Get ready to
    raise the roof.

    German Engineered. European Designed. Now Bigger.

    MSRP starting at $114,127 USD │ $124,680 CAD

    The Aktiv 2.0 Loft Edition is a gamechanger for families who want to experience life in a class B RV. Built on the RAM Promaster extended chassis, the Loft Edition offers all the comfort of an Aktiv, but with the added space of the loft sleeping area in the pop top roof.

    The kitchen includes more storage in the expanded galley and a 2-burner stove, fridge and microwave. The Aktiv 2.0 Loft Edition also includes a backup camera, navigation system and safety features including stability control and Bluetooth. 

    Available with EcoTrek & VoltStart, now the whole family can enjoy the Aktiv lifestyle! Get ready for your whole family to start their leisure travel experience.

    Hymer Aktiv 2.0 Loft Edition Loft View


    By popping the top, and opening the loft space, you get access to a whole new level of RV sleep space. Perfect for families, the loft allows a space for children, or adults, giving you sleeping space for all your passengers. 

    Exterior Paint Options