How Much Does An Airstream Cost? [2022 Guide]

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Depending on the size and amenities, they can range anywhere from USD 36,000 to over USD 220,000.

Airstream travel trailers are very popular, and they are some of the most iconic RVs. They have been around for decades, and people still love to buy them. But these trailers do not come cheap because they are built for resilience and durability. 

But how much does an airstream cost

Depending on the size and amenities, they can range anywhere from USD 36,000 to over USD 220,000. Some models have more luxury to offer as compared to others. Therefore, the budget is a vital consideration for you.

Therefore, today we will list some of the best Airstream trailers with their prices and features, so keep reading. 

Why Buy an Airstream? Is It Worth the Cost?

Airstream is famous for the luxury it has to offer. And when it paired with Mercedes-Benz for quality and safety, the dependability of their RVs increased trifold. 

Airstream designs all its models carefully with vacations in mind, regardless of the length of the trip. As a result, the company has garnered a reputation as a classic brand among RVers of all types. 

Whether you are looking for a recreational vehicle for six or a touring coach for two, Airstream has got you covered. Comfort is always the key in all their models, whether looking for a small trailer or a large RV. 

These RVs by Airstream are some of the most durable on the market. Airstream uses a quality aluminum body with insulation with an inner second shell of aluminum on the inside. If you take care of your Airstream trailer, it will last well over 40 years and hold its value for many decades. 

But how much is an Airstream? Scroll down to find out more. 

Pros and Cons of Buying an Airstream:


There are various reasons why people choose Airstream over other RV brands. Some of those reasons are:

  • The design and looks of Airstream are timeless. As long as you maintain it properly, it will not go old. 
  • Durable construction made of aircraft-grade aluminum together with rivets on a resilient steel frame. 
  • Exterior aluminum frame cuts down weight. 
  • Aerodynamic design to ensure better gas mileage. 


Though there are numerous advantages of choosing Airstream, there are some disadvantages that you will have to deal with too. These are, 

  • Everything inside an Airstream trailer has to fit through doors due to the solid body and no slide-outs. 
  • The interiors are not roomy, and you might find some models to have lower ceiling height. 

8 Different Airstream Trailer Models With Example Prices:

There are eight different models of these Airstream trailers available. Let us have a brief look at each one of them with their prices.  

  • Airstream Classic:

how much does an airstream cost

This model starts from USD 157,000 if you buy a new one. There are four different floor plans that you can use in this model. You can go for a 30-foot or a 33-foot trailer. You can also choose whether to go for a queen-size bed or two ten beds in its bedroom. 

In the 30-foot variant of this model, the bedroom is located at the rear end with a split bathroom. It means the shower is on the passenger side, while the toilet featuring a vanity sink is on the driver’s side. 

In the living room and kitchen area, there is a large wardrobe. The kitchen itself is fully equipped. A high-end stove, convection microwave, oven, and a large stainless steel sink with counter space.

A convertible dinette is available too. You will also find a 3-seat sofa with two reclining seats. The 33-foot version has a bit more space and a slightly different floor plan. 

It has a spacious bathroom in the rear end while the bedroom is at the front section and can have a queen bed. In the midsection, there is a living area with a kitchen and an entertainment area. 

Key features

  • 4 different floor plans and 2 lengths
  • A spacious dinette.
  • Sofa with reclining chairs. 
  • Large bedroom and living room area.
  • Fully equipped kitchen. 
  • Projection TV screen.
  • Media cabinet. 
  • Wardrobe area.
  • Separate toilet and shower space. 
  • Airstream Globetrotter:

airstream bambi price

The Globetrotter comes with eight different floor plans and is available in four different lengths. But how much does this Airstream trailer cost? Its prices range from USD 96,400 to USD 121,900. 

Choose your layouts as your bedroom can either be at the front or in the rear end. You can either choose whether you want to go for a queen-size bed or a couple of twin beds. 

All the floor plans come with a full bathroom and a wardrobe space. Some floor plans also have U-shaped or L-shaped sofas with tables for a multipurpose space for sleeping, lounging, and dining. 

All variants of the Globetrotter come with a full kitchen and a 3-burner high-end stove. They also have a stainless steel sink, a fridge, a convection microwave, and an oven. 

Key features

  • 8 different floor plans and 4 different lengths. 
  • Stainless steel sink. 
  • A fully equipped kitchen. 
  • Multi-functional space for dining, sleeping, and lounging. 
  • Full bathroom and wardrobe space 
  • Airstream International:

airstream bambi 16

This model comes with 12 different floor plans and is available in different lengths ranging from 23 feet to 30 feet. Prices of this model can range from USD 91,900 to USD 115,400.

Each of these floorplans has a fully equipped bathroom and a kitchen. Moreover, there is a separate area for the toilet and shower. The kitchen features a 3-burner stove, additional counter space, fridge, microwave, round sink, and a fridge. 

You can pick the layout according to your preferences. Different floor plans have different bed sizes, dinette arrangements, and sofa types. You can also choose to have a dinette or a sofa. If you desire, you can go for a multi-functional design for sleeping, eating, and lounging. 

Key features

  • 12 different floor plans and different lengths. 
  • Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Different arrangements are available in the living area. 
  • Multifunctional setup for lounging, eating, or sleeping. 
  • Plenty of room in the living area. 
  • Airstream Flying Cloud:

airstream cost

There are 14 different floor plans available that can sleep anywhere from 4 to 8 people. The length of this trailer will range from 23 feet to 30 feet, and prices will range from USD 78,000 to over USD 103,000.

There are different bedroom options available in Flying Cloud. You can go for a queen-sized baked or a couple of twin beds. Two of the 14-floor plans feature a bunk room. The bunk room is right above the queen-sized bed in both the floor plans. 

All variants of the Flying Cloud come with a full bathroom, a kitchen, and a wardrobe space. The kitchen features a round, large sink, a fridge, a microwave, an oven, and a 3-burner stove. These variants also come with different seating and dining options too. 

Key features

  • 14 different floor plans with different lengths. 
  • Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Plenty of space in the living area. 
  • Choose different seating and dining options. 
  • Bunk room options are available too. 
  • Airstream Caravel:

airstream bambi pricing

The Caravel is a small trailer that comes with four different floor plans. The lengths of variants in this model range from 16 feet to 22 feet. Caravel is suitable for four people no matter what length your shoes go for. The prices range from USD 62,000 to USD 71,200.

Your floorplans will mainly depend upon the length that you go for. But all Caravel floor plans have a double bed, a full bathroom, a kitchen, and a convertible dinette. 

Shorter variants have 2-burner cooktops and a sink, while the larger variants have spacious kitchens with a 3-burner stove, a bigger countertop space, and a double sink. But none of these variants feature an oven and only come with a microwave. 

Key features

  • 4 different floor plans with different lengths. 
  • Prices are much more convenient. 
  • Fully equipped bathrooms. 
  • Larger trailers have more spacious kitchens,  
  • Suitable for people. 
  • Airstream Bambi:

how much is an airstream

The Bambi is just like the Caravel and is suitable for four people. This model is available in four different floor plans, and the lengths range from 16 feet to 22 feet. 

There is a dedicated space for sleeping with a double bed. The trailer also features a kitchen, a convertible space for a dinette, and a restroom. The Airstream Bambi price ranges from USD 49,900 to USD 58,900. 

Most of the layouts and features that Bambi has resemble Caravel. But, you have the advantage of going for an even lower price with Airstream Bambi. 

You will not have an oven in Airstream Bambi 16. But each of these variants of Bambi does feature a microwave and 2-burner stove. They also feature a stainless steel sink and a small fridge. A newer version (Airstream Sport) of this model is available. But, Airstream Sport 16 pricing remains similar to Bambi. 

Key features

  • 4 different floor plans and lengths ranging from 16 to 22 feet. 
  • Covenant prices. 
  • On-board restroom. 
  • Convertible dinette. 
  • Kitchen with a microwave and a small fridge. 
  • Airstream Nest:

airstream price

The Nest is among the newest creations by Airstream. It does not feature the traditional aluminum exterior that other Airstream models have. Instead, this trailer is made of durable fiberglass and has a sleek profile.  

There are two different floor plans available in this model. You can pick anyone based on your preferences and go for a convertible dinette or a fixed bed. 

Nest is a 16 feet long trailer, and it is going to cost you USD 42,900. The Nest Premier model is USD 45,900. Both the floor plans have a bathroom and a kitchen area. 

There is a wardrobe section with decent space too. The kitchen in this trailer comes with a steel sink, an icebox, and a fridge. Whether you go for the convertible dinette or the fixed bed, you will have a space for two people no matter which floor plan you choose. 

A secondary dinette is also available, with removable tables and a bench cabinet for additional storage. 

Key features

  • 2 floor plans are available with 16 feet in length. 
  • Affordable prices. 
  • A bathroom with a wardrobe area. 
  • A decently equipped kitchen.
  • Suitable for two people. 
  • Airstream Basecamp:

airstream sport 16 pricing

The Basecamp is the smallest Airstream trailer, and it has an oval shape. All the essentials are packaged in a tiny space in this trailer. It is a budget-friendly option, with the base model costing USD 37,900 and the upgraded model costing USD 40,600. 

The door is at the rear end of the trailer, with the carefully designed living space. There is a bench that features two tables, and you can adjust it for its height. You can turn it in different directions too. For example, remove the tables for two separate sleeping bays, and you can adjust this space into a full-size bed. 

There is a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen featuring panoramic windows. This kitchen has a sink, fridge, a microwave, and a 2-burner stove. 

Key features

  • 2 different floor plans.
  • Fully equipped bathroom.
  • Kitchen with sink, stove, fridge, and microwave. 
  • Convertible sleeping space. 
  • Adjustable seating bench. 

Which Airstream Should I Buy?

You have to consider a few things when choosing the best Airstream trailer for your needs, 

  • Make a choice depending upon your camping style. For example, if you will be outdoors than indoors, an Airstream trailer is a good option. 
  • You also need to think about what type of amenities you need to have in your Airstream trailer. These trailers are durable and long-lasting. But they are not very luxurious as they do not come with any high-end features like modern entertainment rooms or slide-outs. 
  • Consider your budget as new Airstream trailers can be pretty expensive. For example, even the moderate-sized Airstreams trailers cost around USD 62,200 to USD 157,400. But you can find a decent Airstream trailer for about USD 25,000.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Should I go for a new Airstream or an older one? 

New Airstream trailers can run pretty expensive. Even the moderate-sized trailers by this brand will cost you around USD 62,000 to USD 157,000. If you have this much budget, then surely you can go for a new trailer. 

But if your budget is tight, the new Airstream cost might be too high. Then you can go for a used model and fix it up on your own if you can do that. 

Airstream trailers are pretty durable, and they do stand the test of time. If space is not a concern for you, then the Airstream Bambi pricing might be the right option for you.

  • Should I go with Airstream touring coaches? 

The Airstream touring coaches are even more expensive. They can range in price from USD 160,000 to USD 240,000. The company has started converting the Mercedes Sprinter vans into Airstream coaches. 

These are only suitable for camping-style RVing as these vans can only sleep, two people. The rest of the family can sleep in the tent. If you are looking for and can afford it, you might like these touring vans. But if you are looking for value for money, then their trailer is the better option.


Airstream has been around for a long time. The brand is known for its durability. If you are looking to spend more time outdoors, these trailers are the best option. 

The Airstream price might seem to be on a bit higher side as they are not very luxurious in design and features, but they offer all the basics. You can choose different floor plans, and some of them come with plenty of space and amenities. 

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