6 Best Small Camper For Family Of 4 in 2022 [Updated]

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RVs have become quite common these days as they save you from the hassle of camping in stormy weather or sunny days. Having the best family travel trailer makes you feel homely with all the essential amenities in them. 

The travel trailers in our list are budget-friendly and are easy to accommodate. You don’t need to spend extra money if you need an RV that serves well for a family of 4.

To help you get sorted, we have listed down the best small RV for a family of 4.

Best Small Travel Trailers for Family of 4 (List):

  • Coachmen Viking Saga 17SBH- $14,000
  • Scamp 13 Standard Trailer- $15,000
  • Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 174BH- $16,000
  • Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD- $18,500
  • Winnebago Hike H171DB- $25,000
  • Airstream Bambi 19CB- $50,000

6 Best Small Camper for Family of 4:

4 person camper trailer

Price & features:

  • $14,000
  • Length:  20 Feet 4 Inches
  • Gross Vehicle Weight:  3,883 Pounds
  • Bathroom:  Dry Bath
  • Sleeping Capacity:  5
  • Slide Outs:  0

If you seek a small, cheap travel trailer in the market, this Coachmen Viking Saga is a perfect 4 person camper. If you are a first-time RVer, you can buy this travel trailer if you are on your budget.  

It is the perfect travel trailer that you need for camping trips. It comes with features like dual-burner propane, functioning kitchen, sink, cooktop, dry bath, mini-fridge, 12-foot awning, and more.

Here’s more, this camper is great as it comes with four sleeping areas plus bunk beds for kids. It comes with a four-person dinette which allows the entire family to enjoy their meals. 

The best part! It comes with enough counter space allowing you to cook and prep easily. Lastly, its bathroom comes with a shower/ tub combo making it great for kids. 

best small rv for family of 4

Price & features:

  • $16,000
  • Length:  21 Feet 8 Inches
  • Sleeping Capacity:  5
  • Gross Vehicle Weight:  3,950 Pounds
  • Bathroom:  Dry Bath
  • Slide Outs:  0

Next on our list of 4 person campers is the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7, which is quite similar to the Coachmen Viking camper but affordable and has a small trailer. The floor plan of this trailer has a queen bed in front with a convertible dinette, dry bath, and rear bunks. 

You’ll love this trailer because it comes with better finishing and fit, giving it a slight edge. The interior finishing of this trailer is mind-blowing and comes at an average price of around $16000. It is great for a family of 4, seeking a budget-friendly RV. 

Here’s more to this best camper for a family of 4. It comes with our different sleeping areas and bunk beds, making it great for the kids. 

That’s not all! 

It comes with overhead storage and several cabinets, offering you enough storage. Lastly, it also comes with a bathroom having a shower/ tub combo making it a great choice for kids. 

best family travel trailer

Price & features:

  • $18,500
  • Length:  20 Feet 11 Inches
  • Sleeping Capacity:  4
  • Gross Vehicle Weight:  4,700 Pounds
  • Bathroom:  Dry Bath
  • Slide Outs:  0

Are you ready to invest in the incredible travel trailer apart from entry-level or basic travel trailers? Then choose Keystone Bullet Crossfire now. 

This stunning travel trailer comes with an exterior fiberglass body with mind-blowing features that make you feel like living in a premium setting. What you’ll love about this RV is the large windows with a three-piece dry bath, U-shape convertible dinette, modern interior, and upgraded kitchen. 

For a family of four seeking to invest in an RV for small traveling distances, opt for this one as it allows a comfortable sleeping, queen bed with a u-shaped dinette. The finishing and interior cabinetry of this RV is aesthetically appealing, giving it a modern touch. 

Lastly, this travel trailer sleep 4 comes with an equipped kitchen having a refrigerator offering food storage, cooking, and preparations at ease. Moreover, it’s equipped with a dry bath allowing you to get ready easily. It also comes with a bathroom with a shower/ tub combo, making it a great choice for small kids.   

best camper trailer

Price & features:

  • $23,000
  • Length:  20 Feet 2 Inches
  • Sleeping Capacity:  4
  • Bathroom:  Dry Bath
  • Gross Vehicle Weight:  4,336 Pounds
  • Slide Outs:  0

Another well-known small family camper by Forest River is this Flagstaff E-pro. It comes with 13 amazing floor plans plus two tow hauler versions. 

Over here, we are focusing on the Forest River Flagstaff E-pro 19RD, making it a great choice for small traveling trips. 

What you’ll love about this camper is that it allows four people to sleep easily because of the full-size bed in front with a large convertible dining area at the rear end. 

Even though there are no slide-outs, this RV travel trailer offers enough room for a family of four people to move around comfortably. 

Lastly, it comes with a three-piece dry bath that offers enough room to get ready during the morning. It comes with overhead storage space with cabinets offering enough space. 

4 person camper

Price & features:

  • $25,000
  • Length:  20 Feet 7.5 Inches
  • Sleeping Capacity:  4
  • Gross Vehicle Weight:  4,200 Pounds
  • Slide Outs:  1
  • Bathroom:  Dry Bath

Winnebago Hike H171DB is a family-friendly RV that comes rugged and well-equipped having five adorable floor plans. This stunning travel trailer Hike H171DB comes with dual sleeping areas having a front queen bed with convertible rear dinette allowing two campers to sleep easily. 

Here’s more, apart from sleeping capacity, this best RV for a family of 4 is great and comes with a kitchen slide helping you to enhance your interior space with enough room. So, you can walk around comfortably, cook, prepare, and do much more comfortably inside. 

Lastly, it features a three-piece dry bath, a distinguishing feature as most small trailers don’t have one. Enjoy hanging out with the entire family in this RV.

best small travel trailer for family of 4

Price & features:

  • $50,000
  • Length:  19 Feet
  • Sleeping Capacity:  4
  • Gross Vehicle Weight:  5,000 Pounds
  • Slide Outs:  0
  • Bathroom:  Dry Bath

Airstream Bambi 19CB is a pricey option, but there are no iconic travel trailers like this one to support their hefty price. What you’ll love about this family camper is that the Airstream Bambi comes with four floor plans having different trailer lengths varying between 16-22 feet.

When we talk about this specific Bambi floor plan, it is the smallest and can easily accommodate a family of four people. It is a perfectly sized trailer with a rear bed with a convertible dinette option which you can easily expand as an additional sleeping area for your kids. 

Here’s more! This travel trailer comes with a three-piece dry bath having a kitchen where you prep your food and cook with the breeze. 

Overall, the entire family can hang out in peace and have fun while staying in this RV. 

What To Look For When Choosing The Best RV For A Family Of 4?

Nowadays, families are investing in the best RV for a family of 4, allowing them to vacation more and indulge in incredible family time. 

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of traveling in an RV without any hassle of hotel booking or restrictions of checking in and out at a specific time. 

Choosing the right RV is a challenging question when you have a wide range of RV available in the market with the latest technology and innovative amenities. But to choose the right RV suiting your budget and needs is essential. So, dive in to have a look at the brief guide regarding investing in the best RV. 

No. of People:

For instance, if you are seeking the best small camper for a family of 4 you need to consider the following:

Sleeping space, cargo storage, seating arrangements, amenities, plus plumbing for these many people during the stay. Smaller families who need a 4 person camper trailer should better opt for the 5th wheel or popup camper than the motorized RV. It’s because they are perfect for a shorter trip. 

How Often You’ll Use It?

When buying the RV trailer, choose it according to the number of vacations you’ll take each year or on each weekend. If you use your RV a lot, it’s best to choose the one with a travel trailer that sleeps 4 for better accommodation. If you’ll use the RV frequently, it’s best to remember that it will require regular maintenance in terms of power, accessories, and amenities. However, if you travel less frequently, it’s best to opt for a towable RV than a motorized RV.


Amenities are another important feature to consider when buying an RV. First, choose the best camper trailer that meets your needs. Are you the one who needs hot showers and a toilet? Moreover, do you need electricity, TV, microwave, entertainment system and more? Then choose the RV accordingly. Choose the RV based on your desirable needs, without which you cannot live. However, RV with amenities costs you higher. 


When buying the RV, you must know where you’ll go and for how many hours. You should calculate the average miles in each year, and once you know, it then buys the RV accordingly. 

If you need a trailer for high mileage, then opt for a motorized or self-propelled RV. These are the perfect choice for the entire family. However, if you take trips, opt for the towable RV or the 5th wheel trailer again and again. 

Types Of RV:

Class A- These RVs come with top-notch amenities, luxurious options, accessories, and much more for a large family. These RVs are best for extended trips, plus they work well for smaller families. These class A RVs are expensive and less fuel-efficient. 

Class C- These RVs are perfect for all those who are traveling for a short distance. Class C RVs come with top-notch amenities plus pull-out expansions. This RV is preferred for fuel efficiency with an enclosed driver compartment having extra internal storage with sleeping capacity. 


When buying the best small travel trailer for a family of 4, you need to look for features having comfortable amenities. It comes with a shower, generator, toilets and more having a towable feature which is perfect for families.  


Bedding is important to consider when buying an RV. If you have four children in a family, make sure to buy a trailer with a large floor plan with enough beds. There are also hidden beds that you can easily pull down at night, saving space in the daytime. 


Bathroom options are also an important thing to consider when buying an RV. Apart from the bathroom, choose the trailer with a kitchen with a freezer, refrigerator, or an operational kitchen. 

Apart from it, the extra features include:

  • Cable hookup or TV
  • Dining space
  • Hardwood floor
  • Dryer/ washer
  • Windows 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Size Trailer Do I Need For 4 People?

When finding out the right size trailer for the family, you need the one that fits all your family members. For a family of four people, you can opt for a compact trailer. The length of the trailer should be around 25 to 30 feet, with the width measuring around 6-8 feet. 

Can A Family Of 4 Live In A Camper?

The RVs listed above are perfect for vacationing. People these days love going full-time in RV. Yes! A family of 4 can live in a camper, but the essential thing is to opt for the right floor plan for the entire family. You need to choose the perfect RV size with enough sleeping space, making it perfect for traveling. 


I hope this guide helps you invest in the best campers for families. We have listed down some of the best-chosen options to help you invest in the RV, which comes with essential amenities, kitchen, dinette, bedding area, and more!

Fall in love with your RV experience choosing the best option available in the market. 

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