6 Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30 Ft [2022]

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Are you looking for the six Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30 Ft? These bunkhouse travel trailers are space-efficient and camping-friendly, making them a great choice. 

Get your hands on the bunkhouse travel trailers, which are perfect for accommodating family and friends. To help you get sorted, we have listed down the best bunkhouse travel trailers which come under 30 feet. 

Bunkhouses add an extra sleeping space in the travel trailers giving you a comfortable, adventurous feel. 

There is no more hassle of transforming the living area or using the convertible dinettes for sleeping.

Get the most out of these six best bunkhouse travel trailers. 

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30 Ft Reviews:

best rated bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft

KZ is a manufacturing company that aims to make low-cost travel trailers. Among many of the company’s amazing products, KZ sportsmen classic 181 BH stands out as unique in its features with very affordable prices.

This best bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft is one of the stunning options for people who love to camp and want to travel with all luxuries. 

SUVs can easily pull KZ sportsmen classics. It can accommodate 5-6 six people as one queen-sized bed and 2 single bunk beds. Queen size bed has windows on both sides, which is a good feature for cross ventilation. 

One highly spacious compartment is available to the front for luggage and other camping stuff. 

Apart from the main compartment, there are plenty of storage spaces inside, including one overhead storage at the bedside and one in the dinette. 

The bed has a separate touch light system featuring 120 Volts charging port on both sides. Other than the bed, this travel trailer has a kitchen, refrigerator, an AC, and a bathroom.

KZ sportsmen’s classic 181 BH provides a lot of amazing features and comfort because of the amazing qualities. It comes with 5-6 people accommodation, making it big enough and a kitchen area perfect for cooking. 

With all pros and cons, KZ sportsmen’s classic 181 BH is still a very popular choice because of its affordability and good features.    


  • Cost-effective 
  • Spacious 
  • Accommodate 5-6 people
  • Good storage 


  • Absence of sink in the bathroom
  • Locked kitchen window    

5th wheel bunkhouse under 30 feet

Venture Sonic lite is well known for its classic design and lightweight travel trailer, which is achieved using a single axle frame. This amazing characteristic makes it different from its contemporaries. 

The surprisingly lightweight makes it easy for towing without interfering with your comfort. Another feature that makes it even more appealing for customers is its Level Mate Pro technology which enables the travel trailer to be operated by any smartphone. 

Because this feature of Venture RV sonic eliminates the need for an expert’s hand to tow it with the vehicle, anyone can perform the task with the help of this mind-blowing technology. 

The interior of this model is very spacious as compared to other models. The ceiling height is 82 inches which adds up a good space inside. There is a master bed present with windows on both sides and touch lights. 

Adjacent to the master bedroom, there is storage available along with a personal locker where you can keep your valuable stuff safe. The kitchen has a stainless-steel sink with extra overhead storage where plates and other kitchen appliances can be easily stored. 

Two single bunk beds are present with separate windows for both beds, touch lights, and chargers. Another good feature which many other RVs lack is a well-designed sink in the bathroom area, a good shower, and a toilet, of course.

Venture RV sonic gives some amazing characteristics and feel of luxury, making it a bit expensive from others, and this is one of its demerits. Overall, it comes with stunning features!


  • Lightweight 
  • Operational with smartphone
  • No need for an expert operator 
  • Sink present in the bathroom 


  • Slightly expensive 
  • No slides out option

best bunkhouse travel trailers under 30 ft

This 5th wheel bunkhouse under 30 feet is a great deal for buyers because a warranty gives great mental peace and creates a relationship of trust between company and customer.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX7 184BS is a great piece of art with modern interior decor. The exterior is entirely made up of fiberglass, which minimizes shrieking. 

On the roof, this model comes with DipHex 3 solution material which provides better protection to the roof of the travel trailer. The roof also comes with a 20 years warranty.

This model has a 26 inches wide entry gate, which is a lot wider than other Jayco Jay Flight models. This makes it convenient when moving them from outside.

SLX7 184BS contains a queen-sized bed with storage underneath, a convertible dinette to make some extra, a modern kitchen with Matt black taps and handles, 2 single bunk beds, and a bathroom. Every single thing is unique in its pattern, and the great number of details speak for itself. 

Jayco Jay Flight SLX7 184BS has several different features from other models. Usage of some high-quality material in exterior and interior has increased the price of Jayco Jay Flight SLX7 184BS, but it’s still one of the high-demand products in the market.


  • Modern Design
  • Lightweight 
  • Fiberglass exterior 
  • Spacious bathroom with a sink
  • 2-3 years Warranty 


  • Highly expensive 
  • Less burner
  • Fewer kitchen spaces 

best rated bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft

Forest River Flagstaff company intended to create its models with smaller size and low weight so that all types of SUVs and minivans can tow the travel trailers. The staircase has hydraulic support, so it doesn’t weigh much.

It has a queen-size bed and is very lightweight. Even a younger person can move the bed if needed. Unlike other models, this model contains a separate bedroom area, adding a feature of comfort and privacy.

It has a u-shaped dinette with extra space, and it can be converted into a free-standing chair and table. A unique aspect of forest flagstaff micro-lite is its double bunk bed which can accommodate 2 people on one bed. 

Curtains separate the bunk bed area from the main living area, which means you can sleep peacefully when others are working or just sitting in the living area. 

These best bunkhouse travel trailers under 30 ft come with a moveable television, a refrigerator, motion sensor lights in the bathroom area. This contains a shower door which is rarely seen in any other model.


  • Small size trailer
  • Lightweight 
  • Separate bedroom area
  • Double bunk beds
  •  It also features television
  • Shower door in the bathroom 


  • Less sitting arrangement in the living area
  • Expensive 

best bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft

Coachmen Viking ultra-lite has a well-arranged bed area, toilet, pantry, and a dinette. All the necessary things are arranged in a very organized way in a relatively smaller area. A queen-size bed is present with plenty of storage. 

Viking has done a great job creating tons of extra space for storage under and above the bed. The kitchen area contains a microwave, 2 burners, sink and preparation area, and adjustable fridge that works on gas and electricity based on availability.

The bathroom has a commode, a tub, shower, and skyline above it. There is a regular dinette area with a seating capacity of 3-4 people, and the windows are tinted to ensure safety and privacy. 

This living area with a dinette has a lot of storage space which can be used to keep your clothes and other accessories. 

These arrangements are made for adjusting a lot of things in a smaller space. Overall, it’s the best-rated bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft with incredible features!


  • Well-arranged space
  • Great storage 
  • Gas/electricity refrigerator
  • Less expensive
  • Skyline in bathroom


  • Not ideal for taller people
  • Single bunk beds 
  • Sink unavailable in bathroom 

best bunkhouse travel trailers under 30 ft

Heartland North Trail is best for bigger families planning an outdoor trip. It has a height of 11-feet, and it is the best choice for comfort and luxury.

It contains a twin-size bunkhouse and a separate bedroom area with a king-size master bedroom, providing a large space and accommodation of 8-10 people.

In addition to the bedroom and bunkhouse, the dinette can also be converted into a single bed, which is big enough for 2 adults.

Inside, there is a kitchen and living area. Compared to the usual 2 burner system, this kitchen has3 burner arrangements, a double door fridge, and a faucet.

Heartland North flagstaff offers huge storage space and beautiful flooring from the bedroom to the living area.

The bathroom has a shower with a door, a toilet, and a sink with plenty of storage. It has a skyline present above the bathroom, so you can enjoy the natural light during the shower.


  • Accommodates 8-10 people
  • King size bed available 
  • Convert-able dinette 
  • Shower door and sink available in the bathroom
  • Three burner system


  • Very large trailer
  • Need of certain SUVs to tow 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Travel Trailer With A Bunkhouse:

best bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft

Bunkhouse travel trailers are quite good for handling when traveling with your family members by road. There are a lot of advantages to buying the bunkhouse as it has space for sleeping. 

But you will also need to take some measures when buying the travel trailer bunkhouse. It requires a very heavy-duty tow vehicle that can lift this bunkhouse.

Following are the factors which you need to go through when buying a good travel trailer bunkhouse: 

Dry Weight: 

The common weight of the bunkhouse is about 5100 to 5200 pounds dry weight. Dry Weight means the trailer tanks are not filled, and you can add 1500 pounds to that. 

But this weight depends upon the water and the gear gas. So, including this, the trailer’s total weight is about 240 pounds. 

Sleeping Space: 

The bunkhouse is comfortable and has a large sleeping space to add extra beds and enjoy a peaceful trip with your friends or family. 

Most of the bunkhouse contains convertible kitchens and sofas, and some offer a separate sleeping space. But travel trailers that are too long of about 30 feet only bear these large sleeping capacities, which can be difficult for traveler to carry. 


Different travel trailer bunkhouses come in different shapes and sizes. It can be twin, queen, or full, depending on the type of trailer you search for. 

Again, it depends on the weight, budget, and sleeping capacity. Some trailers offer bathrooms and separate bedrooms for privacy, about 12 feet. 

Living Space: 

The small trailers offer only one axle; however, the larger ones have 2 or 3 axles. Those families not traveling with children can also add comfortable chairs and sofas in their trailers. 

Some also have upper bunk bed options that can be folded and made into a playroom for kids to enjoy their trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What size truck should I pull a travel trailer? 

The smaller SUV can tow a travel trailer of about 1500 pounds, and the mini tow trucks can lift a trailer of about 3000 pounds. However, the half-ton pickup trucks can tow a trailer of about 7000 to 8000 pounds. 

  • Is it more cost-effective to buy a used truck, trailer, or RV?

Yes, it’s cost-effective to buy a used truck, trailer, or RV if it’s in great condition and comes at a lower rate. However, ensure that it does not come with potential problems leading to higher prices. 

  • How do you set up a bunkhouse camper?

Stabilize the jacks in place, disconnect bungee cords from each side. Now store in a familiar section. Layout the floor section; next, move three poles into their position. Don’t raise them. Extend the leg and then move the bunk section into its place.

Next, push the middle pole upwards into its place and proceed with the next two poles. 

Now extend shock-corded poles and insert sleeves to form an X. Tie loops from the awning and insert aluminum awning poles. In no time, you are good to use the bunkhouse travel trailer. 

Final Verdict:

Bunkhouse travel trailers serve well for the entire family. They are great in terms of sleeping space, reduced noise with kids sleeping around, comfortable layout with huge sleeping space. 

In our opinion, Jayco Jay is the best bunkhouse travel trailer because it has a modern style. The company has focused not only on the comfort and affordability of its customer but on up-to-date design. It also features a unique pattern of lights, beds, and storage area. This company provides warranties of its products ranging from two to three years, depending upon the model you choose.

Hope this guide helps you find out the best bunkhouse travel trailer for your next adventurous experience. 

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