5 Best RV For Family Of 5 In 2022 [Reviews]

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During family vacations, some parents consider these as stressful and costly especially if the family members include toddlers and young children. Yet, it shows that vacations are not just great for adults, they are also great for our children. From giving truly necessary family time in our exhausting working days, getting together for a family vacation can be definitely worth the planning efforts and cost.

A normal family’s overscheduled way of life cuts into family time. Many parents use their off-hours carrying kids starting with one occasion then onto the next, whether it’s games, other extra-curricular activities, or tutoring.

However, free time in many homes is regularly spent gazing at different kinds of gadgets. Although the family members are physically together, they are not hanging out or spending their time on bonding activities.

One of the best ways to spend time together as a family is going on a camping and road trip. Renting an RV for the family can provide comfort for toddlers and young children as well as the complete amenities of a home which can be less stressful for parents.

When you are ready to camp out with an RV, here are the best RV for family of 5.

5 Best RVs for Family of 5:

  • Keystone Passport SL 240BHWE:

rv for family

The Passport travel trailer is often used by those who have upgraded their RVs. With a sleeping capacity of 5, the comfortable bedding is in the private room for the parents while the double size bunks can be slept on for the children on the contrary side of the trailer.

Assuming that there will be additional companions, the U-formed dinette slide gives extra resting space to one to two campers, as well as floor space for other people. Step inside to see how roomy and comfortable this Passport will be for you and your family for years to come.

The chef can choose between the inside appliances and the outside kitchen to make meals, and there is a full bathroom conveniently next to the bunks. Using the outdoor kitchen is a great way to look out for the kids while playing outside.

The Passport SL Series travel trailers by Keystone RV come in a reduced plan design with travel-friendly lengths that are lightweight and simple to tow behind numerous models of smaller SUVs. Some residential-style highlights such as the tough Armstrong vinyl flooring, residential-style doors, and overhauled leather furniture are also one of the best features of the Keystone Passport SL 240BHWE.

  • Thor Chateau 31E:

5 person rv

Compared to other RVs from Thor Motor Coaches, the floor area is quite smaller, yet it is not too small with regards to shower and restroom space. The walkway through the restroom gives two ways to access the main room and the queen size bed. All cooking equipment you would expect in an RV is inside for making the food preparation convenient.

The back stateroom includes a 60 by 75-inch queen-sized bed and shade closet and dresser. On the front, is a useful kitchen, large dinette, and a 68-inch jack knife couch. This model comes with the Premier Package, you will observe extra features that will make this motorhome significantly more exquisite, such as strong surface kitchen countertops and premium window security roller shades.

There are also spaces for up to 3 TVs ensuring you and your children will not be bored while riding for a long journey. The TV also turns so it tends to be seen from the couch or dinette. It includes a full-wall slide that makes a lot of open space when broadened. The back bunks are quite smaller than different models at 27-inches, however, it still offers a lot of space for the children to play around.

  • The Airstream Classic:

best rv for family of 5 to live in

The trailers from Airstream have been providing family vacations with the comfort and versatility of designing your own RV’s interior. On the off chance that you’ve thought about how far you can take the idea of luxury, Airstream offers large galley kitchens, cozy eating, lounging, exquisite washrooms, and a private bedroom for the parents. There are various floor plans to choose from and the trailers range in size from 30 to 33 feet ensuring everybody in your family has sufficient privacy during the entire road trip.

Convertible couches and seats give the other sleeping spaces that ensure family members have enough space for themselves to get some rest. The interior has 8 feet by 6’ 7” of room cabinets. The tank capacity for the freshwater can hold up to 54 gallons. While the wastewater from the toilets can be stored on a 39-gallon tank, and the tank for waste water from the kitchen, baths, and sink can hold up to 37 gallons.

Then the galley kitchen is top-notch giving the parents enough food arrangement space, a decent range to make tasty meals as well as a huge refrigerator to hold extra foods and leftovers. 

  • Winnebago Vista 31BE:

rv for 5 people

Winnebago has been building RVs in Iowa starting around 1958 and their most recent model, the Vista 31BE mirrors Winnebago’s 60 years of experience in RVs. The Vista 31BE is one of the more practical floorplans in a family-sized Class A RV. The lofts give a lot of resting space to the children, although they are still prone to fight about who will sleep in the retractable StudioLoft bed space over the cab.

Vista’s extensive kitchen includes a beautiful backsplash and a 3-burner range with an oven. The kitchen area is smaller, yet the L-shaped counter provides easy access to the two sinks and three-burner stove, even if the slide-out is retracted.

Whenever parents want to loosen up, they can rest in Winnebago Vista’s private main room. For every family member’s convenience and accommodation, all of the Winnebago Vista’s floor plans include a walk-around bed and adequate under-bed space.

The freshwater tank can hold up to 70 gallons, everybody can get a pleasant shower in the first part of the day. The tank for wastewater from the kitchen, baths, and sink can hold up to 59 gallons and the tank for wastewater from the toilet holds just 43 gallons. An 18 Gallon LPG tank ensures you have sufficient fuel to cook, heat the RV and have a decent shower.

  • Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH:

rv for family of 5

The 171BH floor plan is recommended for a family of 4 or 5. It has lofts towards the back of the camper which is away from the main resting area which is situated at the front. The Jay Feather Micro 171BH has the room toward the front with a queen size mattress. However, there is no under-bed storage on this one yet there are additional spaces for storing on the overhead and exterior storage for tackle boxes.

The dinette converts to a bed for an extra sleeping area. The queen size bed has an end table and a foldable door for privacy. Towards the back of the camper, is a decent size washroom with both a tub and a shower, a toilet, sink, and a cabinet for medicines. Next to this area are the bunk beds.

There is no slide-out on the 171BH floor plan, but it has a couch and dinette table with the kitchen area on the inverse. The sink, stove, microwave, and refrigerator are all within reach. The refrigerator measures six cu. ft. that can be upgraded up to 8 cu. ft. depending on the preference.

Travel trailers from Jay Feather Micro are designed to cater to families who like to go on light camping while providing comfort and convenience. Its interior is designed with vinyl flooring, screwed and glued cabinets, plus an LED lighting. 

Factors for Choosing RV for Family:

Whenever you are purchasing an RV a great deal relies upon who will be living inside it. However, be cautious in picking the RV as it is a major investment and may cost a chunk of money. 

A couple without children may not give a lot of consideration to the living, or resting space. However, if you have children who will be sleeping in the RV as well, there is a need to carefully pick a suitable model. A slide-out gives substantially more space and that can be a better choice for those who have younger children.

Having children with you on vacation would require more space to move, a greater dinette, and also a comfortable bedroom. Generally speaking, your preferences totally change with kids. An individual or couple can move with limited comfortability but with kids, there are a lot of things to consider. 

Camping goals should also be considered when choosing an RV. While you might think you just need a small pop-up camper because you’ll be spending most of the time outdoors, remember that your kids might not exactly share this same sentiment. Take time to think about everyone’s camping experience and how your RV is going to be used on your weekend vacation.

The family’s comfort levels should also be looked into. Some families prefer adventurous vacations while some choose to be more comfortable and require to have more amenities on board. 

Consider also the sleeping arrangements when getting an RV. Assuming that you have younger children, you could pull off a smaller RV. But there will be a need to require more improvements on space as your children progress in years. Younger kids should be considered grown-ups who will probably need a bed of their own for the duration of the whole RV vacation.

An aspect of having an RV is that you can remain in an area for a long time. Yet, you will set up your living spaces at each campground, so consider that while picking an RV for your camping vacation.

In some cases, it’s simply better to stop your trailer and afterward go immediately to every one of the great things you’ve arranged for your vacation instead of spending your time packing and assembling things.

Another factor to consider is the weather. Ensure the RV you pick has great insulation. Winter can turn out to be difficult to live in if the RV is not well insulated. When the area is covered with snow, it can turn out to be exceptionally hard for young children.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where Can I Park the RV?

Camping grounds are available for parking the RVs. Usually, these camping grounds are located in areas that have great scenery.

  • Do RVs have cold or hot water?

Yes. The freshwater that is used for drinking, cooking, and showering is stored in a tank which is drawn on faucets with the equipped heater when needed.

  • Where are waste waters dumped?

Most camping grounds have their waste disposal facilities for dumping out wastewaters from an RV.

  • Are RVs pet-friendly?

As these RVs are considered home away from home, it is the owner’s choice whether to bring their pets along during their vacation. 

  • Where are RVs serviced?

These vehicles can be serviced by any dealer who are part of the manufacturer’s network. Keep in mind that RVs bought from the dealers are given priority than those bought from others.

  • Is an insurance needed to use an RV?

Yes. The typical car insurance is different from the ones issued on RVs. These are specialized to cover full-time liability, emergencies, and campsite liabilities.


These RVs have plenty of home-like amenities to suit your lifestyle and family needs. There are smaller and budget-friendly RVs, as well as three-room rigs that fit your family. These recreational vehicles have many amenities that every family could need when travelling.

The family size is always considered as a factor on choosing the right class of an RV. It is important to check if an RV can accommodate every family member and if everyone can sleep and rest comfortably. Always check the needs and interests of the family members to get the best recreational vehicle.

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