6 Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer 2022 [Reviews]

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Looking for the Best Bunkhouse travel trailer but don’t know where to look? In this case, you have landed in the right place. If you are a person who travels with a large family or a large group, then a normal trailer would not be the right choice. The best bunkhouse travel trailer 2022 shouldn’t be very hard to choose after you have gone through this buying guide. People prefer a bunkhouse travel camper over a normal trailer. It becomes a better and more convenient option. The reason is that it gives you more living space, and if you select the right one- you won’t have to compromise on the storage capacity either.

We compiled a list of the Best Travel trailers with Bunkhouse. We have handpicked the best bunkhouse trailer to cater to your needs. So, if you are wondering what is the best bunkhouse travel trailer and how to choose between all these options, then this is a buying guide you shouldn’t skip!

What Is A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

If you are not fully aware about the things a Bunkhouse travel trailer offers, then we are here to answer your question. A bunkhouse travel trailer is a type of RV which can be towed around. The main feature of this type of RV is the bunkhouse. This means that it can accommodate more people than a standard RV.

A bunkhouse travel trailer needs to be pulled by another vehicle. This is normally done by a ball and hitch that is attached to the Camper.  These Bunkhouses are generally longer than the standard RV and have more weight. This means that you will need a truck or some sort of heavy vehicle to tow it around.

But, if you are looking for a bunkhouse that is smaller yet fulfills your purpose, you can see the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers under 30 ft. These work well for people who do not have a very large group and do not have a heavy-duty vehicle for towing the RV. These Bunkhouse Travel Trailers still have enough space for bunk beds and bedrooms but will have less space than the longer ones.

A standard bunkhouse provides you with all living and sleeping amenities. There is a separate bedroom, usually with a double bed, and a separate area with bunk beds. The living area would generally include a couch, dinette, indoor or outdoor kitchen, entertainment area and storage compartments. Different models offer different features.  

Bunkhouse Travel vs Pop Up Campers

Another option that can be considered is a Pop-up Camper. These small pop-up campers cabs fold into a small-size trailer. They offer very flexible features and come in all different sizes. The best things about these types of campers are that they are very lightweight and easy to carry around.

You might have to compromise on some space if you prefer a pop-up camper over bunkhouse travel trailers but the former is relatively very cheap. So, if you don’t want to commit to large RVs like Bunkhouse Campers or Travel Trailer, and want something more economical and easier to carry around, a pop-up camper is something you should consider. You can check out the Best Small Pop-Up Campers and decide for yourself!

What Are The Best Travel Trailer Brands?

When choosing the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer, you should also consider the brand of the Trailer. We do not hold any bias towards any particular brand. We say this because there are some trusted brands which offer you high-quality and standard than the others. The Best Travel Trailer Brands are more preferred by campers and there is a strong reason for this. These brands are very authentic and just going by the name, you can trust that they will deliver what they promise. So, if you are a first-time buyer, check out which brands offer more benchmarking features and more high quality.

How To Choose The Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

  1. Accommodation Capacity

There is a specific reason why you would prefer a Bunkhouse Travel Trailer over a normal one. That reason is that you have more people to camp with. This can either be a group of friends or a large family. Whatever the reason might be, the first thing you should consider before choosing the best bunkhouse travel trailer that suits your needs is the number of people it can accommodate.

Sometimes having a bigger trailer is a convenient option. But do you really need all the extra space if you are not accommodating that many people? That is the real question you should ask before going for a bunkhouse trailer.

  1. Size

The accommodation is not the only aspect you should consider. The length of the trailer is only an important factor. If you do not have enough garage space or you want a trailer that can be easily towed around, then you should consider looking for the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30-ft. There are some amazing models which offer a lot of amenities and storage space without being too large.

However, if you are looking for a large Bunkhouse that can accommodate more people, then we have listed the perfect options.

  1. Weight

The weight of the trailer will be another important factor. If you get a trailer too large for your towing vehicle, it would be an added hassle for you. A large bunkhouse trailer means there will be more weight to carry. But if you have the proper vehicle and would like to have that larger RV, then the weight shouldn’t matter. Parallel to the weight, you should check how much storage capacity the camper offers. If it is not in the right proportion, then there is no point in carrying all that extra weight around.

  1. Extra Amenities

There is a reason why you are searching for the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer. You need a good living space to bunk with your family and friends. This is why the amenities like bed, bunks, sofa, entertainment set, bathroom, kitchen, etc. are important things to consider before making a decision. Along with this, you should also look out for a smart floor plan and the material of the Bunkhouse Camper. Some bunkhouse travel trailers offer all of the amazing amenities but the floor plan is highly inconvenient.

Don’t worry, we have checked every aspect and if we say this is the best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer 2022 List, you can trust us!

What Is The Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer of 2022 (OUR TOP PICKS)

#1. Grand Design Imagine 2400BH

Grand Design Imagine 2400BH


  • Queen-size beds with overhead cabinets
  • Double over double bunk beds
  • Wardrobe area and food storage space
  • Solar Power inlet available
  • Convertible dinette including a flip-up counter extension
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Shower area along with the bathroom

On top of our list, we feature the best bunkhouse travel trailer and that is the Grand Design Imagine. This amazing Bunkhouse Travel Trailer features a queen bed along with “double over double” bunk beds. Although you won’t find a bunkhouse room on this model there is enough space for storing a bike under the bunk beds. 

The grand design can easily accommodate up to 6 people. The bathroom is located just beside the bunk bed. You will get a u-shaped dinette which can easily transform into a good sleeping space, in case you want to accommodate more people. The best travel trailer is the one that can give you space for living without much compromise on storage. The Grand Design Imagine here fit into that criterion pretty well.

The reason we call the Imagine 2400 BH the best bunkhouse trailer is the grand space that it offers. If you think that travel trailers cannot offer privacy, then the GD Imagine is here to prove you wrong. With a private sleeping space including overhead cabinets and a closet on each side, this bunkhouse travel trailer gives a great deal of privacy. Even the bunks have curtains.

When we say this is the best, we mean it. This bunkhouse trailer can last all four seasons. So, you don’t have to worry about scheduling your camping trips around a particular time. The storage capacity of this trailer is more than enough to cater to all your needs. The trailer offers a high-capacity furnace and high-quality roof insulation with an attic vent. The interiors are beautiful and come with motion-sensor LED lighting which is just the cherry on the top.

#2. Cruiser Embrace EL310

best bunkhouse travel trailer


  • Accommodates up to 9 people
  • Sliding King Size Bed system
  • Tri-fold Sofa in the living area
  • 39-inch LED TV
  • Double Entry Doors
  • Rear Private Sleeping area with bunk beds
  • High-Quality Axles
  • High Storage capacity
  • Heated Underbelly for the winter season

The Cruiser Embrace EL310 is second on our list but equally the best bunkhouse travel trailer 2022. It combines space, comfort, and privacy in a powerful combination. It has an amazing capacity that can easily accommodate up to 9 people. So, if you are planning a camping trip with friends and family, this is the best travel trailer for you!

The trailer features are something that will definitely excite you into buying it immediately. It has double sliding doors and double entry doors which makes it a very comfortable space to camp. There is a private bunkhouse on the rear end of the trailer which includes three bunks along with a futon. So, if you are accommodating some guests, this private space will be the highlight of this trailer.

The trailer offers a fully functional bathroom which has an additional door from the exterior. The living area features a tri-fold sofa, a booth dinette and an exterior kitchen. The trailer gives you all the comfort and value you can ask for from a bunkhouse travel trailer.

The roof is made out of aluminum while the flooring is groove plywood which gives both strength and durability to the structure of the trailer. The high-quality E-Z Lube axles will ensure that you do not face any difficulty in towing the trailer. The storage system is more than enough for all your camping equipment and supplies. A perfect combination of comfort and value- this is what makes it the best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer 2022.  So, if you are looking for the best travel trailer with a bunkhouse, the Cruiser Embrace should be on the top of your list!

#3. KZ Sportsmen Classic 181 BH

KZ Sportsmen Classic 181 BH


  • KZ’s benchmark Keyed-alike system for security
  • Alum-a-Tough Roof
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace
  • Fully Functional Kitchen
  • High-Capacity Storage system
  • Standard Double Bed and a pair of bunk beds
  • Ultra Lightweight design
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Accommodates up to 5 people

KZ is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing RVs and that is why they are considered one of the best Travel Trailer Brands. This model features a very lightweight design, offering the best features at a very affordable price.

This should be your choice if you are looking to buy the best bunkhouse trailer which gives you the best amenities and space without being too heavy on your pocket. The Sportsmen Classic 181 BH is the best travel trailer with a bunkhouse for you! This particular model is just 21 feet in length with a GVWR of only 3,500 pounds which makes it easy to carry around.

The living area features a slide-out dinner, giving some extra space to this trailer. The dinette is convertible and you can turn it into an extra sleeping space. You will get a pair of bunk beds on the rear end and a standard double bed on the front end of the trailer. The shower and bathroom standard spaces are conveniently placed on the rear side. The 20,000 BTU Furnace and the tongue-and-groove plywood floors are some extra features you will get with this mode.

The kitchen and storage area is great for all your needs. You get a large sink, a microwave, a two-burner cooktop and a central cabinet system along with an electrical panel. You also get a 7-cubic foot fridge and a good amount of storage space to fit in all your equipment and supplies. The very highlight of this bunkhouse travel trailer is that it may seem small but it offers you more than enough space for all your needs. So, if you are looking for the best travel bunkhouse camper that is not too large but offers you enough space, then the Classic 181 BH should be your first choice!

#4. Winnebago Micro Minnie 2306


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Can accommodate up to 5 people
  • Easy to tow around
  • Standard Murphy beds
  • Two-way Refrigerator
  • Fully Functional Bathroom and Shower with a liner closet
  • Folding dinette
  • Spacious sleeping arrangement
  • Spacious Kitchen layout
  • Affordable price

Another option in lightweight the best bunkhouse travel trailer 2022 is the Winnebago Micro Minnie 2306. But, don’t trust the micro and Minnie in its name. The 25 ‘5 Inch travel trailer has a design that serves value. The GRWR is 6,000 pounds and the camper can accommodate up to 5 people.

The interiors of the Winnebago travel trailer offer you a class of entertainment. It features the JBL Aura Cube media center that comes with parametric lighting and amazing interior speakers.

The bunkhouse trailer offers a galley kitchen and a flip-up countertop that can be used as an extra space in the kitchen. The living area includes a booth dinette, a LED TV, a pantry and a sofa that can be folded down to a murphy bed. The bathroom is very spacious with a linen closet and shower. On the rear end of the RV, you can find a pair of bunk beds.

The highlight of this bunkhouse travel trailer is its size and convenience. The design of this RV and its overall floor plan is very smart and compact. So, you get just enough space for all your needs without the trailer being too large to carry around. If you do not have a pickup truck or any heavy-duty vehicle to carry around a full-size travel trailer, then this might be the right choice for you.

The trailer can easily accommodate up to 5 people which makes it one of the best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer under 30 Feet. The reason why people prefer a shorter and more compact trailer is the convenience. This vehicle promises you convenience and value in one model. All this without being too out of your budget. The criteria for the best bunkhouse campers are discussed above and we think this Winnebago model serves it perfectly.

#5. Coachmen Apex Ultra 300BHS

Coachmen Apex Ultra 300BHS


  • High Storage Capacity
  • Accommodates 5-7 people
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • 35 ft 5 in long
  • Queen-sized bed along with two bunk beds
  • High Standard Material for Water Damage Prevention
  • 100-Watt Rooftop Solar Panel

Coachmen is another one of the Best Travel Trailer Brands 2022 and this is why we trust their Ultra-lightweight design of the Ultra-Lite 256BHS. The reason we listed it as the best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer is the amazing floor layout of this model. The Bunkhouse is divided by a sliding door which provides extra space for all different activities. So, if you have small kids or babies on board with you, this sliding door will be extremely useful for you.

The sleeping area consists of a queen-sized bed on the front end of the trailer and a pair of bunk beds on the rear. Along with this, you get a futon bed for extra sleeping space. This sleeping space can easily accommodate up to 7 people. The Bunkhouse Trailer, even with its maximum capacity, is designed for convenience. The design is well planned so that you wouldn’t feel crowded or suffocated in the space. The trailer is 34 feet 5 inches long with a storage capacity of 1,625 lbs. This means that this Bunkhouse Travel Trailer gives an amazing living area for your family without making any compromise on the storage space. The GVWR of this model is 7,600 lbs which is almost the same as the Imagine model.

Another highlight of this model is the quality of the material used. The walls are constructed with material that prevents them from getting damaged due to water. Usually, laminated trailers do not offer this kind of protection. The windows and vent fans on this model offer you just the right amount of ventilation. So, if you are looking to enjoy the rain while camping without any water damage, this model has you covered.

Some extra features you get on this Bunkhouse camper are a 100-Watt rooftop solar panel, a fully functional 12-Volt Refrigerator and an outdoor kitchen. So, if you can handle a Bunkhouse Travel trailer which is a little longer but at the same time offers you the value of space and storage, this is the best bunkhouse travel trailer for you!

#6. Keystone Springdale 298BH

Keystone Springdale 298BH


  • Private Bedroom Area with a queen-sized bed
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Rooftop Solar Panel
  • 32-Feet 8-Inch Long
  • Booth Dinette
  • Accommodates up to 5 people
  • Can be easily towed and parked

This amazing travel trailer is equipped with everything you will ever need. If you are looking for the best travel trailer with a bunkhouse, then Springdale should be on your list. This 32-feet 8-inch-long travel trailer can easily accommodate up to 10 people. So, if your camping trips include large groups or if you have a large family, this is the best bunkhouse travel trailer!

The trailer offers you a private bedroom on the front side, a rear bunkhouse and a living area that can be used as an extra bedroom. The trailer is not that long and you can easily camp it at any campsite. You also get an electric fireplace, laundry chute, booth dinette, a fully functional toilet and shower, and extra space for storage. The kitchen features a high-capacity storage system, a three-burner cooktop, an oven and a large sink.  

The GVWR of the Springdale 298BH is 9,480 with a dry weight of only 6,720. So, if you are looking for the best travel trailer with a bunkhouse that can accommodate a large group, this is the right choice for you. The Springdale gives you a lot of space without being too heavy to carry around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What travel trailers are the most durable?

There are some brands that use high-quality material in their products. You can check out the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Brands and decide on your purchase.

Q. Who makes the most dependable travel trailer?

This depends on what brand you are going for. Some brands like Grand Design, Winnebago, Keystone, etc. use materials which are highly durable, lightweight and can take any weather condition.

Q. Which travel trailer is best for cold weather?

If you are especially looking for trailers to survive the cold weather, we suggest you check out the Best Insulated Travel Trailers for Extreme Cold Weather

Q. What size truck should I pull a travel trailer with?

This entirely depends on what is the size and weight of your trailer. Before purchasing a trailer, you should always check if it is compatible with your towing vehicle. You should visit the official website and check the GVWR to verify this.

Q. What is better- fiberglass or aluminum travel trailers?

When it comes to durability and strength then fiberglass is the winner. Fiberglass offers more resale value compared to aluminum models.


The market is filled with endless options and selecting the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer can be tough. We hope this buying guide of the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers 2022 helped you in getting a clear picture of which one to buy. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us or comment down below!

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