5 Best Travel Trailer Under 6000 LBS in 2022 [Reviews]

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A travel trailer is often one of the best investments you could make. It symbolizes a house on wheels and can be comfortable for those that enjoy traveling. The best travel trailer under 6000 lbs are slightly smaller, which means they can be rigged to a smaller vehicle. However, you still need to have a powerful pickup truck or SUV.

Some travel trailers can be large and when you have access to a large travel trailer, you will need a strong enough vehicle to pull it. The 6000 lbs camper is the ideal option that won’t weigh you down too much and will ensure you have more comfort. Even though 6000 lbs seems light, it can still offer you a spacious design.

If an RV is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. This article aims to reveal the top 5 travel trailers under 6000 lbs. While some of them might be expensive, we have stuck to reliable brands that can give you value for money. We will also look at some of the important towing tips you need to know.

5 Important Towing Weight Terms:

If you are serious about towing, there are a few important terms you will need to understand. Towing terminology is not something that everyone wants to think about. However, you don’t want to be towing something your vehicle cannot tow. Here are the 5 most important towing terms:

Trailer Weights:

Understanding the trailer weights is important if you are to find the right trailer. Trailers are assessed by their total weight, which is also the unladen weight. The unladen weight is also the tare weight, which is combined with the payload they can carry:

  • Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM): The aggregate trailer weight is the tare weight, combined with the maximum payload when uncoupled from the vehicle.
  • Gross Trailer Mass (GTM): The gross trailer mass is the weight of the trailer when fully loaded on its axle. It should be less than the ATM and exclude some underpinnings.

Vehicle Weights:

The vehicle weights directly refer to the weight of the vehicle and can also be broken up into two sections:

  • Kerb Weight: The kerb weight is the empty weight of any vehicle with a full tank of fuel. It does not include the luggage or the passengers.
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): GVM is the total weight of the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, luggage, and passengers included.
  • Tare Weight: The tare weight is similar to the kerb weight. However, the tank only has 10 liters of fuel.
  • Gross Combination Mass (GCM): Finally, the gross combination mass refers to the total weight allowed for the vehicle and the trailer. It is the combination of the vehicle’s GVM and the trailer’s ATM.

Towing Capacity:

When you buy a trailer, you need to understand the towing capacity of your vehicle. The more towing capacity the vehicle has, the bigger the trailer you can tow. The towing capacity is set out by the manufacturer and it is based on power, torque, rear-axle strength, and frame durability. Here is how it is divided:

  • Brake Towing Capacity: This is one of the most important numbers and it refers to the ATM of any trailer with its brakes.
  • Unbraked Towing Capacity: This is the opposite of the previous number and refers to towing the trailer without any brakes. The number is much lower than the brake towing capacity as the vehicle will need to absorb the force.

GCM & Towing Capacity:

The GCM is one of the most important figures and this number refers to the extra weight which is added to the vehicle. However, the extra weight you add to the vehicle in terms of passengers and luggage might need to be subtracted from the trailer’s ATM. This is mostly when looking at the braked towing capacity and it is only to protect the vehicle.

Towbar Capacity:

The towbar capacity is one of the more common terms and it is also easy to understand. No matter which vehicle you have, the vehicle is only as good as the towbar it is using. You should be more cognizant of the towbar capacity and follow it when buying a new travel trailer.

5 Best Travel Trailer Under 6000 LBS:

Once you grasp the concept of towing and you become familiar with some of the terms, you need to ensure you find the best travel trailers under 6000 lbs. Fortunately, we have done some in-depth research and come up with the top 5. If you are looking for a 6000 lbs trailer or under, here is the top 5:

Best Lightweight Travel Trailer: Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708B:

campers under 6000 lbs

Link: https://www.winnebago.com/models/product/towables/micro-minnie-1

Length: 19.45-feet

Unloaded Weight: 3,360-pounds

Price: $35,643

When it comes to travel trailers, Winnebago is one of the leading brands on the market today. They are known for their quality designs and high-end RVs. Generally, these vehicles have a Class A or Class C rating, but they make plenty of great options. The Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708B is the first one on our list.

The vehicle might be long, but it comes in at just over 3,000-pounds. While it might seem heavy, it is not as heavy as many of the bigger options on the market. On the inside, it is loaded with all the important features like a kitchen, but the cross-air windows will stand out. You also have the option of towing it with a lighter vehicle.


While this trailer might not be the biggest or baddest on the market today, it does everything you want it to. The price might seem steep when you are shopping, but you have many years of usage before it needs to be replaced. We would certainly recommend it for the overall value.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight
  • Contains all the basics
  • Reliable brand


  • It is small inside

Best Travel Trailer For Comfort: Lance 1685 Travel Trailer:

6000 lb trailer

Link: https://www.lancecamper.com/travel-trailers/1685/

Length: 21-feet

Unloaded Weight: 3,980-pounds

Price: $46,097

If your budget permits it and you can afford something bigger, you might want to consider the Lance 1685 Travel Trailer. Aside from being lightweight, the model has a great way of increasing the space. One of the main things we all want is increased space and the wall that slides out, it will give you ample space.

The unit is packed with some high-end features and while it might be heavier than the previous model, it also has more internal size. The longer design is responsible for the additional weight. With stunning granite tops, it is the best option to show off to your friends.


If you consider yourself a minimalist, this might not be the trailer for you. However, it has some incredible features that will accommodate almost everyone. One of the downsides is the price, but it is still cheaper than some other high-end brands.


  • Stunning interior
  • Wall can slide out
  • Great durability
  • Lightweight


  • Price

Dutchmen Aspen Trail LE 25BH:

Best Travel Trailer Under 6000 LBS

Link: https://www.dutchmen.com/product/aspen-trail-le

Length: 28.8-feet

Unloaded Weight: 4,719-pounds

Price: $35,000

If you have a vehicle that can tow a larger capacity, you might want to look for the Dutchman Aspen Trail LE 25BH. The new 2022 model is one of the most advanced models and while it is heavier than some of the previous models, it is worth it. You will be impressed to see the features the manufacturer could squeeze in.

The unit comes with a standard compact kitchen that will give you plenty of room for cooking. Additionally, it features two bunk beds and a sofa. The sofa area can easily be used for a living area. All the components are stylish and should be functional for most vehicles to tow.


There is not much to say about the Dutchman Aspen Trail LE 25BH. It is a stylish unit with numerous features that include a durable design. However, the most impressive feature is the price. The unit is very affordable for all the features it contains.


  • Large interior
  • Numerous accessories
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to tow


  • No cons

Best Compact Travel Trailer Under 6000 lbs: Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 22TBS:

travel trailer under 6000 lbs

Link: https://forestriverinc.com/rvs/travel-trailers/flagstaff-micro-lite/22TBS/5276

Length: 23.11-feet

Unloaded Weight: 4,795-pounds

Price: $38,999

If compact is what you are looking for, the Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 22TBS should be one of the first options you consider. It is a heavier model, closer to 5,000-pounds than any of the other models, but features a short design. It should be much easier to control when towed by most vehicles.

In terms of the interior design, the unit is available in two designs. One of the models has a master bedroom, which features two twin beds. The other features are the bunker design. Whichever one you choose, you have a comfortable kitchen, and the unit is loaded with incredible features.


Overall, the Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 22TBS is a great bang for your buck. Aside from having a few niggles in terms of the weight, most vehicles should have a comfortable time towing it. It is a great option for those that enjoy traveling.


  • Small and compact
  • Value for money
  • Numerous interior options
  • Spacious


  • It can be tricky to tow for light vehicles

Best High-End Travel trailer Under 6000 lbs: Airstream Caravel 20FB:

travel trailers under 6000 lbs

Link: https://www.airstream.com/travel-trailers/caravel/

Length: 20.8-feet

Unloaded Weight: 4,300-pounds

Price: $82,050

Airstream is one of the older brands and they have built an incredible reputation when it comes to quality. The Airstream Caravel 20FB comes with a unique dome design and a metal finish that gives it an old-school look. It is also heavy, but the weight certainly gives you a variety of features that you can work with.

On the inside, it has some unique features, which include some high-end designs and an L-shaped kitchenette. Four people can comfortably sleep in the unit and one of the beds can be converted to a dinette. It is a large unit and while height could be an issue it offers good value for money.


While the unit is made from durable materials, one of the concerning factors is the price. It might offer you some excellent value for your money, but you will need to consider it an investment. Once you have the unit, you can be sure that you have years to use the unit.


  • Durable exterior shape
  • Comfortable interior
  • Versatile components
  • Easy to tow


  • Price

Important Features To Look For In Travel Trailers Under 6000 lbs:

Having an idea of what to look for is important when buying a travel trailer under 6000 lbs. If you have made up your mind to buy one, there are a couple of important features to keep in mind. We have isolated some of the most important:


One of the first things to keep in mind is the size of the unit. If you are four people, you will need a unit that can accommodate everyone with ease. Additionally, you don’t want to overspend on something that is too big and cannot be used to the full extent. Keep in mind that you want to be sure you understand the dimensions and the value.

Internal Storage:

You always want to make sure that you have enough interior storage for all your gear. You don’t want to end up having to store everything on the floor and find that it is in the way when you need to move around. You should consider having cupboards or latches that enable you to store everything you need.

Internal Comfort:

You want a trailer that gives you internal comfort. You don’t want everything to be cramped and you should have a kitchenette and a small toilet. These are some of the more important utilities we all need every day.


The aesthetics tend to be important if you want to show off your travel trailer. For many people, having a pragmatic trailer should suffice. However, others might want something with a pleasing aesthetic design that also looks good.


While we have covered the towing aspect of the trailer and your vehicle, you must be comfortable with the towing features it can offer you. We would recommend that you look at the weights and ensure that your vehicle does not have a hard time when it comes to towing the trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We believe the article covers almost everything about travel trailers under 6000 lbs. However, some people might still have a few niggling questions that need to be addressed. We have isolated some of these questions to ensure that you don’t have to be left wondering:

  • Do I Need An SUV Or Pickup Truck For Travel Trailer?

The vehicle you choose does not matter specifically when it comes to the travel trailer. It is more important that you focus on the towing capacity it offers and the towbar rating to ensure it can accommodate the trailer.

  • Should I Buy A New Or Used Travel Trailer?

Buying a new travel trailer can be more expensive, but you don’t have to deal with any previous issues. Used travel trailers can be slightly cheaper, but you will need to ensure it does not have any aesthetic damage and the mechanical components are fine.


 A good travel trailer under 6000 lbs should serve you well on most of your trips. These units are designed to give you value for your money and they can be towed by smaller vehicles as well. We would love to read some of your comments and find out what you rate as the best travel trailers under 6000 lbs.

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