8 Best Class C RV in 2022 [Updated List]

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If you want an affordable motorhome with all the facilities you need, getting the best Class C RV is going to be the right call. Built with a cab/cut-away chassis, the best Class C motorhome will provide you with immense comfort and brilliant travel capabilities.

A Class C RV are a perfect choice if you have a family. Finding the best C Class RV is important and you want a model that works for you and staying else who might be staying in there. That’s where we can help.

This article will help you decide on the best Class C RV by looking at all the key features, the price, and any other factors you may need to consider. Let’s get started.

What is a Class C Motorhome?

Class C RVs are medium-sized motorhomes perfect for a small group to escape from everyday life. The most reliable workaround for the huge Class A or the modest Class B (which technically is an extended van) is the Class C. They can easily fit 4-8 people and more or less provide the same functionalities as the others.

This middle-size motorhome has a high sleeping capacity, offers good mileage, and provides easy engine access. Easy to maneuver without the interruption of one’s personal comfort, the flexibility is unmatchable so it’s no surprise you want to know what is the best Class C motorhome.

What Are The Best Features To Look For In Class C RVs?

The essential features will generally fall into the following categories:

The first thought that would come to your mind is the storage capacity for your luggage and other personal belongings. Top rated Class C motorhomes are the best in terms of depth and storage, and manufacturers have focused on enhancing cargo accommodation over the years. 

The best Class C motorhomes are also known for their high sleeping capacity. Besides the cot present above the driver’s seat, check if there are ways to increase with bunk beds and sofas that double as beds. 

Mileage is another vital feature that cannot be overlooked. Luckily most of the Class C RVs today offer much better mileage than the others. The arrival of Class C+ motorhomes has also provided better fuel efficiency. 

The engine placement of several RVs is complicated, making them inaccessible. However, that is not the case in Class C, with the design being similar to a truck where you can flip the hood. It can otherwise become a nightmare, even for a mechanic. 

Another feature to prioritize depending on your family is the floor plan of the RV. The upcoming sections will illustrate them clearly.

Best Class C RV – Reviews:

Jayco Greyhawk Prestige 

This Class C RV is the go-to motorhome for traveling with an extended family as it can accommodate 8-10 passengers. It comes with a private queen-size bed (and twin bunk beds in some floorplans) along with convertible options.

Easy access to the refrigerator, sink, and restroom without putting the slides out makes it much more comfortable for everyone in the vehicle. It also comes with a convertible dinette to suit your needs. What mostly strikes is its outside shower that helps you clean up without bringing the dirt inside. 

With a spacious layout, this RV is a joy to travel in without getting cramped for room. We think it’s the best quality Class C RV available today.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean due to its light interior
  • High-quality Koni FSD or Bilstein shock absorber
  • Rubber isolation mounts
  • Fold-down sofas for additional seating
  • Computer balanced driveshaft ensures smooth and efficient power transfer

Tiffin 2021 Wayfarer

This Mercedes chassis RV is the ultimate stylish vehicle that is economical with the right amount of luxury. It’s the best rated Class C RV for those looking for something that looks great. Ideal for 5 passengers, the designers have given paramount importance to the driver.

It boasts well-engineered seats for long travel comfort, a keyless starting mechanism, and a central locking system. The interior has an elegant finish with an abundance of cabinetry for storage. A convection microwave is built-in just below the counter that holds a stainless steel two-burner stove and a round sink.

The bathroom is spacious, as is the bedroom, and a 32-inch LG TV with LED reading lights appeal for a fantastic movie night. On the outside, the superior standard suspension and the chassis safety characteristics are some of the company’s recognized features. 

Key Features 

  • Tilt-telescoping steering wheel
  • Multiple floor plans according to your needs
  • Varied speaker zones and stereo system
  • Strategically placed LED lighting
  • Additional interior headroom

Thor Compass 

This entry-level RV is one of the cheapest motorhomes in the market. The company’s latest models incorporate a floor plan suitable for both recreational and utilitarian purposes. On the interior, all the Compass model floorplans come with a large skylight.

The queen-size folding mattress is spacious, with a 32-inch TV mounted on the wall near the foot of the bed and above the entry door. It also has nightstand counters on both sides, with accessible USB charging ports. The only minus is the plastic commode in an otherwise roomy bathroom.

We’d say this is the best Class C RV 2021 for those on a budget. If you are a first-time adventurer or a small family, this might be the one to satisfy your expectations.

Key Features

  • A spacious kitchen with a cabinet convection microwave oven and refrigerator
  • Copious cabinets and drawers for ample storage
  • Cushioned seating area beneath the foldable bed for work purposes
  • An overhead tray in the cockpit to hold paperwork and other items
  • Wide storage compartments on the exterior

Dynamax Europa 

If you are okay with splashing your money, not many can get better than this RV. With one of the most extensive floor plans, it encompasses a 16-cubic-foot residential fridge and a walk-around king-size bed.

The vinyl flooring and solid surface countertops furnish the interior with a premium look. It additionally houses a maintenance-free house battery and two 100-watt solar panels. Amenities include air conditioners with heat pumps, a water filtration system and a tankless water heater, among many others.

It also includes other standard features like USB ports, multiple LED TVs, dual-pane frameless windows, ceiling lights, etc. Its multiplex wiring with a touch screen command center that can be controlled from your smartphone impresses the most.

Key Features

  • Swiveling seats for more space
  • Reclining theatre seats instead of a sofa
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • 3,000W pure sine wave inverter

Coachmen Freelander 

This model usually comes with a Chevy chassis and the Coachmen standard J-shaped seating area. Perfect for regular travelers, this is the right choice for a smooth ride.

The spacious floor plan includes a removable table to generously seat 4 passengers, and sliding out a support can turn the area into a U-shaped dinette. It consists of a queen-sized bed that folds in half with a satisfactory amount of drawer space.

The exterior also employs vast storage on the rear with a duct system on select models. The kitchen area consists of a residential microwave and round sink. While the toilet and shower area are separate, the con that this RV is guilty of is the angle of the toilet. Many owners claim that it isn’t easy to use with the doors closed, making it uncomfortable for the others. 

Key Features 

  • Large freshwater tank
  • A solar port connection system
  • LED lighting on the roof
  • Full-length patio awning
  • Reinforced PVC roof material

Forest River Sunseeker

Sunseeker provides the best choice for Class C RVs available at an entry-level cost. Built with a sturdy Ford chassis, this RV’s interior is a sight to behold.

While it has a crowned and laminated fiberglass roof, what catches everybody’s attention is its large wall slide that opens up to a U-shaped dinette. Further, the dinette and the sofa can be converted into an extra bed.

With a large and spacious kitchen, all the comforts have been taken care of by the designers. It also comes with plenty of storage compartments and can compactly hold up to a family of 6.

The bedroom consists of a sliding queen-size bed, and the bathroom is enormous to make you feel like you’re at home! It’s another great contender for the best Class C RV.

Key Features

  • 20 floorplans to choose from according to your preference
  • The large awning comes with LED lights, an LED TV, and a mini outdoor kitchen
  • Large and spacious split bathroom
  • Solar-powered 12V charging system
  • Approved ‘Certified Green’ by TRA Certification

Jayco Melbourne 

This Class C RV is the most competent at a reasonable price on the market. Made with a Mercedes chassis and V-6 turbo diesel engine, this vehicle offers the right amount of power and comfort for a long journey. Looking for the best Class C diesel motorhomes? You can’t go wrong here.

The in-built LED light provides the best finish to its soft-touch vinyl ceiling. It comes with a Sony Infotainment Center that possesses Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Want more? An LED HDTV with a Blu-ray player provides an ideal movie experience.

The facilities are great, ranging from its swiveling seats to its cozy master bedroom.

Key Features 

  • Spacious bathroom with a glass door shower
  • Plenty of storage chambers
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Multi-functional wooden sink covering/chopping board
  • LED powered electric awning

Winnebago View 

Winnebago RVs always manages to outshine the others with the luxury it offers. Along with luxury, this is the most reliable Class C RV out there as well.

With the perfect blend of European and Italian interior designs, all the components are arranged roomily. There is no shortage of storage space in this vehicle, and the designers have provided the most reliable amenities inside the RV.

A U-shaped dinette can be converted into a bed, while footrests convert the couch into recliner seats. The kitchen is compact with a double basin and two-burner stove. The refrigerator runs on a compressor and has inverter facilities as an alternative.

The mattress at the end of the vehicle is just enough for 2 adults, and the bathroom can be expected for a compact motorhome.

Key Features 

  • Electronic information center above the refrigerator with switches and controls
  • Extra-wide powered skylight with a sliding screen and pleated shade
  • 34-gallon black water tank and a 40-gallon grey water holding tan
  • Cot above the driver’s seat comes with supportive padding, LED lights, and plenty of legroom
  • Tecnoform cabinets

Who Makes the Highest Quality RV?

There are a lot of brands out there, and many of them make their own claim to having the Best Class C RV. While there are many out there, a few notable ones include Coachmen who have been manufacturing RVs for over 50 years, every model has an excellent degree of quality. 

Winnebago is one of the oldest in the business known for their build quality, they still live up to their reputation. Newmar constantly comes up with more innovative models and advanced facilities, this company RV is the epitome of a luxurious journey. 

Along with these brands are the likes of Entegra, Thor, Dynamax, and Lazy Daze who all produce some of the best Class C RVs around.

So, Are Class C RVs Worth It?

Totally! They are fabulous motorhomes and provide the best comfort for all types of campers who travel to diverse locations. With almost the same storage and convenience as Class A, Class C RVs help you save a fortune.

Another reason for the popularity of Class C is its excellent fuel efficiency. It is also significantly lower to the ground, easier to drive, has airbags, and is much safer. While it has some shortcomings compared with a Class A RV, the other added advantages negate them. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which Class C RV is best?

The Jayco Greyhawk Prestige personally makes the final cut for the best Class C RV. Everything about this is perfect if you are willing to spend a lot. With further optional upgrades, this fits the bill for all types of adventurers. 

  • How many miles can a Class C RV last?

All the classes of an RV can last for generations if they are handled responsibly. If your motorhome is serviced regularly on top of its proper maintenance, the average lifespan of a Class C RV can easily last for 200,000 miles.

  • Do RVs break down a lot?

RVs tend to break down often if they are not appropriately maintained. They require a lot of caution, and you need to consciously handle all of its works immediately. Poorly maintained RVs give way quickly when used even once.

  • Do RVs keep their value?

Not really, Class C RVs tend to depreciate in value over the years. But the good news is they depreciate slower when compared to the other classes. You can expect its rate to decline by 38% after its initial five years, and then only a little over 10-15% in the next five years.

  • Are old RVs worth buying?

It depends. If the RV has been used for around 100,000 miles, it still has a lot to offer. Additionally, you pay a lesser amount for a vehicle that meets most modern-day standards. If the previous owner has resolved the issues with the RV, that’s one more box ticked. It is always advisable to buy after verifying the condition with an expert mechanic.

Final Verdict:

Class C is the best purchase for an RV if you are an avid adventurer. They are comfortable, possess excellent benefits, and promise a really good time to bond with family and friends. No matter what type of Class C you pitch your money on, they always ensure flexibility on every activity.

The most popular option for campers and experienced travelers alike, a Class C RV will make sure you have the time of your life. To get the best Class C RV, analyze every detail and make sure it perfectly suits you. Once you make your choice, you can unwind all your anxieties when you hit the road on your newly purchased RV.  

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