor does it add much value to the cleaning routine. If you wish to use borax, make sure it is mixed with a gallon of hot water first.

  • Can I put bleach in RV toilets?

Bleaches are very corrosive and tend to dry out the rubber seals. Eventually, the entire sewage system of the RV will break down. Hence it is recommended to avoid using bleach to deep clean the RV toilet.


For many RV users, how clean an RV toilet is a persistent trouble as it is also one of the most time-consuming maintenance work. But with the right tools and methods, it can be simplified. The key is to do basic and regular cleaning so that the dirt does not accumulate and become stubborn to remove. Maintaining basic hygiene measures is also important to ensure your travel trailer is in optimum shape. The last thing you want is an embarrassing situation when you have guests invited to your RV. Thus, proper cleaning is crucial to make sure your RV is in top condition.

The above-mentioned methods and tips are tried and tested for success. If you can implement them correctly. rest assured that worrying about how to clean the camper toilet is the last thing you need to do.

Now that you have all the information you need, managing your camper will get easier. A little effort and dedication along with the right products can make your camper become a great place to live healthily.

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