5 Best Travel Trailers Under 8000 Lbs in 2022 (Reviews)

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Do you love traveling alone? How about traveling with your friends or family? Do you love going to different places but still feel the comfort of your home at the same time? Should it all be “yes,” then the best solution is travel trailers? Having a travel trailer of good quality is an excellent investment to have for a comfortable and leisure vacation for you, your family, and your friends. You can enjoy traveling in comfort and have a feel of home wherever you go.

Finding the right traveler needs a lot of things to be considered. One of the things you can check out is the weight of the travel trailers that you want to have. You also have to check the size of the trailer and make sure that it would fit the whole group. Best travel trailers under 8,000 lbs are the ideal travel trailer for your travels as travel trailers can be heavy, and you’ll need a lot of fuel to drag them along. So if you plan to use travel trailers for traveling, it is best to find one 8000 lb travel trailer or below.

What are the Basic Weight Terms for Travel Trailers?

Since traveling with travel trailers can be a bit heavy, you must find the best travel trailers under 8000 lbs so that it is just the right size for your family or group of friends to use. Since it also uses a lot of fuel to drag a travel trailer, then you can surely estimate the amount of fuel that you will be using for your trip and emergencies. Also, you can do the things that you want to bring on your journey as it would add more weight to your travel trailer aside from the travel trailer’s weight itself.

The 8,000lb camper trailer has features that make a person traveling comfortable, as aside from it being heavier than a lightweight, its fuel expenditure is manageable. If you love traveling, you can check out different travel trailers under 8000 lbs that have been listed below so you can see if there is anything that might catch your attention. You can consider checking them while you are planning for your next trip by yourself, with your family, or just your friends. Indeed, this is a great travel experience that you and your family will enjoy. 

  • Palomino Puma 25RKQB:

This travel trailer is the best bid for something affordable but has high quality. It also has everything you’d want a travel trailer to have for comfortable traveling. Its bed size is 60 by 80 in. It is a significant attraction and slightly more prominent compared to usual beds inside recreational vehicles. It also has a spacious kitchen with a pantry and a refrigerator for traveling. They keep the foods you are bringing for your trip to stay fresh as you travel.

The kitchen also has a dinette to accompany it. Aside from that, the travel trailer also has a sofa set that you can use. This inside travel trailer gives off a cozy and homey feeling. Its weight is 7,598 lbs which is its gross weight. This travel trailer is 29 ft, and 5 in as its length and its width is 96 in. It has a one-floor plan and slide-out. The trailer has a very spacious look, and it has room for other things that you might be planning to bring along during your trip. This travel trailer also has a practical shower with the size of 34 by 34 inches in dimensions.

  • Riverside RV Retro:

travel trailers under 8000 lbs

This travel trailer weighs 1,650 lbs, and its length is 12 ft and 8 inches, while its width is 7 ft and 4 inches. It may seem small, but it has the essentials that you are looking for in a good and comfortable travel trailer. It has 15-floor plans and one slide-outs. It is an ideal travel trailer for a small family who wants to travel around. It has storage spaces that are pass-throughs on its sides to keep the things you are taking with you for your trip.

Its sofas are flip-downs so that there would be less space to be occupied. The sofas can be flipped down whenever you need a chair to sit on and can be flipped up to give space when not in use. The distance can be used for extra mattresses or just for you to have a bigger room for movement inside the travel trailer. The bed is queen-sized together with a nightstand. It has a cooking area with its pantry and a refrigerator to keep the food for the whole trip. It also has a dinette in a U-shape to save more space and a better dining experience.

  • Starcraft Telluride:

8000 lb travel trailer

This trailer is known for being budget-friendly among all travel trailers. Its striking feature is its great storage for wastewater. Users won’t be too strained in draining wastewater because they won’t have to worry about continuous draining while traveling due to the large capacity for sewage. There is also a vast capacity for storing freshwater, so you won’t have to worry too much about running out of water during the trip. This can also carry a large amount of weight, so you don’t worry about having to take a lot of things while on your trip.

This travel trailer’s interior height is 92 inches, so you don’t have to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling of your travel trailer. While its length is 29 ft and 3 inches, and its weight is 97 inches. Though budget-friendly, it is a bit heavier compared to the first two travel trailers, as it weighs 9,995 lbs. It also has a very convenient bathroom wherein the shower and the sink are separated. It also has a slide-out for the dinette that can accommodate a sofa for when you feel like sitting—a very convenient travel trailer for a long trip.

  • Eagle HTX Fifth Wheel:

best travel trailers under 8,000 lbs

If you are fond of windows, this travel trailer is the one you are looking for. It is also advantageous because it has superior construction. It has a solid overall frame that can put up any strain the environment throws. Its walls are aluminum-framed so that it won’t indent easily. It also has fiberglass for the exterior and has gel coating to protect it from weather damage. With excellent protection, this travel trailer would last longer, and you’ll be able to use it for a long time. It has a very open living space, so you’ll be feeling at ease while inside the trailer.

You can use the open space any way you want while traveling so that it would be more convenient for you while traveling. This travel trailer can also take in a large screen for your games and a wide variety of movies to choose from to keep yourself from getting bored on the trip. Its capacity for weight-bearing is high compared to other travel trailers. This makes it suitable for heavy-duty carrying with many windows to keep the air fresh inside the trailer and to prevent feeling claustrophobic.

  • Forest River Arctic Wolf:

best travel trailers under 8000 lbs

This travel trailer is great for people who love lounging and traveling in forests. Its bed size is queen-sized, measuring 60 by 74, and it also has storage underneath the bed to keep any essentials you brought stored in a single place. It is very comfortable to sleep in while you are traveling. This trailer weighs 7,928 lbs, and its length is 31 ft while its width is 96 inches. It has a cooking area that is very spacious so you won’t have to worry about having to cook in a small cramped space.

It also has both the refrigerator and the pantry for safe food storage while traveling to keep the food from spoiling. The sitting area is found inside a slide-out compartment so that the trailer can have more space for movement inside the trailer. Aside from that, it also has an impressive bathroom with a modern layout that can help fulfill your needs. It also has large windows so that you can enjoy the scenery while traveling, or you want to look outside and watch the sunrise and sunset while you are taking some rest and having time for yourself to breathe and keep yourself clear-headed.

What are the Factors You Need to Know in Choosing Travel Trailers Under 8000 Lbs?

Towing Capacity:

In finding the travel trailer that is suitable for you, you must consider a lot of things first before choosing which one would suit your needs. The first to consider is the towing capacity of the travel trailer. You need to know the exact weight that you can carry with you without having to take any risks while you are traveling to prevent any mishaps while you are on the road. The bigger your truck is, the larger towing capacity it will have, so you must make sure to weigh everything first while your trailer is complete, as everything will be based on the weight of your travel trailer every time you go on a trip.

Size Of The Trailer:

Next is, the overall length of your trailer should also be considered. Having an extended travel trailer may end up unsafe for you to travel with as it might end up much heavier than the 8000 lbs that you want for traveling. It would help if you also considered the travel; you might experience a lot of rocking or shaking while traveling, and it would also end up problematic in going into campgrounds as there are usually length limits for travel trailers on some designated spots. You need to know if the location you chose has the right size to accommodate your trailer.

Layout Of The Trailer:

The layout of the trailer you are using will be of great consideration as well. It would help if you chose a travel trailer that would be able to bring you comfort while traveling. Also, pay attention to the things and people that would be accompanying you on your trip so that it won’t be any hassle for you when the trip is already on the way. Another you need to consider is the budget. It would help if you chose something that is within your budget, so you won’t have to worry about choosing a trailer that costs more than the available budget you have on hand. You need to know what are the things you want for your travel trailer so that you’ll have the total amount you’ll need for your trailer, and you won’t be shocked at how expensive it would be.

Storage Capacity:

Another thing you must consider is the storage capacity of your trailer. If you are planning to travel for a long time, you must consider how you would divide the storage of your trailer to be able to travel without having to worry about food, water, and other things you need for your travel. It would help if you made sure that the things you will bring with you will be enough for the whole trip and for how many people are coming along with you on this trip. You never know when you’ll be able to see a store to refill all your needs while you are on the road with your friends or family. It would help if you eliminated any possible hassle you might encounter on your trip to keep it smooth until your return home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a travel trailer?

They are a non-motored RV. They are usually used for traveling long distances with friends or family when going on vacation. Options are not a problem because you can have an option as to what size of trailer you would like for yourself and what size is suitable for your needs.

  • What are the advantages of a travel trailer?

They have different models to choose from that would fit your budget. You won’t need a tow vehicle as your travel trailer can do the same, and it also has locking doors together with solid walls for your security while traveling. You can also use it as a vehicle for traveling after you unhitch your camping site so you wouldn’t worry about how you are going to go back home. It can also be tailored according to your needs so that it would be a convenient and comfortable journey for you and your companions. 

  • Can it be used during winter?

Yes, they can be used during winter. But you must make sure that your trailer is one of those equipped adequately for winter as there are travel trailers that are not sufficiently prepared for this season. It is also a must to make sure that the water won’t freeze in winter. You can buy heating pads to prevent them from freezing so that you’ll have water to use while you’re out enjoying the snow and winter. You can also consult your dealer to give you more information regarding winter traveling for your travel trailer and for you to be ready for whatever emergency you might encounter.

  • Do they have generators for traveling?

A lot of travel trailers don’t have one, but if you are planning to stay in certain places that don’t have access to electricity, it would be better to purchase one so that you’ll have something to use for when you set up camp. You may also need additional AC power for your trailer, so it is better to be prepared in case of emergencies. Most campgrounds have 50 amp services for travel trailers, so you might have to find a generator that could also give you the same amp, mainly if you use air conditioning inside your trailers. This would provide an appropriate amount of power in case you needed it for emergencies while on the road and there is no nearby campground to stay at in your travel.

  • Is towing safe for travel trailers?

It is safe as long as the hitching is done correctly. You must equip your travel trailer with the right equipment so that you can be able to help others in towing their vehicles if ever there would be a need for towing. You must consult professionals on how you can pull other vehicles safely without taking any risks to your car or the car you are towing. With professional help, you can also learn what the do’s and don’ts when you are on the road towing other cars are.


If you love traveling and adventures, you might want to have a safe place to stay while on the road. This is the right vehicle for you that will surely help you overcome harsh weather while traveling or just a place to rest on camping grounds. Trailers can be the ones that you are looking for. They have different types that you can choose from so you can travel comfortably while on the road or you can enjoy spending time with your family on vacations or campgrounds. With this travel trailer, you can have an enjoyable time with your loved ones while traveling.

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