Ford Transit Class B RV For Sale [Latest Update]

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RVs come in all shapes and sizes, and once you know if the RV lifestyle is for you, the next step is to decide on a motorhome for yourself. Class C and Class B motorhomes built on a Ford chassis are among the best options available in the market today. They have versatile, customizable functions and offer you comfort with luxurious styles. 

Here is our list for our top 7 Ford Transit Motorhomes; choose your pick!

7 Ford Transit Motorhomes Reviews:

The Coachmen Beyond is a Ford transit class b RV with a 22c on the all-wheel-drive Ford transit chassis. It comes equipped with a lithium li-3 complete lithium battery management system. Priced at $ 124,500, this Ford chassis comes with a bunch of new features.

Mainly, the option to have an all-wheel drive which is a game-changer in the class B segment. Before this, you had the front-wheel drive or the rear-wheel-drive, but now in Ford, you can have an all-wheel-drive all the time!

Not only this, there are a ton of amazing safety features that will make you want this RV bad. The dashboard has been redesigned to add a bigger display. You also get blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

On the roof of the Beyond, you get the standard two 110-watt solar panels, so you are getting 220 watts of solar power standard on every unit. Having solar power on a B-class motorhome is very important because this will help offset your daily battery usage. Unfortunately, it is not enough power to run your entire RV on it daily. However, you can easily get your refrigerators, lights, etc., working on solar panels. 

Apart from these, Beyond now comes with standard sumo suspension systems and a complete lithium battery system. This battery system is so powerful that it can easily replace having a portable generator onboard. It can also run the air conditioning on your RV. 

The Benchmark convertible Ford class B RV is a Ford transit RV that features a quick 4×4 conversion. This is the perfect vehicle for a family of four, with seating and sleeping for everyone. To protect the front of a Benchmark you get a powder-coated custom aluminium pre-runner bumper especially designed and built by their in-house team.

It also houses a 20-inch rigid SR series pro driving in spotlight and SAE fog lights. It will amaze you to know that these LEDs have a 50,000 plus hour lifespan, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost in the dark while adventuring off-grid. 

Upon the top of this Ford RV, you can get a powder-coated custom aluminium tubular framed safari rack with recessed solar and light bar mounts holding a 54-inch rigid curved RDS light bar. Moving front to back, you get your 130-watt solar panel.

To make this more comfortable, you can also add the auto home air top hard shell roof top tent on it. It has a lightweight, low-profile design that will give you an additional 80 inches of sleeping space. 

Traction becomes imperative when going off roads; this is one of the reasons the Benchmark comes with BF Goodrich all-terrain tires. To make the most out of this home away from home, you can also add a ten-and-a-half-foot awning good for both sunny and rainy days. This expands your living space drastically. You can get all this and so much more at around $ 175,000, depending on the customizations you get.

The Blue Ridge Squatch is a Ford RV class B transit motorhome with a low roof and 144-wheel base. Priced at $ 45,000 and above depending on the customizations you do, this has a lot to offer. If you see this Ford transit RV for sale, you should get your hands on it. 

On the outside, you get the Lawrence Venting window and the sliding door. It is an awning-style window that cranks out. 

The good thing about these windows is that they shed water off when you want ventilation, and it’s raining outside. Most other windows that are half sliders or vertical sliders are great too, but when you open them, and it’s raining, you will get water inside. 

On the roof of this Ford transit RV class B motorhome, you get a Coleman Mach 8 air conditioning unit. This is a 9000 BTU and is the lowest profile unit on the market. You can get one that matches the color of your van too! 

On the roof, you also get the max air ventilation fan; it is 7000 k and is remote controlled. With a 200 watts solar panel system on the roof, this Ford transit RV is a must-have. 

The Ford Transit as the chassis for the ModVans CV1 is the best option priced at $ 85,000 for convertible vans. This is the best driving full-sized van available. The transit is built on a unibody frame. The McPherson strut front end, a rack, and pinion steering make the transit drive like a modern crossover SUV rather than a large truck. The available EcoBoost twin-turbo v6 is a modern engine that gets good gas mileage and has over 400 pounds of torque that’s plenty of power for towing and passing. 

Even when fully loaded with gear. Outside, you get to see the sleek, stylish design of our pop-up roof. It has been shaped to fit the transit lines, and you get the paint on both the roof and the rooftop AC to match the transit great looking metallic body paint. 

The pop-up top has three major benefits. First, it makes the CD one a lot easier to drive than a high roof van, and the lower center gravity makes it feel stable. The lower roofline doesn’t catch the winds this way. 

The second major benefit is putting up a large comfortable four by six-and-a-half-foot bed in the top above the main floor plan. 

It allows having a nice floor plan and an RV that can sleep up to 4 adults, all the while fitting in standard parking spaces! The third benefit is that the pop-up top will allow you to surround the fan with six huge windows. So if you find this Ford transit class B RV for sale, get it before thinking twice about it. 

Priced between $59,800 – $108,800, the Vandoit adventure Ford transit LIV is an amazing pick for your RVing needs. The Liv model offers ease of use and provides an open concept. As a result, you can easily pick and choose what you want in your Class B motorhome. 

The design team came up with a beautiful design that requires minimal rearranging, with the top goal in mind being ease of use. Everything you find has been centered around this. 

The top features of this model are your hydraulic queen bed, your bunk/garage underneath, and your living-in seating space upfront. All of these were pre-set intentionally to maximize day-to-day use but kept minimal rearranging as the priority. So, if you are low maintenance and not looking forward to a lot of day-to-day rearranging, the live model is something to consider. 

With the ease of use being the primary goal, raising and lowering the bed is a breeze with the manual crane. Next, let’s talk about the gear slide. If you are looking for extra bunk space, you are looking to store your gear, then the gear slide may be for you. 

The live model comes with a gear slide as a standard. The biggest benefit of this slide is that you can easily secure gear and easily access different items. 

Starting at $ 171,600, the Ontour 2.0 is an amazing buy. It is great for you if you are looking for something that is a little compact, easy to get around, and easy to park up anywhere. You get all the great luxuries from the pleasure way in this compact motorhome to enjoy your outdoor adventures. Built on the Ford Transit chassis, it also has the EcoBoost in there. Plenty of power and plenty of comfort comes from the Ford. 

Up top, you get a nice power awning, porch lights, LEDs, and a couple of outlets on one side. This coach does not have a lot of optional features; everything comes pretty standardly with the latest and greatest. You get the 200 watts’ solar panels on the top that come with a solar controller to control them. You also get an AC mount up top and a backup camera on the backside. 

On the back, you also get a quick connection for your propane fill. Once you open from the back, you get a nice storage space and a roll-down classic pleasure way screen. On the inside, you get the countertop, a convertible bed at the back, a wet bath, a fridge and so much more! 

The Winnebago Ekko is one of the most sought-after class C motorhomes in the company’s history. Currently priced at a starting price of $163,662, Winnebago has been a leader in the product market since the 1950s and manufactures 75 % of the motorhome from scratch. First, let’s have a look at the top features of the Ekko. 

It comes with an all-wheel-drive Ford Transit Chassis. It’s a 3.5-liter v6 gasoline engine, and it has a 10-speed automatic transmission with an overdrive. While other class C motorhomes are generally rear-wheel drive, it’s nice to see that the Ekko has an all-wheel drive. Next, you should know that this comes equipped with an all-weather capability. 

Now, while most of the other traditional RVs need to be winterized in colder temperatures, the Ekko is a game-changer that can camp and travel easily in lower temperatures. This is because all tanks and water lines are inside and insulated. The insulation on this is unparalleled with multiple layered heated and insulated compartments. 

Next, the size of the Ekko is pretty compact. It offers a lot in small size; it is even smaller than most class Bs. It also comes with a spare tire; in addition, the Ford transition chassis has a TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system. 

Next, you will notice that although most RVs come standard with a portable generator or lithium batteries. The Ekko amazingly comes with both! Standard! These, along with the cassette toilet, point lap belts, and the pivoting bathroom wall, the Ekko is an amazing pick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Motorhomes Are Built on The Ford Transit Chassis?

You will find a lot of class B and some Class C motorhomes built on a Ford Transit chassis.

  • Can Ekko Tow a Car?

The Ekko can tow a car that weighs up to 4000 lbs. 

  • How Much Is a New Ford Motorhome?

A new Ford motorhome starts at $130,000.

  • Do Transit Vans Have Bathrooms?

Yes, most of them do. 


So, if you find Ford class b motorhomes for sale, don’t doubt yourself. Know that these are the best of the best available. They provide you with reliable luxury and comfort!

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