How Much Does A Camper Weigh? [2022 Updated Guide]

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How much does a camper weigh? It is a critical factor to consider while buying a camper. The Camper trailer weight easily affects your traveling needs. It also affects the cost you will spend on the vehicle and how you can easily get there. 

To give you a detailed guide about the camper’s weight, we have listed down the entire guide on how and which factors can affect the RV vehicle’s weight.

Travel Trailer Weight Definitions:

Dry weight is also known as the unloaded vehicle weight- this type of weight is known as a camper’s weight when shipped from the manufacturing company. The dry or unloaded vehicle weight does not come with dealer installed options, fresh water, LP gas, or cargo.

  • Cargo Carrying Capacity or CCC- When you need to consider the cargo-carrying capacity, you have to subtract the vehicle’s weight.

Portable water plus the water heater, LP tank with the sleeping capacity measures around 154 lbs into several sleep positions from the gross vehicle weight rating. Moreover, you don’t need to subtract any other dealer-added options.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR: It is the maximum weight of a vehicle that should not go beyond the weight of the full tank, an unloaded vehicle with cargo, or a sleeping capacity weight rating in combination. This weight exceeds your limit and can affect your warranty.
  • Vertical Load Rating or Tongue Weight: It is a maximum vertical load that the hedge can easily carry. Before you plan on towing the vehicle, measure the tongue weight. 

If the tongue weight exceeds your given weight limit, make sure to move the content towards the rear side of the trailer. However, if the tongue load exceeds your limit, make sure to move the contents forward.

how much does a trailer weigh

How Much Does A Camper Weigh?

How much does a camper weigh is a common term for buyers planning to invest in travel trailers. It is necessary to consider weight and other measurements based on the availability of tools and journey. The most common terms that we hear from the travel trailer owners include gross vehicle and dry weight.

  • Dry Weight:

How much does a travel trailer weigh, and how to calculate the dry weight? 

Dry weight is the weight of your vehicle without any additional fuel, cargo, or passengers. When comparing different models of camper vehicles, it all varies from one manufacturing company to another. 

It also varies based on the internal features, sizes, and loading capacity. The dry weight is directly proportional to different amenities included in the vehicle, along with enough space. 

If you invest in heavy camping vehicles, they come with extra amenities and more space, allowing enough accommodation for travelers. 

The dry weight varies from vehicle to vehicle ranging from 1000 to 9000 pounds; however, the average weight for each camper trailer is approximately 5200 pounds.

Now we talk about different vehicles like tow units and self-driving units, so the Tow units have a much lesser weight and require different vehicles for enough towing capacity for traveling. 

On the other hand, mobile units drive themselves and do not depend on any other towing vehicle but come with more dry weight. 

To identify the exact camper trailer’s dry weight, unload all the equipment or amenities like batteries and propane tanks, and then visit the local station to weigh it. 

After weighing the trailer, next, detach the trailer from the external vehicle and weigh the vehicle once you subtract the two quantities to get the dry weight.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight:

How much does a gross trailer weigh?  Gross vehicle weight is commonly considered when talking about the camper’s weight. However, GVW is the vehicle’s weight when cargo load and tanks are present within the trailer. 

The camper trailers come with different gross weights based on the sizing capacity of the cargo and optional features present in the trailer. To determine the motor homes’ accurate weight, fill it with all equipment and tanks and put them over the weighing scale. 

The maximum camper load is defined as the total weight of your trailer. To add maximum trailer load to the dry weight, add around 1500 pounds to the dry weight. 

Common Travel Trailer Weights:

Camping trailer weight varies between different models. Dive in to have a look at the average RV trailer weight:

  • The teardrop trailer averagely weighs around 2500 lbs, and you can easily tow it with trucks or SUVs.
  • The popup trailer commonly weighs around 1,500 lbs, and you can easily tow it using trucks and SUVs.
  • How much a small camper weighs is a common question, so the average small travel trailer weighs around 3500 lbs. However, you can easily tow them using mid-size SUVs and pickup trucks.
  • The large travel trailer weighs around 6300 lbs, and you can easily tow them using the larger SUVs or the ½ ton pickup trucks.
  • Is this another important question that we get with small fifth-wheelers? The fifth wheel weighs around 9000 pounds and requires a 3/4 ton truck for towing when loaded.
  • The average weight of the huge fifth wheel is around 12000 lbs and needs a 3/4 ton heavy truck or a singleton truck for towing.
  • If you talk about a Toy Hauler 5th wheeler, it weighs around 15,000 lbs. It can easily carry huge cargo needing a single truck for towing.

how much does a travel trailer weigh

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much do vintage travel trailers weigh?

An example of a vintage travel trailer is 19645 Safeway. The vintage travel trailer weighs around 2320 pounds when partially loaded. It is a type of 13-ft camper travel trailer. Each foot length for camper travel trailer measures around 150 to 200 LBS.

  • How much does a Jayco Pop-up camper weigh?

Jayco is a manufacturing company that comes with popup campers, and its typical model is known as Jay sport. This model weighs around 1570 lbs dry weight to about 1895 pounds based on the number of floor plans you choose. 

The gross vehicle weight rating for this specific model of Jayco pop up camper varies from 2250 to 2750 pounds

  • Why Does Trailer Weight Matter?

Travel trailer weight is an important factor you need to consider while buying the trailer. The lighter your camper trailer is, the better it is for users. However, the weight of the camper trailer matters due to different reasons, which include the following:

Towing the vehicle has a severe impact on how much campers weigh safely. You cannot simply hitch the trailer to SUV and hit your journey.  

Before buying the camper, you should easily identify the vehicle’s towing capacity to pull a trailer. If the camper is heavy, you must understand that it is hard to tow because it affects the towing capacity.

You also need to consider the cargo weight when buying the campers. The toy Haulers come with high CCC for accommodating the vehicles. Ensure the towing vehicle comes with a stronger base to easily handle the extra camper’s weight and the adventure vehicles.

Fuel efficiency is another factor you need to consider when buying a travel trailer. It will be heavy if the fuel efficiency is low for the camper or the cargo. The heavy travel trailers loaded with gear and low gas mileage are more expensive than small, lightweight campers.

  • How to Read Trailer Weight Numbers?

How much do travel trailer weigh can easily be read with the following:

UVW/ Unloaded vehicle weight is the camper’s weight without gear or water.

GVW/ Gross Vehicle Weight is the combined trailer weight with average gear load, amenities, and full tanks. It is the maximum weight that the trailer can withstand. 

Dry hitch weight is the weight applied over the trailer ball of the tow vehicle when you unload gear or water from the trailer. 

CCC or cargo carrying capacity is the maximum gear and amenities the trailer can handle. 

  • How much weight do you add to a camper?

When you add around 1500 lbs of your add-ons like amenities or gear, it gives you an accurate value of gross vehicle weight. 

  • How much does the average camper trailer weigh?

The average camper trailer weighs around 5200 pounds dry weight. Add 1500 pounds if you add water and gear in the camper trailer weight. 

  • What is a camper dry weight?

Dry weight is defined as the camper’s weight when your entire vehicle is empty. It’s precisely the camper’s weight when offered by the factory without additional items. 


You now understand the average weight measures for the given RV campers. The dry weight comes with an average measure of around 5200 pounds. The gross vehicle weight rating is the combined measure when gears, filled tanks, supplies are added. 

The materials and construction of the camper trailer also affect how much does a travel trailer weighs. 

With the list of common weights of travel trailers hope you are now able to identify the camping trailer weight.

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