5 Best Used Travel Trailers Under 5000 in 2022

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Not everyone gets impressed with new travel trailers; some love used ones, which can easily hook up on the vehicle. 

Used trailers offer many benefits for the users, and it is the reason for the rise in the buying rate of such travel trailers. Being the most popular RV choice, used travel trailers offer a variety of floor plans, making it easier for the buyer. 

The listing below will help you select the best-used trailer when you are on a budget but want something useful. But before that, it is essential to understand that not every used travel trailer is suitable for use. 

They might have hidden or visible faults, especially if the cost is under $5000. Hence buying the wrong one will even cost you more. 

So, look at the list of 5 best used travel trailers under $5000 that will save your money and time.

5 Best Used Travel Trailers Under 5000:

used rv for sale under $5 000

If you want a decent floor pan without any size issues, then Jayco jay feather sport M-165 is the best-used RV for sale under $5 000. It can be a comfortable option as a used travel trailer in this price range. 

The trailer offers five individual sports for sleeping, allowing your entire family or a group of friends to spend some cozy nights inside. 

This budget-friendly, nice travel trailer has a lovely kitchen with even a microwave and a refrigerator which means you can cook and have fun. In addition, there is a dinette with a compact size to save space while allowing you to eat comfortably.

It has a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Moreover, the TV area makes it an excellent choice for all. However, it doesn’t come with a TV but a TV shelf for your ease.


  • Quite comfortable 
  • Decent floor plan
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers five sleeping spots
  • It comes with a refrigerator, microwave, and a three burner stovetop
  • Enough space for shower and toilet
  • Compact dinette
  • Have a TV area
  • Lightweight


used rv for sale under $5000

Starcraft is another favorite travel trailer after Jayco used the RV for sale under $5000. However, the carrying capacity difference and the heavyweight differ from Jayco. Starcraft can carry about 820 pounds which is more than enough. 

However, it weighs 100 pounds more than Jayco, making it heavier. Nevertheless, with significance in the weight and capacity, this travel trailer is better than others because of the presence of a heater. Yes, you read it right. 

It features an 18000 BTU heater, allowing you to use this trailer even in the colder seasons. And not only for colder seasons, but the trailer is great for summers because it also has a 5000 BTU air conditioner. What else can you expect in a used travel trailer under $5000?

It can be a good choice for people with a specific budget but can only accommodate three persons. The starcraft travel trailers for sale under $5000 have sleeping space for only three people, which can be a drawback. But other than that, this can be an excellent trailer option for any season.


  • Possesses an 18000 BTU heater and 5000 BTU air conditioner
  • Cost-effective
  • Enough weight carrying capacity
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Have a shower and toilet
  • Compact length 


used rv for sale under 5000

It is not always suitable to choose considerable travel trailers for sale under $5,000. However, a nice, compact travel trailer goes well for such situations, and Sportsmen’s classic M-13FK is the one that matches your needs. 

This well-equipped but smaller travel trailer model is what you might be looking for. The weight and carrying capacity is less than other trailers of this range but is equipped with all the basic features. 

Moreover, it can be a valuable option for people with space issues who only want accommodation for one or two.

This used RV for sale under 5000 offers two seeping spots with a standard bathroom and a toilet. To your surprise, it can tolerate varying temperatures because of the heating and cooling system. 

Sportsmen classic M-13FK has 16000 BTU heaters and 6000 BTU ac which are not common with this size and range. An outside shower can be a great help in this model as there is no shower inside. 

This compact and nice travel trailer provides enough space for two people during any season. 


  • Suitable for cold and hot conditions
  • Features a 16000 BTU heater
  • Air conditioning capability is 6000 BTU
  • Compact size
  • Have a standard bathroom


  • Sleeping space for only two people
  • No shower inside
  • Not so comfortable because of the low space
  • 2007 KZ Sportsmen 2303:

camper under $5000

Every individual has different needs, and to cater to them, we have plenty of options. 2007 KZ sportsmen 2303 are what makes you feel the luxury without even paying much. 

This used camper under $5000 can be a blessing for people looking for an affordable but fulfilling trailer. With a sleeping capacity of 4 people with a queen bed, the master bedroom has pretty decent-sized wardrobes. 

Outside the master bedroom is the folding dinette for pleasant dinner time. On the other side is the pull-out sofa which can also be a sleeping spot. Above the dinette is the TV, which you can watch while sitting comfortably on the sofa. 

The kitchen has plenty of room for your valuables, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a stovetop. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom with a shower and toilet to make your days and nights relaxed. This heavy yet useful travel trailer can be the best choice for you in this range. 


  • It has a 20000 BTU heater and 13500 BTU ac
  • Possesses a bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet
  • Master Bedroom has a queen bed with two wardrobes
  • Comfortable pull out sofa
  • Folding dinette
  • Pleasant TV room
  • Enough storage space
  • Accommodates around five people
  • Standard kitchen
  • Huge carrying capacity


travel trailers for sale under $5000

The best thing about these campers under $5000 is that it has a sleeping capacity for almost six people, more than enough in this range. The trailer comes with a sofa sleeper and hide-a-bed for accommodating six people easily. 

The bedroom has a sliding wardrobe with enough space to store your valuables. The dinette is great for serving hot and fresh food you prepared in the decent-sized kitchen. 

There is a refrigerator, three burner stove top, double sink, and pantry to enhance your cooking experience in the trailer. You can spend relaxing and fun-filled days and nights in this travel trailer during any month. 

The 30000 BTU heaters can let you feel cozy even in colder times. Also, the 13500 BTU is highly suitable for the summer season. It can be a beneficial used RV for sale under $5,000 with many amazing features.


  • Sleeping capacity of 6 people
  • Hide a bed
  • Enough storage capacity in the wardrobes
  • Three burner stovetop
  • Decent dinette
  • Standard bathroom with shower
  • Possess heater and ac with enough capacity
  • Tv area
  • Medicine cabinet


  • Not easily towable with any vehicle

Factors Choosing Used Travel Trailers Under $5000:

Let’s look at the factors you need to consider while buying used travel trailers under $5000. 

  • Carrying Capacity:

Carrying capacity is one of the most important factors you need to consider while buying a used RV for sale for under $5,000

If the carrying capacity is small when you load the stuff, your RV might look good, but it is overweight for the road. The total RV weight should not be more than GVWR.

  • Sleeping Capacity:

Sleeping capacity is another important factor that you should consider. It all depends on how much accommodation you require. For instance, if you are four people, you should know that there should be one double bed with dual bunk beds.

  • Weight:

Before you buy used travel trailers under $5000, you should consider the length and weight of your trailer. This allows you to tow the vehicle. 

You need to consider weight measurements like UVW, GVW, CCC, etc. Before you buy a used travel trailer, you need to identify the perfect fit between your RV and its towing capacity. 

  • Tank Capacity:

Tank capacity is another stunning feature you need to consider while buying the best-used travel trailers. 

The gray and black tank size prevents people from spending extra time on hookups. When buying used travel trailers, invest after checking the tank capacity based on your camping needs. 

  • Dimensions:

Once you are done identifying the weight of the used travel trailers under 5000, you should check out the dimensions. You need to check size limitations and your parking area. 

For instance, don’t buy a 27’’ trailer if your driveway can only fit around 22’’ of the trailer. You need to consider the dimensions of storing locations and size limitations within sites. 

Should You Even Buy A Used RV?

Buying a used RV for sale under $5000 is like a bargain. You need to consider the following factors while buying the used RV trailer:


  • Your money is saved.
  • It comes with cheaper insurance.
  • The prices should be transparent. Negotiating is the art of buying a used RV for sale for under $5000.
  • When buying used RVs, choose the one with fixed-off mechanical issues. 
  • Choose the used RVs which come with certain human touch or modifications, making it a convenient choice. 

Small modifications like closet organizers, towel hangers, and properly used RVs make a huge difference. 


  • There are certain cons too for buying a used RV for sale under 5000, and you won’t feel it new. Also, a used RV might not seem clean. You need to consider the RV interior too. Check whether the used RVs were utilized by smokers, pet owners, etc. 
  • There is no warranty coverage by the manufacturers. 
  • Hidden damage is also one of the factors that you need to consider when buying a used RV for sale under 5000. 
  • Consider upgrade and repair costs that outweigh your choice of buying the used RV travel trailer. 

Should You Buy A Used RV?

If we talk about being economical, buying a used RV is a cost-effective solution. Used RVs are efficient and highly reasonable. campers under $5000 help you save money. They might not be comfortable, but they are highly economical. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can you cook in the camper?

Camper trailers have kitchens that allow you to cook dinner or lunch in the Camper. However, you can access Instant pot, which allows you to prepare dinner over a grill or stovetop.

  • How much does the trailer weigh?

The average trailer weight is around 5000 pounds, but it depends on the dry weight, gross weight, etc. The gross vehicle weight is around 1500 Pounds which we need to add in the 5200 pounds, which is the dry weight.

  • Which travel trailers are the most reliable?

The most reliable travel trailers are Coachmen, Keystone, Sportsmen, Jayko, etc. 

  • What is the best value for money camper trailer?

If you are planning to figure out which are we are the best value for money e then it’s a difficult answer to give to the users. 

It depends on your preferences, accommodation choice, tank size, weight, carrying capacity, etc. But, if we talk about the reliable RV travel trailer under 5000, the Jayco travel trailer is the best.


Hope this guide helps you get your hands on the best-used travel trailers under 5000. We made sure to offer you the mind-blowing options which go well according to your preference.

Choose your travel trailer now wisely and enjoy using the amenities in your trailer accordingly. Buying a used travel trailer is challenging, so we have listed down the factors to consider.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the spectacular used RV travel trailer now!

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