3 Bedroom RV In 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

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Families have been traveling for years as a means to escape out in the environment and socialize. Additional bedrooms in RV allow children and parents to have their very own area to relax after a long tiring day. And, because of the numerous kinds of floor plans available, individuals can travel in bigger groups while still having a bunch of sleeping accommodations.

A 3 bedroom RV allows travellers to have more privacy and space than a two-bedroom RV. Most have three bunks, while others have bunks above an entertainment unit and couch, allowing it to function as an additional office, playroom, or lounge when privacy is required. Here, I’ll explain what a 3 bedroom motorhome is, how much they cost, and which 3 bedroom RVs are now available, along with their features and prices.

Popular 3 Bedroom RVs:

3 bedroom fifth wheel, travel trailers, park models, and class A motorhomes are the four primary kinds of RVs to select from if you are searching for one with three bedrooms. Unsurprisingly, the widest varieties of RVs are also the biggest. Since each category has models similar to or beyond 40 ft in length, there is something for everyone.

Because of the size limits on even the biggest campers, finding a 3 bedroom RV floor plan in even the most giant RVs is still a new thing. To ease your search, I compiled a list of the most popular 3 bedroom RVs currently available.

Forest River East to West Della Terra 271BH:

It is the cheapest and smallest 3 bedroom travel trailer on the market these days, with an expected value of $30,000 and a dimension of 34 feet 4 inches. The Della Terra 271BH type, which translates to “of the Earth” in Italy, is meant to be the ideal all-season compact travel trailer for larger families looking for more resting space while staying within their budget.

From East to West, these affordable 3 bedroom travel trailers have three different resetting spaces. These include a bedroom in front with a huge bed, a rear bedroom that could be divided up with a moveable veil, and a collapsible jack sofa in the living room. These extras can be utilized as an additional bedroom when necessary.

Forest River Impression 315MB:

It is a 3 bedroom 5th wheel camper on the list, having three individual queen sizes and an option for four rooms. Because this Forest River features a queen-size bed in the front room, there’s another massive bed in the upper attic space and other areas. The camper effectively has four main sleeping places. As if that weren’t enough, the 3 bedroom 5th wheel also has a fold-down bed in the spare room, bringing the total bedroom capacity of the 5th wheel to nine.

But it’s not just the various bedrooms and ample sleeping space that make this 5th wheel so appealing; it also has plenty of room for chilling out. It has a 315MB impression, and it includes a huge rear entertainment space with two slide-outs, high ceilings, and an open 3 bedroom RV floor plans living area. It also has a fully equipped kitchen with household appliances and a substantial central tower.

Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS:

It is a sort of motorhome with a three-bedroom RV available. Which, to be fair, is more correctly defined as having three individual sleeping areas rather than three separate rooms. Since the coach is just a wholly different room, it features a big bed and a large en-suite bathroom. However, I believe that when seeking three bedrooms in a place that is less than 40 ft. in length and just 5 inches broad, some compromises must be made.

Likewise, this is an excellent option if you’re searching for a motorhome with different bedroom areas. This RV class A has three other resting places in the living room, serving as a third room. It also has double beds with movable doors for security. It has a bunch of great qualities, and it is well worth your time to read it.

How Much Do 3 Bedroom RVs Cost?

The price of a three-bedroom RV is determined by several factors, including its size, model, and features. Luxury RVs from manufacturers can cost anywhere from under $10,000 to much over $500,000.

An RV, however, has additional costs than just the purchasing price. Other things are required to ensure that your travels run effectively, that your vehicle is maintained, and that you remain secure while traveling. Here are the costs of RV ownership that you should be aware of:

Taxes and Licensing:

When you own an RV, you need to pay for licensing and taxes like when you bought a new car. However, costs depend on the state, yet you can estimate using the RV Calculator online. Alternatively, you can consult with professionals to obtain a precise estimate.


The cost of gasoline will almost certainly be higher than when you fuel up your automobile. RVs are substantially larger and have much more weight to transport. Besides, many RVs are diesel-powered, which might increase fuel prices.


RV insurance is similar to a range of house and auto insurance. Since it is a form of transportation, it will require specific auto insurance features in an accident. It will also serve as a house when camping, so it will also need parts of property insurance. Hence, the cost varies depending on the kind of RV and whether or not you would like to protect personal possessions in your RV.


Because some RVs come with a factory-installed hitch, this isn’t always a necessary buy. However, you may need to modify the hitch based on your truck’s hauling requirements or for a higher towing pleasure. Travel trailer hookups are frequently more costly than fifth wheel hitches when they are bigger and affixed to the truck bed. Regardless of the type, the cost varies from $300 to above $1,000.


A significant proportion of campgrounds, like hotels, charge a daily fee to remain on-site. Depending on your area and facilities, they might cost anything between $10 to $120 per night. But a typical campground space with water and electricity costs around $40 per night, as per my review.


Every year, your RV will require some routine maintenance and care. Depending on your area, you might need to winterize and de-winterize your RV during autumn and springtime. It’s difficult to predict a price because it can fluctuate throughout the year or perhaps even monthly. Likewise, having a maintenance budget is always a brilliant idea.


If your property doesn’t have enough space to store your RV, you’ll have to spend on parking when it’s not in service. The cost will depend on your location and the area it takes up. Nevertheless, finding storage with friends is substantially less expensive, ranging from $40 to $100 monthly. It includes additional facilities and conveniences to fit your storage demands.

8 Best 3 Bedroom RVs:

After accounting for these expenses, you should have a clearer idea of what you can spend before committing to RV. Knowing which one is good for you is a good choice. Besides, each of them has its number of functions and expenditures that distinguish it from the others. To assist you, I’ve included the following three-bedroom Rvs along with their prices and features:

Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer 300BHS:

Price: $35,000

The Apex Ultra-Lite travel trailer is ideal for towing behind your pickup vehicle and going wherever you want to go. Different floor plans provide different bedroom kinds, but if you prefer a smaller three-bedroom alternative, the 300BHS floor plan is the one to choose.

Key Features:

  • 8’wide trailer
  • With a queen bed, a 30 x 74 bunk
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Separated bunk room
  • With an outdoor kitchen
  • Suitable up to 10 people

Forest River – Cherokee 274DBH:

Price: $25,000

It is another get-up-and-go RV trailer that has plenty of interior space while modest on the outside. This RV has a bunkhouse, which is good, and it also has two movable entrance doors that provide separation for the master room. From either edge of the bed, two cabinets provide convenient storage.

Key Features:

  • Can cater up to ten people
  • With two beds and a queen-sized bed
  • With collapsible sofa beds
  • With a hot fireplace in front
  • Ideal for winter travel

Prime Time RV LaCrosse 339BHD Travel Trailer:

Price: $46,700

Prime Time RVs’ travel trailers provide a lot of space in a tiny package. Besides, it sleeps up to ten people in its bedrooms. It means the youngsters can invite their pals to join them on vacation. You may now relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Key Features:

  • With two bunk beds and a queen-size bed
  • Has an additional three collapsible sofa beds
  • Family-friendly trailer
  • Vented windows
  • A luxurious and elegant structure
  • With large LED TVs

Forest River Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motor Home:

Price: $280,041

This Class A motorhome has three bedrooms, which is just one of the many amazing things it has to offer. It consists of bunk beds with their television; dividing the kids from the main room is simple. Hence, parents can have their privacy.

Key Features

  • Perfect for the whole family
  • With 22″ Led TV
  • Caters up to 7 people
  • With two full restrooms
  • With large size bed and fan
  • Has a ready electric fireplace

Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motor Home:

Price: $144,600

The Thor Hurricane 35M Class A RV is an unstoppable force. This RV comes in a variety of floor designs, all of which include several slide-outs. Furthermore, its characteristics provide everyone with comfort and convenience. So it is, without a doubt, great for family vacations.

Key Features

  • 35M floor plan
  • Caters up to 8 people
  • With one big size bed and two collapsible sofa beds
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Big closet area
  • With two slide-outs and a power-retractable awning
  • Triton V10 engine with 460 torque and 320 horse-power
  • Six-speed automatic transmission

Coachmen Chaparral 371MBRB Fifth-Wheel RV:

Price: $40,000

In an RV like this one, taking the whole family on vacation is much easier. It provides adequate space for the entire family. It also offers several features that will make your holiday memorable and enjoyable.

Key Features

  • Can cater up to 12 people
  • With five slide outs
  • With a significant amount of space
  • 12,542 pounds and 42 ft long
  • Two small beds, one queen size, and collapsible sofa beds
  • Two bathrooms
  • Distinct bunkhouse kitchen

Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L:

Price:  $35,000

This Forest River travel trailer is an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget that requires a lot of living space and individual sleeping areas for more prominent family or friends while traveling. Another good thing about this is it has enormous rooms and sleeping accommodations for up to eight people. The distinctive bunkhouse design at the rear of the trailer, which includes two substantial double bunks, is also its defining quality.

Key Features

  • 54 to 74-inch bunks
  • With a big queen bed, sofa, a rear bunkhouse, and collapsible dinette
  • With three individual sleeping space
  • Lightweight camper
  • Budget-friendly and affordable

Keystone RV Avalanche 390DS:

Price:  $72,000

Luxury fifth wheels can price well over $100,000, making them accessible exclusively to those with significant financial resources. On the other hand, Keystone was not satisfied with this, so they designed and created a more economical luxury 5th wheel camper. As a result, the Keystone Avalanche line was formed, with its low prices.

Key Features

  • 12 different floor plans
  • Wide variety of sleeping capacities
  • Frameless panoramic windows
  • One-touch leveling
  • Four-season weather package
  • Dual AC units
  • With residential design appliances
  • Ample living space with two restrooms
  • Large master cabinet
  • With dryer and washer installed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you’re unfamiliar with it, RV and camping might seem intimidating. With so many different kinds of RVs, parks, campgrounds, and locations to choose from, taking a moment to read up on basics and features of each one may help. Among the most common FAQ about three-bedroom RVs are outlined below.

  • What is a three-bedroom RV travel trailer?

3 bedroom travel trailers are RVs with three designed bedrooms hauled by a conventional ball hitch connected to the towing automobile. RVs are typically pulled by trucks, but compact trailers can also be towed by SUVs or vans, depending on their size. Travel trailers appeal to travelers because of the massive range of designs, dimensions, and features available.

  • Is it cost-effective to own an RV?

Compared to the prices of a traditional trip that includes flights, rental vehicles, lodging, and dinners out, having your RV can save you a lot of money. Using your private kitchen and preparing meals, particularly if you have children or fussy eaters, is affordable and provides peace of mind. You also won’t have to worry about family vacations or hotel stays if you possess this.

In Summary:

Three-bedroom RVs such as a 3 bedroom trailer and 3 bedroom 5th wheel are ideal for bringing the whole family around; some even have room for a few guests. As a result, before making your next purchase, shopping online, or visiting a 3 bedroom RV for sale, you should be aware of the different aspects. These include its features, pricing, age, floor plan, and so on. It is to figure out what options are accessible within your budget.

Furthermore, after researching the various possibilities, you may be pretty amazed to discover that you get more worth for your budget. Remember that buying a brand-new RV will cost much more than buying a used one of the same model and type. You might save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a used vehicle with comparable features.

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