Top 6 Class B RV Sleeps 4 in 2022

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With adventure comes life-long memories for the family, and whether you are going on a road trip or going camping, having a Class B RV Sleeps 4 can make these memories easier to make. Going on a trip is exciting, but it can also be stressful with all of the packing, driving, planning rest stops, and hotel stays. Having a 4-person campervan is a great way to ensure your trip is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. If you are interested in purchasing a Class B RV for your family trips, keep reading to find out about the options available.

What is a Class B RV?

A Class B RV, also known as a campervan, is a motorhome that resembles a large van because they are built with panel truck or automotive van frames. Inside the RV, you will find a kitchen, bathroom, and even a living room. Class B RVs have a ceiling high enough to walk around comfortably and also provide storage for your luggage. Higher-end Class B’s may also have an overhead air conditioning unit, an entertainment center, an auxiliary generator, and a power inverter. These RVs are well-loved by adventurers because of their easy maneuverability, affordable cost, fuel efficiency, convenient amenities, tow capacity, and let’s not forget their ability to simply be parked in the garage when not in use. Class B RVs are smaller and provide less storage space than class A or class C RVs. However, these camper vans are modeled for convenience and usability for any driver.

There are many great options available when looking for a 4 person RV. There are also many things to consider, such as price range, customizability, amount of storage space, audio and visual features, and ease of driving capabilities. Making your family trips as comfortable as they can really make all the difference in enjoying your time. Knowing your campervan options before purchasing is essential, and that’s why we have done the research for you. So, below are some of the best class b motorhomes that sleep 4.

Thor Motor Coach offers top-of-the-line motor home campers A few options to consider are the Tiburon luxury sprinter RV and the Delano Sprinter RV.

Class B RVs for the Family that Sleeps Four:

Delano Sprinter RV:

Starting at $175,000

The Delano Sprinter RV is a campervan that sleeps 4. The beautiful layout and high-end tech make this vehicle feel genuinely like a getaway. The cost of the Delano Sprinter is up there, but that is because it is quite a luxurious ride with much to provide.

With a sleeping capacity of 5 and seatbelts for 4, this is a great camper van for 4 people.

The Delano Sprinter RV comes equipped with an easily accessible bathroom and kitchen area. The bathroom area contains an indoor shower, sink, and toilet while the kitchen area covers all basic cooking necessities by incorporating a refrigerator, convection microwave oven, sink, water filtration system, and two-burner gas cooktop.

This RV provides luxurious seating, sleeping arrangements, and comfort with its sofa, queen-size Murphy bed, air conditioning unit, and dinette booth with footrests and theatre seating.

The storage included in this Class B RV is ample compared to some of the other vehicles that are on the market. There is a large amount of exterior storage, storage drawers located within the booth seating, and many cabinets throughout the RV.

Additionally, the sprinter is not lacking in the tech department. This vehicle has a 32” LED TV for your family’s entertainment, sprinter RV WIFI with 4G hot spot capabilities for when you are off the grid. it is also equipped with the Rapid Camp+® multiplex system all in one control center where you can check your power, tank levels, turn on lights, and more through an app on your smartphone.

The Delano Sprinter RV allows you to travel with peace of mind without sacrificing comfort, hygiene, entertainment, and everyday eating habits.

Tiburon Luxury Sprinter RV:

Starting at $175,500

The Tiburon Luxury Sprinter is very similar to the Delano. The interior is also gorgeous, and the price is also pretty high. These RVs are customizable to your needs and can maximize your traveling experience. Tiburon Luxury Sprinters have ample storage and larger floor space compared to cheaper vans.

The Motor Coach offers many options for class-B RVs, and the Tiburon Luxury Sprinter is another great one. Similar to the Delano, The Tiburon has a sleeping capacity of 5 and offers seatbelts for up to 4 people.

This RV comes built with a luxury chef’s kitchen. The kitchen includes a large double door refrigerator that can hold all the groceries you may need during your travels, a large stainless-steel sink with a pull-down sprayer, laminate kitchen countertops with sink covers, a two-burner gas stove top with electric start, and a convection microwave oven.

The Bathroom is enclosed for privacy and includes a warm shower featuring a skylight, a foot flush toilet, and an upgraded sink.

This Mercedes Benz RV has comfortable and roomy sleeping and relaxation areas as well. You may choose from either a full or queen-sized flip-up bed w/reversible mattress & cushioned seating. It also comes standard with a cab-over sleeping area with telescoping bunk ladder, theater seating with footrests, a dinette booth with footrests, and a queen-size murphy bed.

On the Entertainment front, the Tiburon provides a 32” cable-ready LED TV, Bluetooth coach radio system with DVD multimedia receiver, and satellite mounting backer in the roof.

A few other things worth knowing about the Mercedes Benz Tiburon Luxury Sprinter is that it has a 30- gallon fresh-water tank, air conditioning unit, a single child safety tether in the dinette, solar charging system, and system control center.

Roadtrek is another excellent company that can provide your family with a comfortable trip. The Zion Slumber camper van sleeps 4, and the Roadtrek play Slumber class B sleeps 4 as well.

Zion Slumber:

Starting at $172,060

The Zion Slumber is a spacious vehicle that has many advantages. The sleeper space in the Zion seems to be more comfortable and less cramped. The floorplan in this van is easy to navigate through, and navigating it on the road is easy as well.

The Zion Slumber is a very spacious and comfortable van for your travels.

The sleeping and seating capacity for this one is 4-5, and like the other vans listed, the Zion has a lot to offer.

This RV has fantastic kitchen and bathroom setups. The Kitchen galley offers a solid surface countertop with a flip-up extension, A stainless steel sink, a two-burner propane stove, microwave oven, and refrigerator.

The bathroom includes a fully enclosed toilet, sink, and shower. In addition, there is a freshwater tank that holds up to 37 gallons of water and provides instant hot water with its 36,000 BTU on-demand with bypass system.

Sleeping comfortably is easy in the Zion Slumber because of its leather rear-facing sofa with three seat belts that easily convert into two twin-sized beds or one king bed. You also have the option to have a fold-down single mattress that lays over the cabin seats.

The television in Zion is smaller than most Class B RVs. Although smaller, this 24” tv may be more convenient since it is a smart TV on a rotating bracket. The radio makes up for any slack given by the TV as it comes standard with Uconnect 5 infotainment software with GPS, Bluetooth, AM/FM/SiriusXM/USB/aux, voice command, and steering wheel controls.

What I find most impressive about Roadtrek’s Zion slumber is its ease of driving features. It comes with Rear park assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-path protection, and cruise control.

Play Slumber:

Starting at $139,860

The Play Slumber is a cheaper version of the Zion Slumber. For the most part, these vehicles are the same. There are very few and subtle differences in what they can provide. The main difference between these RVs is that the interior of the Play slumber is simpler and more modern, while the Zion looks and feels like a first-class plane flight.

The Play Slumber is ideal for a family of 4. There are 4 seatbelts and 4 spots to sleep. The bed options for this van are customizable, and you can choose from a king-size bed or two twin beds. You also have the option to add a single mattress that folds down over the front cabin seats as the Zion Play provides. If you are ok with doubling up in the beds, then this is a great option.

For general seating, this RV comes with rear power sofas throughout, which makes for comfy travels, but there is limited space to walk around.

The Play Slumber also has a fully enclosed bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower that uses the same instant hot water system.

The Kitchen galley is similar to Zion’s setup. It comes standard with a Pre-formed countertop and flip-up extension, stainless steel fold-down sink with flush cover, and two-burner propane stove with flush cover and push-starts ignite. A refrigerator and convection oven are both included as well.

A few things that the Play Slumber does not include would be a dinette and a TV. There is, however, wiring set up for a TV addition, and it comes with the same Uconnect system that provides GPS, Bluetooth, AM/FM/SiriusXM/USB/aux, Voice command, and steering wheel controls.

The last class B RV models we will be looking at are from Winnebago. Winnebago is one of the most infamous makers of campervans. Winnebago has many small RVs that sleep 4. These campervans have a few affordable options that are just as convenient and luxurious as the others. The Solis and EKKO are a few of the new campervans available


Starting At: $112,133

The Solis is the most affordable ride on this list. The Solis may be cheaper, but it is not lacking in features. At 112 thousand dollars, you can imagine that it is still going to be a phenomenal purchase. However, the storage space is limited, and so is the overall interior space. In particular, one thing mentioned about this van is that the Solis does give a more home-like feel, and the sleeping situation is comfortable.

The Solis is a bit different than other vans. The sleeping arrangements consist of a roof vent with a pop-top bed, a Murphy bed with in-floor storage underneath, and a slat bed system.

The bathroom has a swiveling cassette toilet, shower with wall surround, and flexible shower head. There is no sink in the bathroom, but there is a sink located in the kitchen.

The kitchen galley includes a single-door compressor-driven refrigerator/freezer, Pull-out countertop extension, 2-burner range top with a glass cover, a stainless-steel sink, removable pedestal table, and Dinette seating w/3-point seat belts.

With the Solis, you will need to bring your own electronics for entertainment as there are no TV or TV hookups. There are however USB charging ports throughout the van and a 30-amp. power cord. The Radio system is not as extravagant as other vehicles but gets the job done with its 5″ LCD color touch screen that offers steering wheel controls, rear color camera, and USB ports.

The Solis is not the most advanced model of Class B RV for 4 that is available, but consumers rave about the comfort and price.


Starting At: $171,845

The EKKO by Winnebago is a high-quality RV campervan and one of the brand’s best models. EKKO owners mention that the water tank’s 50-gallon storage and technical audio features are incredible compared to other models. In addition, the EKKO is easy to drive because of the blind-spot monitoring and shorter vehicle length.

The EKKO is a class B RV motorhome for 4. This RV is quite luxurious and one of my favorites so far. For sleeping, you have two twin beds with Winn Sleep System, a

Flex bed kit and a room divider curtain for extra privacy.

For comfort and on-road seating, you have Cab seats with armrests, fixed lumbar support, headrest, and recline, slide and swivel abilities. Additionally, there are two cab seat lounge cushions with 3-point harness seat belts and dinette seating with 3-point seatbelts as well.

The kitchen galley comes with a touch control microwave oven, stainless steel sink with cover, single door compressor-driven refrigerator/freezer, pantry, and Adjustable/removable table/counter extension that can be used for prep eating, or a workstation.

The EKKO has a dry/wet bath with a pivoting wall. The shower has a surrounding wall and the toilet is also a swiveling cassette-style like the Solis.

For entertainment, you have the option of adding a 24” HDTV with Bluetooth soundbar, smart Blu-ray disc player, Radio/Rearview monitor system on an 8″ colored multi-function touchscreen with SYNC®3, navigation, AM/FM stereo with HD/SiriusXM capability, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, dual USB ports and integrated rear camera display and FordPass Connect

The EKKO by Winnebago has a lot to offer when it comes to safety, comfort, and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it worth it to purchase a Class B RV?

A class B RV is worth purchasing if you do not plan to live in it long term. Class B RVs are not as large as Class A or Class C vehicles therefore, they do not provide adequate living space and privacy for a family. However, Class B camper vans are worth purchasing if you take many trips. These vans are easy to drive, maneuver, park, and provide a more manageable living situation while out on your journey.

  • What is the difference between an RV and a Camper van?

An RV is a larger vehicle that is suitable for long-term living and can provide comfortable amenities. A camper van is a smaller vehicle that also provides amenities such as a bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping area. Camper vans are more fuel-efficient than an RV. Additionally, camper vans are more affordable and are easier to store when not in use. If you do not have space for an RV, you will need to pay fees at a storage facility.

  • Do you need a Class B CDL or special license to drive a Class B RV campervan?

Although the licensing name is a bit misleading, you do not need a CDL to drive a campervan. A Class B CDL is required for RVs and vehicles over 26,001 lbs. Since camper vans are usually 6,000- 8,000 lbs, no special licensing is required to drive a class B RV.

  • Can you convert a regular van into a campervan?

Yes, you can convert a van into a campervan. You may not need any special mechanic skills to make the conversion, but you may need help with the interior transformation. It is recommended that you hire a professional to make these conversions in order to provide a safe and street-legal Class B RV. Hiring a contractor, electrician and plumber should also be considered for inserting any showers, toilets, sinks, appliances, beds, and power supply units.

  • Can you live in a Class B RV?

Some people do live out of their campervans. However, using a campervan as a home is not recommended for families. If one or two people love the life on the open road and the freedom of having a traveling home, then yes, one could technically live in a Class B RV. A few things to remember, though are that privacy is limited in a campervan and that if your van breaks down, so does your home.


Having a Class B RV for your family can be a fantastic way to make the most out of your travels. With so many campervan options available, you are sure to find a van that fits your family’s specific needs. These campervans provide bathrooms, kitchens, sleeping areas, and entertainment. In addition, the convenience of having a comfortable way to ride in style makes the purchase worthwhile.

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