5 Best Truck For Towing Travel Trailer in 2022 [Reviews]

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A travel trailer is one of the most useful accessories that you can have when it comes to vacations. When going away as a family, it is often easier to use a travel trailer rather than setting up a camp. It is also far cheaper than booking a resort. However, the best truck for towing travel trailers is important to make the journey successful.

Travel trailers vary in size and the size difference means a difference in weight. This means that certain trucks might not be powerful enough to tow all of the top trailers on the market today. As an avid camper, it is important that you know which is the best truck for towing campers to ensure that you don’t get stuck anywhere.

Since the process can be hard for many people to understand, we have created a thorough article that outlines some of the top trailers. We will not only look at the best travel trailer towing truck but also some of the other features. The article should make it that much easier for you to find the best vehicle for towing travel trailers.

What Is The Best Truck To Tow A Travel Trailer?

Since there are so many different trucks on the market today, it can often be hard to say that one of them is better than the other. There are plenty of top trucks that should all do wonders when it comes to towing your trailer. However, the 2017 RAM 1500 seems to be one of the most trusted trucks that most people currently like.

The truck can tow an estimated capacity of 10,140-pounds, which makes it the perfect truck for pulling some of the bigger trailers on the market today. Additionally, it features a state-of-the-art design that also makes towing easier. The truck might not be the strongest when compared to the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. However, it is a bit cheaper.

Selecting the best truck for towing a travel trailer is not only about having the most horsepower. It is also imperative that you consider some of the other minor features like the comfort and how expensive the vehicle is. Upon reaching the buyer’s guide, you should find out a bit more about the collective features that we deem to be the most important.

best truck for towing travel trailers

Do You Need To Purchase A New Truck For Your Travel Trailer?

Buying a new truck is always something special. Especially if you are someone that enjoys trucks and has one of the best. However, you don’t need to buy the newest and best truck to pull your trailer. If you don’t have a vehicle that is currently powerful enough or meets the legal requirements for pulling a trailer, you might have to consider it.

However, trucks are expensive. Especially when you are looking at some of the high-end options on the market today. It is far better to look at your budget and determine which one is the best for your needs when deciding between a new truck and a used truck. Many low-mileage trucks can be found at bargain prices if you are willing to look for a used truck.

One of the main requirements is that you should ensure that the truck can legally tow the trailer. You will find that the trailer will have specifications and weight indicated. Your truck will also give you information on the capacity of the unit and how much weight it can legally carry without running into any real issues.

You should also look at the additional purposes of the truck before making your purchase. If you only go camping once a year, you don’t need to focus on the trailer as much as the other reasons you could use the truck for. The best pickup for towing travel trailers should be functional and ensure that you have the right usability.

5 Best Trucks For Towing A Travel Trailer:

If you have your mind set on finding the right truck for towing travel trailers, you have come to the right place. The following options are some of the best on the market today and we highly rate these trucks. They should be functional for towing and they will also give you the power you need to use it for other ventures. Here are five of the best trucks for towing a travel trailer:

Ford F150:

best trucks for towing campers

One of the most trusted trucks in the United States has always been the Ford F150. It is one of the more reliable trucks that feature plenty of power and a large payload capacity. The standard model should sell for around $28,000, with the price increasing incrementally depending on the model and some of the features.

Additionally, the truck can tow anywhere between 5,000 and 11,300-pounds. This should give it more than enough capacity to tow your travel trailer. However, it is only functional for two people and you might need to pay more for a larger model. The payload capacity of the truck is from 1,745 to 2,238- pounds.

Depending on the trim package you select, the truck should have seating for either three people or six. However, the larger models tend to be a bit more expensive, which might not bode well for everyone who is camping on a budget. Overall, this is one of the trucks that you can use over the long term and trust with all your needs.


  • Not excessively expensive
  • Powerful truck
  • Large payload capacity
  • Ideal for travel trailers


  • Different trim packages could make it more expensive

Dodge RAM 1500:

best travel trailer towing truck

If you have a couple of bucks extra and you are willing to buy a slightly bigger truck, the Dodge RAM 1500 should be one of the first options on your list. The truck is slightly larger than some of the competitors and it features powerful features that will make it stand out when pulling your travel trailer around.

One of the places that help the Dodge RAM excel is the towing capacity and it features a towing capacity that ranges from 6,150 to 12,750-pounds. This should give it ample capacity to tow even some of the larger trailers that people struggle with. The payload capacity ranges from 1,242 to 2,322-pounds.

With a starting price of $32,795, it is one of the more expensive models on the market today. However, Dodge comes with a good reputation and you will feel plenty of comfort in this truck. The truck can seat around 6 people if you squeeze everyone in. However, seating five people should make it the most comfortable.


  • Good tow capacity
  • Reliable brand
  • Seats plenty of people
  • Ideal for all trailers


  • Price

Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

best vehicle for towing travel trailer

One of the most sought-after trucks in the United States is the Chevy Silverado. Most people prefer to have the Chevy Silverado for its stunning appearance and the powerful towing capacity it features. However, the towing capacity will vary depending on the model and you need to make sure that you find the top model.

If you consider the top-of-the-range model, you will find that the Chevy Silverado can tow a capacity of 13,300-pounds. This towing capacity makes it one of the most powerful models on the market today. However, the lower models can only tow up to 9,700-pounds, which might not be as much for the avid traveler or camper.

The payload capacity is 2,280-pounds, which means that you have plenty of room for your gear on the back of the truck. In terms of the price, it can be one of the cheaper and more expensive models. Prices for the Chevy Silverado range from $28,900 to $35,200. However, you should find the right one for your needs.


  • Most trusted truck in the US
  • Reputable brand
  • Powerful towing
  • Numerous options to choose from


  • The high-end option is expensive

Toyota Tundra:

best trucks for towing travel trailers

While Chevrolet and Ford are two of the main brands in the United States, Toyota is one of the brands that certainly rule the world. When it comes to pickup trucks, the Toyota Tundra is one of the ideal options for those that need some power. It also comes with the Toyota name, which helps with the overall quality.

The top model should be able to tow around 10,200-pounds. While this does not make it one of the strongest trucks on the market today, it is one of the most functional and ensures that you have a reliable mode of transportation. The payload capacity is not the best, but at 1,730-pounds, it should still be enough.

The biggest issue that we have with the Toyota Tundra is the price. Unfortunately, it is one of the more expensive models on the market today and this makes it hard for people to consider the truck. In terms of overall value, it should be one of the main options for you to consider. It is highly recommended by many experts.


  • Reliable brand
  • Decent tow capacity
  • Seats 6 people
  • Large interior


  • Expensive

GMC Sierra 1500:

best truck to pull a camper

GMC is another one of the truly American brands that have come a long way to give you a high-end and powerful truck to get the job done. The truck has a towing capacity of 11, 800-pounds, which means that it is one of the most powerful options on the market today. You should not need to have any hassles when it comes to towing.

Once again, there will be a variety of different trim packages that you can select and the biggest option will give you around 2,250-pounds of payload capacity. The payload capacity should give you confidence when it comes to using the truck and it will ensure that you don’t have to store some of your belongings in the moving trailer.

There are a couple of models, but depending on the model, the truck can seat either 3 or 6 people depending on the trim size. Additionally, the entry-level costs of this truck are slightly higher than some of the other models. However, it is certainly worth looking at the most expensive model for the different features it offers.


  • Large capacity
  • Great towing power
  • Numerous good model
  • Reliable truck


  • The expensive starting price point

What To Look For In A Truck For Towing A Travel Trailer?

While the above-mentioned options are some of the best on the market today, it can be hard for some people to find the best truck to pull a camper. If none of the options we listed are to your like, you should consider the following buyer’s guide. We dive deeper into some of the main features that make these trucks stand out:

Gas Or Diesel Trucks:

One of the first things you will need to look at is the gas vs diesel debate. Some people swear by one, whereas others will swear by the other. However, gas and diesel trucks are both effective for towing your trailer. Diesel trucks generally have a bit more towing capacity. With slightly more torque, the diesel engines are a bit more powerful.

Towing Capacity:

One of the first things you should consider looking at is the towing capacity of the truck. If you buy the truck first, you will need to make sure that you find a trailer that it can tow. However, many people have trailers and need the right truck. Look at the weight of your travel trailer and determine the right truck to get the job done.

Payload Capacity:

The next important step is the payload capacity and this refers to the weight that you can add to the cargo area of the truck. You don’t want to add too much weight to the travel trailer, as this will make it heavier to tow. However, the payload capacity should be great and should ensure that you can store all your important gear and belongings.

Trim Package:

We cannot tell you which trim package you should consider. However, there are plenty of trucks on the market today, and finding the trim package you desire is important. You might pay more for certain trim packages. However, having 6 seats for your friends and family tends to work much better than having 3. However, it could affect the payload capacity.


Finally, the price is one of the final considerations and you need a functional truck that you will be using when it comes to towing. Some trucks can be expensive, but most of these trucks are close to one another in terms of price. You should not exceed your budget and consider finding something that will be comfortable.

Need More Towing Capacity? Size Up!

best pickup for towing travel trailer

You might already have a truck, but if you get a bigger trailer or you need to tow something heavier, your truck might not be up to standard. It is important that you consider sizing up and taking the truck to some sort of custom shop. You can also consider a different model when you step into the dealership to buy a new model.

Much like we have done for this article, research will be your friend, and the more research you are willing to do, the more likely you are to find the perfect truck for your needs. You should consider sizing up and buying a more powerful truck if you are to tow large objects or if the new trailer is a little heavier.

If you take your truck to a custom shop, there are a couple of conversions that some of the mechanics can introduce. The conversions can improve the torque output of the car. Additionally, you might also want to consider choosing the diesel version over the petrol version. It should have a little more power for towing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

By now, you should have all the information when it comes to towing a travel trailer and you should be able to find the right truck. However, some people might still have a few lingering questions that we aim to answer. Here are some additional questions that you might need the answer to.

  • What Is Torque?

Torque is slightly more complicated than horsepower and refers to the twisting power available in the engine. Torque is commonly measured in pounds per foot, which makes it a great measuring stick for power. The more torque you have the more power your truck should have.

  • Can I Use An SUV To Tow A Trailer?

Yes, there are a couple of great SUVs that could be beneficial for you to consider. However, some of these models are expensive. The Mercedes G-Wagon is one of the top options on the market today. However, it is not as affordable as some of the other trucks on the list.

  • Which Truck Is The Best For Pulling A Trailer?

All the trucks on the list should be functional and allow you to comfortably tow your trailer. However, the Chevy Silverado 1500 is one of the most reliable trucks. It might not be the most powerful, but it offers great value for the money.


Towing a travel trailer is something everyone who enjoys camping wants. While these two camping items are expensive, they will offer you long-term value for your money. The travel trailer is a functional piece of camping gear and with these trucks, you could have some fun. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any of your favorite trucks.

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