7 Best Travel Trailer Brands In 2022 You Need to Know

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Buying a travel trailer is not only a huge investment but also a long-term commitment. And if you are in the market, we are sure there are numerous options left and right. 

While trying to find the perfect travel trailer, getting distracted and confused by a list of glamorous features is straightforward. 

However, we want to make sure you stay on track during your search. And for this reason, we have compiled a list of the best travel trailer brands in 2021 you need to be aware of. 

Best Travel Trailer Brands:

  • Airstream:

best travel trailer brands

When we talk about the best quality travel trailers brands, Airstream surely tops any list. Airstream is a good brand providing a home-like comfort on the road.

Airstream is one of the very few best quality travel trailers for generational use. It would astonish you to find out that almost 75% of airstreams constructed in the 1980s are still in use. 

This is huge as most of the other travel trailers out there will provide you with a maximum of 10 -15 years of life.

All of these travel trailers are built by hand with skilled artisans. You will find that it takes an average of 350 hours to make one Airstream. 

Compared to the average of 50 hours that go into the building, most other RVs honestly speak volumes about their quality. Airstream’s main goal is to provide you with class, quality, longevity, and durability. It is undoubtedly one of the best-built travel trailers you will find in the market.

These travel trailers do not have 50 plus years of life on them, only. But they make sure you have a one-of-a-kind ownership experience while living in these. 

They offer you the best insulation and are very focused on using recycled materials for that.

In addition, airstreams use high-quality insulators that prevent heat and cold from traveling in the RV through the aluminum exterior. This makes it as good as any other 4 season RV present on the market.

Airstreams have great resale value as well. You will find that used models sell out within hours in dealerships. Not only this, but it also offers you a 3-year transferable warranty with roadside assistance.

The most popular models that Airstream has are the Flying Cloud, Basecamp, and the Globetrotter. If you are looking for a travel trailer that you and your family can rely on, this is the one.

  • Grand Design RV:

best quality travel trailers

The Grand Design RV is one of the best rated travel trailers. This travel trailer company has been the 2019 gold winner for all three of its categories. In addition, the owners take great pride in their unique customer service. 

They understand the importance of standing at the back of their products and providing prompt post-care of the vehicle. 

The first and most prominent thing you will find about the Grand Design RV is their 300 plus point PDI testing services. They put together all units individually by hand through rigorous multipoint PDI testing. 

You may find that most manufacturers rely on the dealers to finish up the vehicle and then sell it. But Grand Design makes sure the product is suitable to ship itself.

You will also find that the Grand Design RV travel trailers come with extreme care to detail. 

For example, they have a laminated aluminum frame construction that uniquely covers all slide-outs rear and sidewalls. It also offers a residential-style wooden truss roof. 

This not only makes the top entirely walkable. But it also provides better screw retention than traditional aluminum rooftop frames.

The insulation system that you will find on a Grand Design RV is also not some joke. People take your insulation needs seriously with a TPO roof covering, race track ducting, and a fully enclosed underbelly.

With heavy-duty tires and humungous pass-through storage options, the Grand Design RV makes its place in the top rated travel trailers on the market.

  • Oliver Travel Trailers:

travel trailer quality ratings

Oliver Travel Trailers are relatively new in the market but have managed to make their mark quickly. They are one of the few travel trailer companies that provide the highest quality travel trailers in fiberglass.

Oliver travel trailers are a two-piece fiberglass construction unit. This means that they are joint in the middle and do not have your traditional walk-on rooftops. 

What makes it interesting, though, is the fact that it has a full aluminum welded underbelly. Thus, making it lightweight, rust-free, and strong, giving it a good travel trailers rating. 

In addition to this, you will find a 230 lb. tank in the front and a storage box to place the generator.

These travel trailers are for thermal pane windows and solar panels that help you stay off the grid with comfort. Most of this camper is with marine-grade materials making it sturdy and durable. 

Oliver also takes pride in adding features such as its double-hulled fiberglass shell. Now, this does come with a limited-time warranty but will provide you with great insulation. 

Loaded with all the standard features and a range of personalization options available. The Oliver Travel Trailers might not be the best travel trailer to bid on, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

  • Winnebago:

best rated travel trailers

Winnebago focuses on quality and innovation. While making sure its recreational vehicles are designed for adventure. They take pride in being innovators and not followers. 

You will typically imagine a Class A model with a familiar bus-style front end when thinking of a motorhome. 

The bus is with the motor area offering more space. Winnebago provides vehicles often longer as they range from 28 feet to more than 42 feet long. 

Further, these models can be powered by both diesel and gas engines. The gas engine models typically cost less, whereas the diesel ones offer more power keeping you fuel-efficient. 

You can also choose where to place your engines, in the front or back. 

With customizable options to increase space with slide-outs. The Winnebago motorhomes prove to be useful with more prominent families. 

You will find a full lineup of its famous class A motorhomes, including the Vista, Sunstar, Adventurer, Forza, and the all-new Winnebago Journey. 

Its travel trailer quality ratings show how families love to explore with sleeping space for a minimum of 5 people. 

It is also built with complete safety and convenience features. An entire wall slide-out and a tailgate package optimizing comfort and style.

  • Happier Camper:

best built travel trailers

The Happier Camper is a super cute lightweight traveler built for freedom and flexibility on the road. Not only is it fully customizable, but it is also handcrafted, making each piece unique.

Due to its lightweight and small size, it is a favorite amongst those who have small vehicles. Its models are at an average of 13 feet long, and the body is of fiberglass. 

Therefore, it has good insulation with its interior and exterior fiberglass body. In addition, it provides you with a unique “Adaptive” system that is a cube-based furniture system. 

The furniture does not use permanent fixtures, so you can arrange the space as you wish according to the moment’s need.

Although the Happier Camper is a relatively new company in the market, it has created its mark by getting a good travel trailer rating. 

If you are looking for a quality travel trailer that is light on the pocket. And provides you with comfortable options. 

This should be on your list.

Although the Happier Camper is small in size, you will find that it does not compromise on the standard features. You get ample storage, kitchen sink, cabinets, solar panels, and rooftop air conditioners, to name some.

  • Jayco:

best travel trailer

It would not be wrong if we call Jayco the old giant of RV brands. Jayco Inc. has been constructing and selling travel trailers successfully for the past 50 years. In doing so, they have earned a lot of popularity. 

This company is consistent in producing quality products. Yet, it also manages to provide you with home-like comfort on the road.

What makes this company on our list of the best travel trailer brands is its variety of products. No matter what size, type, or style you are looking for. 

Jayco will have options that would suit you the best within your budget. However, you need to be careful while going low budget. 

Although it will provide you with different options, you should also be aware that low-budget vehicles generally end up having low-quality fixtures. This makes the high vehicle maintenance and costs more in the long run.

Jayco also claims to do things a little differently. It provides you with a limited 24 months warranty and a structural warranty. This is again something not a lot of companies offer in the market. 

Jayco also understands the importance of good quality tires. They use locally sourced Goodyear tires that are of rugged fabric steel. 

With additional features like the Jayco Wingmate app and the Jaycommand smart RV system, these travel trailers are a treat to have.

  • Forest River Inc.:

top rated travel trailers

Forest River Inc. is a company well known for its recreational vehicles, amongst other things. It offers a huge range of vehicles according to your specific needs and budget. The Forest River offers fifth wheels and motorhomes in standard and luxury categories.

Most travel trailers built by Forest River Inc. will provide you with features like huge awnings with LED lighting, plush mattresses, Deluxe Beddings, under-bed storage, and a lot more.

If this company is on your list of considerations, you should check out its Wild Cat Fifth Wheel. This travel trailer has good customer ratings and is an acceptable luxury family vehicle. 

The Forest River Impression with a shocking space for 3 queen beds and the small R Pod 108 is worth checking out.

How To Choose A Good Travel Trailer Brand?

best travel trailer

Choose Trailer Based on Your Lifestyle:

The most complicated part of deciding on a vehicle is making sure it adjusts to your lifestyle. Apart from the construction and making sure if the trailer is suitable for extreme weather. 

You need to decide on your floor plan. This is where the most variants lie and where you want to find one that works perfectly for you. 

Think about the number of people that would regularly be sleeping in the trailer. If it’s 4-5 then the bunk models or a toy hauler with a rear queen drop-down bed are good options.

Although the dinettes and couches are sold are convertible sleeping spaces. Managing every day can turn out to be tedious for most people. Apart from this, look at entertainment systems, window placements, and kitchen placements. 

If you plan on staying on the road long term, you also need to make sure the trailer has ample storage options.

Match Your Towing Vehicle to Your Trailer:

This is the first thing that you need to figure out. You need to decide on what you plan on towing your travel trailer with. Are you going to keep your current vehicle or look for a new one? 

You will most probably want to find out how much weight your current vehicle tow. There are a couple of different factors you need to keep in mind to figure this out. 

Search for the towing capacity in your owner’s manual. Or visit a reliable RV camping website that can provide you with reliable information. You also need to know the gross vehicle weight rating of your vehicles. 

You can easily find this in the door jamb of most vehicles. Now about the travel trailer. You need to know the dry weight and the GVWR. Next, you need to take that dry weight and compare it to the towing capacity of your vehicle. 

It is also essential to account for the stuff you plan on putting in it while doing so. Make sure it is under the towing capacity of your vehicle. Negligence might result in bad experiences.

Rent a Few Trailers to See What You Like:

If you are new to the world of trailers, buying one instantly is not considered a good idea. Instead, you should first finalize a couple of options and rent these trailers out at the beginning of your road life. 

This will not only give you a better idea of the kind of space you would like to live in. But it will also give you a closer look at the quality and practicality of different features out in the market. 

A first look at the list of features of any travel trailer will leave you impressed. But, it is only when you live in one you understand what the vehicle is truly capable of delivering.

Camping Location:

Your camping locations are also a huge determining factor in deciding the right travel vehicle for you. For example, if your camping location is a hot summer place, you need to look for an option with a second AC. 

Conversely, if you are into cold weather camping, you want something that is four-season capable. Camping locations are very important to consider and make sure you have a comfortable camping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is owning a travel trailer worth it?

This is very objective. It completely depends on your lifestyle and living requirements. These things can have a lot of great advantages and need constant maintenance. 

If you have lived on the road long term or go camping frequently, then owning one makes sense. Otherwise, if you are someone who only goes traveling occasionally, you should consider the option of renting one.

  • How long do travel trailers last?

The life of a travel trailer depends majorly on the build quality and the number of miles on it. Travel trailers, on average, last 10 – 20 years if maintained properly. 

However, there are some built to last generations and can live on for 50 plus years.

  • Who makes the longest travel trailer?

Travel trailers can be as long as 42 feet. Jayco and Winnebago are two companies that are currently producing the longest travel trailers.

  • What is the most luxurious RV?

The Jayco Eagle currently tops the list of luxury travel trailers introduced in the 2021 market.



Phew! That was a lot to take in. These are just a selected number of options we handpicked for you to narrow down your search and make your life easier. 

When you look online or visit dealerships, it won’t be easy to get unbiased opinions. Make sure you check out the user reviews on different platforms online because that is where you will get the real answers to your questions. These most often come from original experiences.

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