Best RV Parks in the US For 2022 [Luxury and Safest]

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With camping season in full swing, you may be looking to hit the road with the RV for a fun new adventure. When looking for an RV Park it’s always hard to tell whether or not the site is a good fit for you. In this article, we will help you to identify what makes a good RV park, how to find it and some of the best RV parks in the country. 

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What Makes a Good Luxury RV Park?

While it’s hard to know if an RV park is good before arriving at the park, there are few indicators that a luxury RV resort is a good place to stay. The indicators include the size and spacing of the campsite, the amenities available, and the location of the site. 

Size and Privacy:

Of course, you want to book a site that fits your RV, but unless you’re planning on leaving your RV closed and not sitting outside, you want to look for a site that can accommodate your RV when it’s fully expanded, along with some space to set-up a nice outdoor recreation area. We recommend trying to find a site that is at least double the length of your RV’s width when fully closed.

You’ll also want to look for a pull-through site. It’s much easier to not have to worry about backing in or out of your site, especially if you’re coming into your site after a long day of driving. 

In addition to the size of your site, you will want to look at the space between your site and other RV sites. The more space between sites, the more privacy you’ll have. While this information isn’t usually readily available, you can typically get an idea of site spacing by viewing the camp map.

RV Park Amenities:

If you have enough space on your site and between the sites next to you, the next thing that you’ll want to consider is the amenities that the luxury RV resort offers. Almost all luxury parks offer the following amenities:

  • Hookups (water and electric)
  • Wi-fi
  • Satellite or cable services
  • Campfire ring

If an RV park you are looking at is missing any of the above amenities, you may consider looking elsewhere. Some other amenities that luxury RV parks will offer include:

  • Propane grills & fireplaces
  • Casitas
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor activities (pools, hot tub, sports courts, etc..)
  • Indoor activities (game rooms, restaurants, gyms, etc..)
  • Golf carts
  • Trash collection

While most RV resorts won’t have all of the additional amenities, most quality RV parks will have some, if not a majority, of the additional listed amenities.


While size and amenities are important all of this can be ignored if an RV park has the perfect location. For example, if the park is right on the beach in Florida, then the amenities of the park itself don’t matter, because you have the beach and all it has to offer is just a short walk away. 

Therefore, a good Luxury RV resort may not have amazing amenities or even the space you are looking for, but it could still be a great RV park if the location is great. 

How Much Do Luxury RV Parks Cost?

On average, the base rate for one night in an RV park can cost between $60 and $200. If you decide to purchase add-ons sites can quickly approach the high $200s per night.

The cost of a luxury RV parks varies based on location, time of the year, and amenities. A site in the Florida Keys in the dead of winter will cost $170, but a beautiful site in Galveston, TX will only cost $70. 

How to Find the Best RV Luxury Parks Near Me?

You may be wondering; how do I find RV parks near me? In the era of modern technology, the best way to find RV Parks is using your phone. Apps like Allstays or Campendium allow you to search for campgrounds in your area and even filter by amenities, price, campground type, and of course location. 

Best RV Parks and Campgrounds:

While the above information should allow you to identify the best RV park in any location, you may be wondering what some of the best RV parks in the country are. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research for you. Here’s a list of the Best Luxury RV parks around the country broken down by region. 

A) The Northeast:

rv park in north

Odetah Camping Resort – Connecticut – $37 per night 

The main draw of this RV resort is the Spa. You can get facials, pedis, or massages. There’s also a pool with a DJ and several nearby lakes for outdoor activities.

Sandy Pines Campground – Maine – $55 per night

This RV campground with a lively community spirit. They host lobster bakes and have ice cream socials regularly. If you’re looking for unique ways to cook your s’mores check out the general store for an entire section dedicated to just that cause!

Campers Haven RV Resort – Massachusetts – $70 per night

Nantucket is the perfect place for a fantastic summer vacation. Add an RV resort with its own private beach and you’ve got an experience that cannot be beaten! Campers Haven does just this as well as giving you a launching base to explore the tons of historic lighthouses and beautiful views. 

Hershey Camping Resort – Pennsylvania – $75 per night

Looking for a unique way to experience the sweetest place on earth? The Hershey Camping Resort offers all the amenities of a typical luxury RV resort, while also giving you free extra hours in the park. There is even a special shuttle that will take you directly from the campground to the park. 

Moorings Oceanfront RV Park – Maine – $110 per night

One of the most luxurious RV resorts on the east coast, Moorings RV Park is an ocean-front resort that offers access to a private beach. They have 31 sites that offer a gorgeous ocean view. 

B) The South:

rv park south

Blue Water KeyFlorida – $112 per night (3-night minimum)

This waterfront resort is a premium RV resort that offers gorgeous views and world-class amenities. Each site comes with its own tiki hut filled with outdoor furniture, a TV, and even a refrigerator. 

French Quarter RV Resort – Louisiana – $115 per night

This is a beautiful resort that offers all the amenities of a luxury hotel while allowing you to bring your hotel room with you. It’s just a couple of minutes’ walking distance from the French Quarter in New Orleans and has its own resort-style pool. 

Stone Mountain Park – Georgia – $65 per night

Located in the shadows of Stone Mountain, Stone Mountain Park is a great place to park your RV for an evening or two. The Park does a spectacular laser light show on the mountain each night and you are only about 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta. 

Mountain Falls – North Carolina – $120 per night

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mountain Falls is a great RV resort to get away from city life and take in the mountainous views. The resort has tons of outdoor activities and even its own catering kitchen. 

Huntington Beach State Park – South Carolina – $62 per night

Known as one of the best places for birding on the East Coast, this RV park allows you to immerse yourself in nature without compromising luxury. If birding isn’t your thing, there are several swimming pools and even dog-friendly beaches. 

C) The Midwest:

luxury rv parks

Lighthouse Point – Ohio – $260 per night

Located right next to the Cedar Point amusement park, Lighthouse Point offers it all. Each site is equipped with its own private patio featuring patio seating, Adirondack chairs, a gas grill, and a fire pit. There’s even access to swim on Lake Erie and of course, it’s within walking distance of one of the best amusement parks in the US. 

Hearthside Grove – Michigan – $120 per night

This RV resort offers spacious sites with patio builds that are comparable to the backyard of a luxurious home. With plenty of outdoor activities nearby and a swimming pool onsite, Hearthside Grove is a great place to spend a week. 

Beaver Trails Jellystone Park Camp Resort – Minnesota – $90 night

The real draw of this park is its large water park and yogi bear-themed activities. The sites can be a little bit crowded, but the number of activities and community feel make-up for the lack of space. 

Mount Rushmore Resort & Lodge at Palmer Gulch – South Dakota – $82 per night

Located near Mount Rushmore and Horse Memorial, the RV resort is a great way to see the Midwest in style. Activities include horseback riding and a water park while each site comes with a camping kitchen, picnic table, and fire pit.  

D) The West:

rv park west

Wine Country RV Resort – California – $110 per night

Located in the middle of California wine country This RV resort has its own on-site wine garden, swimming pool, and hot tub. Just a short drive from the resort are several hot springs and Hearst Castle. 

Oceanside Beachfront RV Park – Oregon – $56 per night

This is a great place to relax on a Pacific Coast beach or even go whale watching. The resort has its own restaurant, Coos Bay Crab Co., which is well worth the visit if you are staying at the resort. 

Zion River Resort – Utah – $80 per night

While this RV resort has no lack of luxury, the main appeal is location. Located on the Virgin River overlooking Zion National park, you’ll be greeted with unbeatable views of the surrounding rock formations. 

West Glacier KOA Montana – $120 per night

This RV park offers all the amenities you would expect from a KOA, but what makes it the best KOA in the country is that it sits right at the entry to Glacier National Park. Its gorgeous views and luxurious amenities cannot be beaten. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How Do I Find the Nearest RV Park to My Location? 

We recommend checking this guide for a park in your region or using an app like Allstays or Compendium. 

  • What Should I Look for in an RV Park?

The best RV parks have large sites, premium amenities and are in beautiful locations. 

  • How Do I Reserve an RV Site?

Most luxury RV sites offer online booking for your convenience. You will need to know the length of your RV and the number of people staying at the site to book. 

  • When Should I Book My RV Site?

The most popular RV parks will book up to a year in advance. While most sites will book a month to two weeks in advance. 

Final Verdict:

The Best RV Park really depends on your personal preference. Someone looking for a lot of activities is going to prefer something different to someone who would just like a beautiful view. If you follow the guidelines listed above, make sure the RV resort that you choose has the right hook-ups for your RV, and do a little research beforehand, you will be sure to find the Best RV Park for you and your family. 

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